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THDP Ch.19 Part 1 – Auction (I)

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“Se-second realm?” Xue Jinwen held the porcelain bottle and stared at Meng Qi in surprise.

Xue Jinwen had an extraordinary background. She was knowledgeable and naturally recognized the value of these pills. Needless to say, whoever invented this method must be very talented. Refined medicine was made from medicinal herbs. In the refining process, the essences of various ingredients were extracted and mixed together. It wasn’t easy to imbue a spell on it.

Meng Qi’s face was so tender, must be so chewy to pinch, and still had a bit of remaining childishness. Xue Jinwen previously guessed that the girl probably came from a hidden medical sect. That was the only way to justify her remarkable skill at such a young age. But a genius disciple cultivated by such a hidden sect couldn’t possibly be unable to refine medicine above the second realm.

For a while, Xue Jinwen didn’t know what to say. “If it’s only second realm…” She muttered with a low voice, “I’m afraid not many sects will be interested. After all, a second realm pill will only be effective for Foundation Establishment cultivators, and almost unusable at the Golden Core stage. You also know…” Xue Jinwen looked at Meng Qi: “Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment stage aren’t far apart. However, the dividing line to the Golden Core stage is much harder to pass. And the further someone’s cultivation is, the harder it is to be promoted. Not only for the major breakthrough, but also to climb the small realms within. When a cultivator reached the Spirit Severing stage, breaking through a small realm is as hard as to break through a stage.”

“I know.” Meng Qi nodded. Simply put, in Three Thousand Worlds, one Foundation Establishment cultivator might only be able to fight five Qi Condensation cultivators. However, a Golden Core cultivator could easily deal with ten Foundation Establishment cultivators. Entering the Spirit Severing stage, in the first realm, a cultivator could easily handle around 30 to 40 Nascent Soul cultivators. Stepping upward into the Great Ascension stage, their power would also grow tremendously for each small realm’s promotion.

Far different than her medical talent, Meng Qi’s talent in cultivation was just mediocre. Before her death, she was at the Golden Core stage, and that was already with some help. Because a person was worried that her low cultivation base might hinder the growth of her medical cultivation, he tried his best to help Meng Qi form her golden core.

Of course, Meng Qi knew that a second realm Beiming pill has little value. But many medical sects would still be interested. On the other hand, great sects like the Fentian Palace would usually have a dedicated medical branch. None of them would be willing to let go of the pills with such a shocking effect.

So Meng Qi was determined to auction her pills. This was Beiming pill. Unlike the Qingfeng pill, this was one of the most bought and most consumed medicine. Especially whenever there was a conflict, the demand for Beiming pills would also rose significantly.

“But I still want to try.” Meng Qi insisted.

“Okay.” For a moment, Xue Jinwen stared at the younger girl’s calm and confident face before smiling softly. “It will be a little troublesome if you want to auction this pill.”

“But I will find the way.” Xue Jinwen was sincerely appreciating Meng Qi. It was probably the mindset of a senior. When seeing a talented and motivated junior, she suddenly wanted to help with something. Otherwise, she would not give her promise last time, telling Meng Qi to visit her at the Western Realm.

“Thank you, sister.” Meng Qi bowed her head and saluted politely. She took the porcelain bottle and poured out three Beiming pills: “This is for you, sister. It’s my gift of gratitude. Sister can mark it with your spiritual sense, and after coming back, I will send it to the relay station.”

“Your little mouth is really sweet.” Xue Jinwen couldn’t help but smile sweetly. She didn’t keep being polite with Meng Qi. Sometimes, exchanging favor was also part of building a friendship.

“Then, thank you.” Xue Jinwen imprinted the three Beiming pills. “Tomorrow, there will be an auction at this Profound auction house.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded. “Then, I will come again tomorrow.”

“Ah, right.” Xue Jinwen suddenly remembered. She reached out: “Lend me your nameplate.” Xue Jinwen looked at Meng Qi’s nameplate: “Xiao Qi?” She knew this was not a real name and smiled slightly: “What a cute name.”

Meng Qi also smiled. The original owner of this name was even cuter.

“This nameplate has other functions.” Xue Jinwen told her while taking out her own nameplate. She imprinted her spiritual sense on Meng Qi’s nameplate and let Meng Qi do the same to hers.

“With this, since next time, you can go directly to me.” Xue Jinwen explained, “Using spiritual aura, we can also talk to each other from thousands of miles apart.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She took back her nameplate and examined it carefully. The nameplate was black and just looked like an ordinary bamboo plate. Every time she came to Beyond The Heaven, Meng Qi’s admiration towards the owner only grew bigger. The owner had a lot of interesting ideas, which was really amazing. Meng Qi couldn’t help but be reminded of her Master. That man was also very talented and imaginative.

“Then I’ll say goodbye first.” Meng Qi nodded at Xue Jinwen for the last time. She followed the manager and walked towards the teleportation array. This was her second visit, and she already knew that this place was located at one of the floating islands, which was the venue for the Profound Auction House. White clouds were floating around, and the sky seemed to be so close.

Meng Qi couldn’t help looking up at the higher islands. Above was the Earth Auction House, Heaven Auction House, and then Beyond The Heaven Restaurant, which was said to serve all kinds of rare delicacies from Three Thousand World. Further up, among the white clouds, there was a majestic island that floated alone. Probably that was the residence of the owner.

“Daoist? Fellow Daoist?”

Meng Qi returned to her sense and smiled at the man: “I’m sorry, it seems I’m a bit distracted.”

“It’s normal.” The man was quite proud. “Many new visitors will be surprised when they first see Beyond The Heaven City and the floating islands.” He paused and continued, “But it looks like that you are even more exceptional. Fellow Daoist has just barely entered Beyond The Heaven and is already favored by fellow Daoist Xue. It was rare for newcomers to be able to participate in the auction.” Although the manager has always been polite to Meng Qi, he was even more so today.

Meng Qi smiled slightly.

“In the future, if you have the opportunity, you should visit Beyond The Heaven Restaurant at least once.” While explaining, the man led Meng Qi towards the teleportation array: “There are all kinds of delicious foods from all regions of Three Thousand Worlds, and they also had dishes that you won’t be able to find in other places.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. If there were things that she didn’t want to give up both in her previous and present life, then delicious food must be one of them.

“That highest island….” Meng Qi looked up and pointed at the single island that was floating leisurely in the sky. “Is that the residence of the owner?”

“Yes… and no.” The man smiled a little mysteriously. “Actually, many people have asked this same question. But, to be honest, we don’t know.”

“No one has ever been there, and no one has ever seen the real owner of Beyond The Heaven.”

“I see…” Meng Qi was not surprised. There were countless cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds, and many also knew about Beyond The Heaven. If someone has ever seen the real master of this place, there would always be some rumor about it. Meng Qi used to travel to many places in her previous life, together with her knowledgeable Master. Even so, she never heard the other party mentioned Beyond The Heaven.


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