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THDP Ch.20 Part 1 – Su Junmo (I)

Meng Qi felt the other party’s cold eyes swept across her face.

“Ha-” The man seemed to chuckle lightly. His laughter was the same as his gaze: proud and cold. Like the white snow on a tall mountain, it was devoid of warmth and looking down on the world.

Without waiting for her reaction, the white-robed man quickly turned away. In one step, he walked into the courtyard, which still was some distance away. The next moment, his whole figure disappeared from Meng Qi’s eyes.

“Xiao Qi?” Xue Jinwen waved her hand, “Why are you staring so blankly?”

Meng Qi returned to her sense. A white robe, a peerlessly handsome side face, and black hair tied by a white jade headdress. If she was right, that person was…

“Still being dazed?” Xue Jinwen chuckled, not surprised at all. “The one right now is Su Junmo. When female cultivators see him for the first time, many also had the same reaction as you now.”

“Su Junmo?” Meng Qi walked towards Xue Jinwen, repeating the name softly. She wasn’t being dazed by the man’s handsome face but was surprised to see him in Beyond The Heaven.

“He is also famous in Beyond The Heaven,” Xue Jinwen told Meng Qi while they stepped into the courtyard. The main gate didn’t look different than Xue Jinwen’s own courtyard. But after taking a step in, Meng Qi finally knew what a real ‘difference between heaven and earth’ was.

As soon as they entered the gate, they arrived inside a small room. The room only had walls on the three sides, with a lattice screen covered the front side. Through the screen gaps, they could see a high platform in the middle of open space. The platform should be carved of a gigantic blue stone, surrounded by green mountain scenery. On the mountain wall, Meng Qi faintly saw many similar rooms. However, she couldn’t see whether those rooms were occupied or not.

Looking up above, she could only see a white mist and cloud. Xue Jinwen guessed her thoughts and said, “Upper section are the rooms for invited guests with special identities.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Profound auction house has a total of 999 rooms of different sizes on the surrounding mountain walls.” Xue Jinwen sat down on one of the chairs: “Rooms like ours are the smallest, and also at the lowest position. Going higher, the rooms gradually become larger. At the mountain top, there are complete courtyards.”

Xue Jinwen continued: “After the auction starts, you can directly make your bid through your nameplate. The staff in charge will constantly update the latest and highest bids. After the auction ended, no one knows who bought what items, except for the staff who handle the entire process. Of course…” She raised her lips and smiled vaguely, twisting her hair with one finger. “Some people are willing to shout their price directly. Cultivators who can enter this place, generally aren’t nameless nobody in Three Thousand World. So, it is easy to identify them.”

Meng Qi nodded, half-confused. She was incredibly talented in medical skill, but quite ignorant in other things. She could faintly sense that Xue Jinwen’s explanation just now wasn’t simply to let her know the auction rules. However, Meng Qi couldn’t figure out where the problem was.

“Sit.” Xue Jinwen said. The woman lifted the teapot on the table and pouring a cup of tea for Meng Qi. With the tea fragrance filling the room, Xue Jinwen also looked up to the mountain wall blocked by cloud and mist. “After the auction starts, you will understand what I mean,” she said.

“Ah, right.” Xue Jinwen turned at Meng Qi. “Your Beiming pill is the first lot.”

“Um.” Meng Qi nodded. Xue Jinwen had already told her this. Several minutes before the auction time began, Meng Qi turned her eyes to the lattice screen. She could not even hear the movement from the room next door, let alone comprehend how many people were currently waiting in this huge auction house.

Also, that Su Junmo just now…

Meng Qi’s eyelids drooped slightly, her long eyelashes blocked the light into her eyes. She knew that man. In the past, Lu Qingran had a mysterious but powerful suitor. That man was very handsome, with peerless talent, and naturally very powerful. He was also extremely generous. At that time, Lu Qingran was already a third-rank medical cultivator. Many of the ingredients she needed for refining medicine were provided by that man. His each and every action was full of confidence and unrestraint, different from other men Lu Qingran knew.

At that time, who was the closest to her…

Meng Qi wandered her mind. Lu Qingran had too many suitors and admirers. Although Meng Qi remembered that at that time, this senior sister also had another male cultivator next to her, they were being so close like glue, Meng Qi couldn’t recall who that man was. But anyway, once this mysterious suitor appeared, Lu Qingran could not resist his powerful offensive. One night, when Meng Qi went out to gather herbs, she saw Lu Qingran and the other party dating under the moonlight. It was romantic and sweet.

That mysterious and powerful suitor was Su Junmo. Later, by chance, Meng Qi found out that he was a demon cultivator. Moreover, his identity was one of demon noble among the celestial demon. His demonic form was a beautiful white fox with five tails. Even when he was seriously injured and could only lay on the ground with blood staining his soft white fur, it did not seem to damage the fox’s beauty even the slightest.

Um…Meng Qi turned her head slightly, her mind still wandering. However, Su Junmo’s fluffiness was still not as good as Xiao Qi’s. Moreover, an adult white fox, such a big five-tailed fox, was obviously less cute than little Xiao Qi. Although the fox was still beautiful, his cuteness was practically non-existent.

“Xiao Qi?”

“Ah?” Meng Qi returned to reality. She remembered that the timing of Su Junmo’s appearance should be two or three years later. At that time, Meng Qi had reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, and her medical cultivation was at the edge of the third rank’s peak.

Meng Qi narrowed her eyes. She didn’t expect to see Su Junmo much earlier inside Beyond The Heaven.

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  1. Lol!!!

    I guess if ML is really her Master from last life and if he is Xiao Qi, then he will win all the awards, such as Most Supporting Master, Most Mysterious ML, Cutest ML, Most Meng Fluffball xD

  2. I feel like the OG FL Lu is like a high class courtesan 🤭..since alot of powerful men are around her 😅

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