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The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.2 Part 1 – How Much Should I Charge Him? (I)

“What?” Chu Tianfeng instantly stupefied.


This word was not only unfamiliar. For the young master from Fentian Palace, it was completely unknown term. No one has ever talked to him about money, especially young women. He almost thought he had heard it wrong.

“Meng Qi!” Qingfeng Valley sect leader who was standing beside Chu Tianfeng admonished with a dark face: “Don’t fooling around.”

The entire Qingfeng great hall fell into silence. The mountain breeze roared past, as if it robbed all the voices here. All disciples looked at Meng Qi. In the eyes of most people, this junior sister who has been joined the sect for half a year is the typical example of a quiet and well-behaved girl. Unexpectedly, once the quiet girl opened her mouth, she amazed everyone.

Qingfeng Valley was a medical cultivation sect. Most disciples learn medical skills in order to make a living in this Three Thousand Worlds. So, there was nothing wrong with accepting monetary payment for medical treatment. But that man was Fentian Palace’s young master that stood above countless people, ah! If it were them…they would rather exchange some friendship with this proud and handsome young man.

Meng Qi’s expression was still as calm as water. She saluted the sect leader: “This disciple want to try solving the poison from Fentian Palace young master’s body.”

She didn’t even want to call Chu Tianfeng’s name, so as to reduce even the smallest possibility of herself being involved with him.

“Just …”

“You want money?” Chu Tianfeng coldly responded.

He felt that the bone-piercing pain that obviously has just been receded, once again surged from his limbs. The black-clothed young man stood tall, looking at the girl in blue robe. Sure enough, even if they both came from Qingfeng Valley, this place could bring out such a kind, brave and pure girl like Lu Qingran. But could also bring out this kind of girl….

Chu Tianfeng’s gaze has become colder than the winds on winter solstice. Quietly looking at Meng Qi, his voice was even colder than his eyes: “Are you sure you can solve my poison?”

“Fellow Daoist Chu…” The sect leader wanted to speak for Meng Qi. Even if she was reckless, she still a talented disciple from their sect.

“No need to say more.” Chu Tianfeng coldly interrupted the sect leader.

He had never suffered such humiliation.


Over the years, he has long been accustomed being revered by all. The girls he met could not wait to give their everything for him. So he never had seen someone who dare to ask money to cure his poison.

“Let her cure me.” Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi. “How much do you want?”

Meng Qi hesitated. How much should she charge? Disciples of Qingfeng Valley came here to learn medical skills. After leaving the sect, many of them would find some city or power force to become a healer, in order to survive in this Three Thousand Worlds.

But Meng Qi never think of relying on her medical skills to make money. In her previous life, she single-heartedly dedicated herself to pursue medical path. As a cultivator who just entered Golden Core stage, Meng Qi who could break through the fifth grade of medical skill was indeed an outstanding talent in Three Thousand Worlds. But now she need to cut off the karma…

Meng Qi stared at Chu Tianfeng for a while. She turned to look at the sect leader: “Sect leader.” She saluted again: “How much should I charge?”

The sect leader was astonished. She wordlessly looked at Meng Qi, unable to fathom how the situation developed into this stage.

“Meng Qi” She ignored this little disciple’s question and said, “You now, this fellow daoist Chu’s poison…” She paused hesitantly, “Is not easy to cure.”

One’s medical skills weren’t exactly tied to their cultivation level. But if a healer’s cultivation level was too low, to put it bluntly, they wouldn’t be able to use or refine some medicine, thus greatly limited their treatment choice.

But Meng Qi…

The sect leader carefully examined this disciple who usually never talked much before. This girl certainly was in Qi Condensation stage, and the poison in Chu Tianfeng comes from the fifth-grade devil beast. Would she really be able to cure him? The sect leader didn’t believe it.

“This disciple had read two books related to poison detoxification in the Library Pavilion a few days ago.” Meng Qi pondered a bit and continued, “Although this disciple’s cultivation is still low, medical skills are not entirely dependent on one’s cultivation.”

This was the fact she finally understood after spending so much time in her previous life. After the enlightment, Meng Qi’s medical skills advanced by leaps and bounds, breaking through the fourth grade during Foundation Establishment stage.

“But fellow daoist Chu’s poisoning…” The sect leader warned her, “Is not a small matter.”

“This disciple is willing to give it a try.”

Chu Tianfeng snorted. This woman was a mere little cultivator in Qi Condensation stage. Yet she was going to use his body as a test subject?

His eyes were as cold as winter night, and his dark pupils straightly stared at Meng Qi.

“The poison from a fifth-grade devil beast is far beyond the level I can cure.” The sect leader didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but now they have no choice. Meng Qi’s words were full of confidence. The sect leader remembered that their sect’s elder praised Meng Qi many times, saying that this disciple’s medical talent was extraordinary, and that she might not lose to the sect leader’s most valued personal disciple, Lu Qingran.

“If converted to spirit stones…” The leader hesitated, “The treatment cost should be around five hundred fifth-grade spiritual stones.” However sect leader omitted to explain that powerful healers who could detoxify the poison from fifth-grade devil beast were usually has long dismissed vulgar objects like spirit stones. What they usually accept are some rare and precious materials, magic treasures or weapons.

“This disciple understand.” Meng Qi nodded, her mind carefully made calculation.

Disciples of Qingfenggu could get a certain number of spirit stones by completing the tasks assigned by the sect. Just like spells and techniques, spirit stone was divided into nine grades. The reward of completing ordinary task was usually ten first-grade spirit stones. One thousand first-grade spirit stones could be exchanged for one second-grade spirit stone, and now the sect leader gave the price of five hundred fifth-grade spirit stones.

Meng Qi looked at the black-clothed man whose face was increasingly became paler. She remembered that the other party had deep entanglement with Lu Qingran. At least before Meng Qi died in her previous life, Chu Tianfeng frequently accompanied Lu Qingran.

So, in order to cut off her own karmic ties with Chu Tianfeng, how many spirit stones should she take from him?

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T/N : Hello, there! This is my new project, a cultivation novel with unique protagonist. I really like this Meng Qi’s personality, getting jailed for three months but only angry because it disturb her study lol.

Well, since this is a cultivation novel, what worried me the most is if I mistranslated a term, or accidentally make different translation for a same term, so feedback, please!

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The Healer Demands Payment
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