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THDP Ch.18 Part 2 – Beiming Pill (II)

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Seeing Meng Qi looked around curiously, the manager who brought her quickly explained: “The house and courtyards here are all owned by Beyond The Heaven. But the higher rank is an appraiser, the better house they can choose.” With a smile, he added: “If you visit the Heaven Auction House, the courtyards there look like a landscape garden and are very beautiful.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. “Is this the rule set by the owner?”

“Yes.” He answered. “The owner once said that the higher is someone’s skill, the better is the treatment they should get.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Therefore, there are many cultivators from all over the Three Thousand World who are willing to work here.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded again. This actually added another curiosity: did the people who work here also use the same jade slip, like herself? In other words, did they know the place where Beyond The Heaven was actually located?

But she did not continue to ask, and simply watched the manager stepped forward to knock on Xue Jinwen’s door.

“Please come in.” The woman’s voice, so pleasant to heard and tinged with a bit laziness, came from across the door.

The manager opened the door and smiled: “Third miss Xue, the Fellow Daoist from yesterday is visiting again.”

“Oh?!” The voice, which sounded so lazy just now, suddenly became energetic. Before Meng Qi reacted, Xue Jinwen had already appeared in front of her, wearing a red robe.

“Older sister already waiting for you to come again. That Qingfeng pill from yesterday…gee…” Xue Jinwen sighed while sizing Meng Qi up and down. Her raven black long hair was coiled into a sloppy bun and slanted on her shoulders. The older woman was charming and exquisite. With a light smile, she praised: “You really have a smart brain.”

Meng Qi smiled back slightly. She wasn’t surprised by Xue Jinwen’s reaction. Changed to herself, if Meng Qi saw such a pill for the first time, wouldn’t be able to bring it back and research it immediately.

If this woman was really a disciple from the Western Realm’s great sect, there were many ways to get the pill as soon as possible. What’s more, she was still a member of the Profound auction house and worked for Beyond The Heaven, so she must have her own channel.

“You are here today, is there any business to do? I heard that Xiang Linmo said you wanted a jackdaw grass? There are many Northern Realm guys in this place. They opened quite a few shops in Beyond The Heaven. You may find one at such a pharmacy.”

“I have already bought it.” Meng Qi said. “I saw a record about jackdaw grass in the book, and wanted to do some research by myself.”

Xue Jinwen’s smile didn’t decrease: “Then you come to find me today, is it to…”

Meng Qixian moved her hand and took out a porcelain bottle from the storage bracelet, containing the Beiming pills that she had just refined today.

Xue Jinwen reached out and took the bottle from her. “Beiming pill?” She was a little surprised.

“Uh… second realm Beiming pill…” Xue Jinwen didn’t disdain its low realm. After all, the Beiming pill was a versatile medicine that could be used by all cultivators from the Qi Condensation stage to the Great Ascension stage. Many medical cultivators produced it. However, everyone generally refined the Beiming pill of the realm that matched their medical cultivation level. After all, the efficacy of this pill was directly tied to its realm.

For the second realm, it would be effective for the Foundation Establishment stage. Xue Jinwen couldn’t even remember the last time she ever needed such a low-level medicine. Those who could enter Beyond The Heaven generally wouldn’t have low cultivation.

She examined the pill on her palm. It was blue like a sea. Then she turned to look at Meng Qi. This girl brought first realm Qingfeng pills yesterday, and today it was the second realm Beiming pill… It was as if she was still either at the Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment stage.

This idea made Xue Jinwen laughed at herself. How could a person who could enter Beyond The Heaven still at the Qi Condensation stage?! Even Golden Core cultivators were rare enough.

“This Beiming pill…huh?” After a little examination, she immediately discovered the difference of this Beiming pill. “Eh-” Xue Jinwen inhaled sharply, and looked up at Meng Qi in disbelief. “You put a Beiming spell in it?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“What’s the effect?” Xue Jinwen asked again. She actually had a vague guess, but still eagerly waited for Meng Qi’s answer: “It can instantly recover a quarter of spiritual aura of a cultivator at the same level, and then slowly recover another quarter within an incense stick of time.”

“Ah-” Xue Jinwen lifted up the blue pills in her hand highly and examined it under the sunlight: “Qingfeng pill with Qingfeng spell, although it was such a clever method, unless the realm is also improved into fifth or sixth, won’t be too useful. However, Beiming pill with Beiming spell, that can also instantly recover the aura…aaah!” Xue Jinwen yelled softly: “Of course those medical sects will rush to buy and bring it back for their own research. I’m afraid that even the large sects will also come to join the fray! And they certainly are willing to buy at a high price and in large quantities. Little sister, if you refine this Beiming pills at the realm of third to fifth, then…”

Xue Jinwen narrowed her eyes and turned to look at Meng Qi. The corners of her eyes rose slightly, and the woman looked even more charming: “If in the past you still lack spirit stones, you will never have to be in the future!”

“Let’s go.” She returned the porcelain bottle to Meng Qi. “This time, let’s put it into the auction floor.”

“Thank you, sister.” Meng Qi smiled sweetly, “But at this moment, I can only refine a second realm Beiming pill.”

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