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The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch.2 Part 2 – How Much Should I Charge Him? (II)

“I …” Chu Tianfeng was going to answer that he will pay.

Isn’t it just five hundred fifth-grade spirit stones? Fentian Palace young master never put that kind of vulgar things into his eyes. But he suddenly remembered that his storage space had long been lost in the fight with the devil beast that wounded him. Now counting up from head to toe, he couldn’t even take out ten first-grade spirit stones.

“Five sixth-grade spirit stones.” Before Chu Tianfeng could say anything, Meng Qi made a gesture with her fingers. The girl’s fingers were slender and snowy white, her voice soft and sweet: “Thank you.”

Chu Tianfeng: “……”

Sect leader: “……Meng Qi.”

Other disciples: “…”

“This disciple understand the consequence.” Meng Qi nodded gently.

She didn’t actually know how much should she charge. A karmic relationship was obviously unable to be measured by spirit stones. Therefore, she could only calculate using the close relationship between Chu Tianfeng and Lu Qingran. If she really cure Chu Tianfeng with normal treatment fee, he may still feel grateful. Therefore, she had to charge much more! Because of their close relationship, then she would take ten times the price.

Meng Qi made up her mind. She glanced at Chu Tianfeng. Although the young man tried his best to stand straight, his body was still trembling slightly. The hands hanging down on the side of his body were clinched so tightly that others could even see green veins on it. Chu Tianfeng, who was being attacked by the poison’s effect, should be in great pain.

Meng Qi also remembered that his storage space was destroyed to save Lu Qingran. She just wanted to heal people, and the treatment fee was to cut off karmic ties.

Let’s not overdo it.

“Young palace master could write me an IOU first.” Meng Qi’s clear eyes looked directly at Chu Tianfeng, her tone full of sincerity. “I believe you won’t renege your debt.”

Chu Tianfeng really wanted to vomit blood. Not only did she want to take his money and use himself as a test subject, she also righteously started to raise the price.

And now …

The hands hanging on his side trembled slightly. Probably because his cultivation temporarily reduced into Qi Condensation stage, Chu Tianfeng felt that he couldn’t control his emotion well.

This woman, he must …

He will make her …

“Okay.” Chu Tianfeng coldly smiled, “I will pay you, but you can’t cure me…”

“I’ll pay with my life.” Meng Qi calmly said.

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

All the words that came to his lips, were all blocked by this sentence.

Meng Qi turned around and walked out of the hall. “The spiritual aura is the strongest at cold pond on the summit, follow me.”

She wasn’t fooling him. Before rebirth, she could completely solve Chu Tianfeng’s poison, and now in this life she definitely could do it better. What’s more, if no one save Chu Tianfeng, the whole Qingfeng Valley would be wiped out.Based on her cultivation stage, it is impossible for Meng Qi to survive alone in the chaotic catastrophe that followed the invasion of demon race.

Chu Tianfeng followed her without saying a word. He even forgot to look at Lu Qingran. The proud, cold faced young man strode out the hall after Meng Qi.

The two went one after another. They gradually disappeared into the clouds and mist of Qingfeng valley.

At this time, whispering voice finally started to be heard again in the previously quiet hall. Compared with the eagerness they had when they first saw the young palace master of Fentian Palace, the eyes of Qingfeng Valley’s disciples became a little strange. They looked at the direction in which Meng Qi left, and for a time didn’t know what to say.

Lan Zhuxuan clenched her fists. She thought how aloof was this junior sister Meng Qi looked before. What was ‘wholeheartedly cultivating one’s medical skills’? Didn’t she even came up with such a strategy to approach Fentian Palace young master?


She didn’t believe that Meng Qi, who just entered the sect for six months, would be able to solve a poison that even made the sect leader helpless!

But no matter what, Meng Qi showed such act, and certainly made this handsome and powerful young palace master deeply impressed.

Somewhat unwilling, Lan Zhuxuan looked at the hall’s entrance. Meng Qi and Chu Tianfeng were no longer visible there. If she knew beforehand, she would also come forward just now. Anyway, even the sect leader was rendered helpless, so even if she couldn’t cure the young master, no one would blame her.

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The Healer Demands Payment
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