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THDP Ch.20 Part 2 – Su Junmo (II)

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“The auction is about to start.” Xue Jinwen reminded her.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She calmed her mind and stopped thinking about Su Junmo.

At the same time, at the peak of the tall mountain surrounding the Profound auction house. A large courtyard occupied a large area of the mountain wall surrounded by clouds and mist. This place was at the highest part of the auction house and hosted two courtyards in total.

This courtyard was totally different from the small room occupied by Meng Qi and Xue Jinwen. It was vast and even had a flower garden. There was also an elegant pond inside the garden, and from time to time, brightly colored koi fish leaped out of the water. Many exotic flowers and plants were planted in there, filling the courtyard with a faint fragrance. It was so refreshing and comfortable.

Outside the door, Su Junmo was standing respectfully. His posture was full of reverent. The coldness and pride that Meng Qi saw just now had disappeared from his handsome face.

“Lord,” Su Junmo called. His clear voice was somewhat trembling, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Since your disappearance, we are all looking for you. The clans are now resuming their fight. After nine years, it is going to be the election for the next Demon Monarch. Many idiots thought they had the chance to take advantage of your disappearance and started gathering forces, eager to move…”

“I know.” A man’s lazy and indifferent voice suddenly interrupted Su Junmo’s words, “Let them fight.”

A sound of footsteps came from the room, and not long after, a man in a white robe slowly walked out. Su Junmo didn’t dare to raise his head. He kept his gaze on the floor and respectfully standing beside the man. Su Junmo had followed the Lord for a long time and was able to discern some of his habits. He knew that when the Lord looked lazier and indifferent, he was actually angry.

“About the clan…”

“The auction is about to start.” The white robe man raised his hand and stopped Su Junmo’s words.

“Yes.” Su Junmo felt a little strange, but still closed his mouth obediently. Profound auction house held three auctions per month. Although it sometimes still had rare and precious treasures, it wasn’t that many. Su Junmo couldn’t comprehend why his Lord graced his presence here. After Su Junmo received the summon, he hurriedly came over. Otherwise, this Profound Auction House was really not worth his time.

“I don’t know which lot is taking your interest, my Lord?” Su Junmo asked respectfully. His mind quickly flashed through the list of auctioned items. However, nothing seemed to be special. Perhaps the most prominent was the first lot, which was said to be the second realm Beiming pill. Su Junmo was a little surprised when he saw today’s auction list. Not to mention the Profound Auction House, for a long time, Beyond The Heaven hadn’t handled such a low-level medicine.

The white-robed man didn’t answer, but a glint of light flashed in his eyes. He raised his eyebrows subtly. Su Junmo’s question seemed to remind him of something, and a faint smile flashed through his star-like eyes. The lazy expression on his face disappeared, and the corners of his lips rose slightly.

In terms of appearance, Su Junmo could be regarded to be very handsome, even more than Fentian Palace’s young master. But in front of this white-robed man, he still looked bland in comparison. What’s more, the other party was still…

The white-robed man waved his sleeves, and the clouds slowly disappeared. On the high platform made from bluestone, a middle-aged cultivator was already standing in the center.

The auction was about to begin, and Meng Qi’s attention also focused on the middle-aged cultivator on the stage. She looked relaxed, as if she didn’t feel nervous at all. Instead, Xue Jinwen glanced at the man in charge of the auction before turning to Meng Qi.

“Xiao Qi.” She called the name Meng Qi used for her nameplate. “Are you not nervous?”

“Fortunately.” Meng Qi shook her head before looked up again. Since some time ago, she had a strange feeling. According to Xue Jinwen, cultivators who participated in the auction should not be able to see people in other rooms. But she always felt as if someone was looking at her. And that gaze came from above, as if that person was secretly examining her with some interest.

Was it just her imagination? Meng Qi slowly withdrew her gaze.

“Sister Xue.” Meng Qi turned around and asked Xue Jinwen, “Is that Fellow Daoist Su Junmo also here?”

“Yes.” Xue Jin Wen nodded, “Su Junmo is very famous in Beyond The Heaven.” She said: “Don’t look at his youthful appearance. That man is already at the first realm of Spirit Severing Stage.”

Meng Qi nodded. She glanced at Xue Jinwen, feeling a bit strange. It was not surprising for her to know that Su Junmo was at the Spirit Severing stage. Meng Qi even saw the man’s five tails.

However… Did Xue Jinwen has no idea Su Junmo is a white fox, a demon cultivator?

“He once had a banquet in Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. The aroma from the banquet can be smelled all over the Beyond The Heaven City. All people here have a keen spiritual sense. However, no one could guess what kind of precious ingredients are being used in the dish.” Xue Jinwen told Meng Qi. Even third Miss Xue, who came from a great sect of the Western Realm, inevitably blushed and moved her gaze when mentioning Su Junmo. But who would have thought that this extraordinarily handsome and powerful demon noble would fall under Lu Qingran’s skirt?

Heaven’s favored daughter was indeed couldn’t be underestimated.

“Some people say…” Xue Jinwen lowered her voice, “He knows the owner here.”

“Oh?” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“But these are all rumors, and no one knows the truth.” Xue Jinwen smiled and patted her hair. “There are always many rumors about Beyond The Heaven’s owner, and we all already used to it.”

Right after Xue Jinwen finished her sentence, a clear voice sounded from the stage. The middle-aged cultivator standing in the center opened his mouth to shout: “The auction begins.”

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