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THDP Ch.18 Part 1 – Beiming Pill (I)

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Meng Qi’s eyelashes were very long. At a closer distance, the little white tiger could clearly see his fluffy figure reflected on her eyes. He even felt his breath touching the girl’s eyelashes.

“Looks like…” Meng Qi focused her eyes and muttered: “The other injuries in your body aren’t getting worse.” She sighed in relief and straightened her body. Once again, she stroked the cute ears on Xiao Qi’s head.

So comfy ah~

Meng Qi couldn’t help but moved her fingers gently. She looked at Xiao Qi. The little guy was lying on the bed, staring blankly. Thinking of the scene she saw in the flame curtain showed by Chu Tianfeng, if the white-robed man who looked like her master was really the white tiger’s sovereign, then all members of their clan must be very cute as a cub.

After Xiao Qi was healed, he would left. After that, should she raise a normal white tiger as her spirit beast? Meng Qi seriously pondered.

“Alright.” Meng Qi stroked the little tiger’s head for the last time. She took out a new batch of ointment and gently applied it to Xiao Qi’s wounded paw. She waited until the wound completely absorbed the medicine. Finally, the green ointment became almost transparent. Only then did she put his paw back on the bamboo bed: “Although I have no way to stop the bleeding completely, this medicine still seems to be a little bit effective.”

Meng Qi gently rubbed Xiao Qi’s fluffy wrist: “I’m going to buy the jackdaw grass today. If there is a chance, I will also buy some medicinal ingredients that may be useful.”

After she said that, Meng Qi bent her waist slightly and stared into Xiao Qi’s blue eyes. The little guy has hidden the Big Dipper’s shadow in his eyes and now looked similar to a cub of ordinary white tiger spirit beasts, except for his eye color that was a little bit lighter: “Have a good rest.”

Meng Qi then stood up. She took out some powdered substance and drew a few simple arrays inside the room. After she finished, she gripped the jade slip and entered Beyond The Heaven.

This was her second time entering this mysterious and grand space, so Meng Qi had been familiarized herself to some degree. She went straight to Shencao Pavilion’s pharmacy. When the disciple who managed the shop saw her figure, he immediately greeted Meng Qi enthusiastically: “Are you going to buy the jackdaw grass?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi took out her nameplate. “I want one strand.”

“Alright.” The disciple nodded. He took another box, put the jackdaw grass in it, and then asked Meng Qi to imprint her spiritual sense.

“When can I received it?” Meng Qi asked. Yesterday, she had seen other people doing the same procedure. At that time, she was the seller, but today she was a buyer. She felt a little novelty.

“It should take about two to three days.” The disciple said: “Our Shencao Pavilion has disciples specially tasked to send the sold items to Beyond The Heaven’s relay station. Fellow Daoist will receive a message from the station when the item arrived.”

“Thank you very much.” Meng Qi guessed that the spiritual sense she imprinted also has the function of sending messages. Staff at Beyond The Heaven relay stations might rely on it to contact buyers.

Now she had bought the Jackdaw grass, Meng Qi went to find the manager who brought her to see Xiang Linmo yesterday.

“Fellow Daoist!” The man obviously remembered Meng Qi and immediately greeted her with a broad smile, “What is your business today?”

“Another pill.” Meng Qi smiled slightly.

“Okay.” Without further question, the man led her towards the teleportation array.

“Third young miss Xue has instructed, if Fellow Daoist comes again in the future, you can directly come to see her.”

Xue Jinwen?

“Third young miss Xue specially sent that message yesterday to all the staff. Any of us will be able to guide you to her place.”


The man stopped talking. The teleportation array was activated. At the next second, Meng Qi found herself appeared in a courtyard similar to the one she had visited yesterday. However, Xue Jinwen’s courtyard was much larger than Xiang Linmo’s and full of natural fragrance.

As soon as Meng Qi stepped into the yard, she noticed the fragrance of bamboo leaves. She turned to look to the left, where a small piece of green bamboo was planted. Stone benches were placed under the bamboo leaves, presenting an exquisite atmosphere. The building itself was also bigger than Xiang Linmo’s residence.


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