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THDP Ch.21 Part 2 – Bidding War (II)

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Meng Qi rested her chin with one hand. Her other hand’s slender and long fingers gently tapped the table.

Xue Jinwen glanced at her and reassured: “Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Wu will introduce your pill later.” She paused and explained: “This is the characteristic of Profound Auction House. The item in the lot will be showed up first, and everyone can make a pre-bid. If no more than three people are making the pre-bid, then the item will go to the highest bidder. After that, the auctioneer will give a full introduction about the lot.” She chuckled slightly: “There is a little bit of gambling in it, and sometimes this method is also used for the items that the price we temporarily hard to judge.”

Meng Qi silently nodded. In other words, if there was a treasure that the appraisers of Beyond The Heaven couldn’t recognize, and no one who participated in the auction also knew its worth, then the pre-bidder might get a great bargain.

Meng Qi held her cheek with one hand, quietly listening to people who were playfully raising the bid one by one and pushed the price to seventy sixth-grade spirit stones. The number of bidders has exceeded three people. Finally, the middle-aged cultivator who was in charge of the auction began to introduce the Beiming pill.

The scene was quiet for a moment. The middle-aged man named Wu cleared his throat and was about to speak when a clear and pleasant voice of a young man came from above: “Two hundred sixth-grade spirit stones.”

Everyone was in an uproar. The voice came from the high area, obviously a special guest invited by Beyond The Heaven. Was this Beiming pill really special?

But for a while, no one spoke again. Before, the price was increased by a single spirit stone. It wasn’t high. But the person just now directly raised the price to two hundred sixth-grade spirit stones, so the next price increase must be at least 300 sixth-grade spirit stones. In this way, the price would soon rise very high.

Meng Qi lifted her eyes in surprise. Others may not notice, and even Xue Jinwen did not show any response. But she heard it clearly, this voice…he was Su Junmo!

She was very familiar with his voice. In her previous life, Su Junmo was seriously wounded by the realm boundary and also being chased by killers from the Demon Realm. His injuries were very severe. Meng Qi spent nearly a month with him day and night. In order to save him, she pushed the limit of her ability at the third-rank peak medical cultivation at the time, fighting against death and forcibly took back his life.

During that one month, Su Junmo was mostly in a coma and only woke up some times. When he was awake, he didn’t like to talk, but became very noisy when half-unconscious. In particular, when he unable to maintain his human form and showed his original appearance as a five-tailed fox, Su Junmo became even more talkative. Many times, Meng Qi couldn’t bear the fox’s noisy chatter and wanted to gag his mouth.

So later, after Su Jun’s wounds were cured and he turned back into the proud and indifferent handsome young man, whenever Meng Qi saw him, she would only be reminded of that chattery white fox. The contrast was not cute, but…bringing her indescribable goosebumps.

—Every time she saw the proud face of the human Su Junmo, Meng Qi couldn’t help but think of the noisy appearance of the white fox Su Junmo. So she had no choice but to avoid him. Otherwise, she really couldn’t hold her laughter.

However, from Su Junmo’s mouth, Meng Qi learned a lot about the demon race. She knew that Su Junmo was part of nobility among the celestial demon. She also knew about the powerful boundary that separated the human and the Demon Realm. Su Junmo also spilled out some random bits and pieces about the Demon Realm. Before that, Meng Qi’s knowledge of the Demon Realm was simply recognition about a different race separated by a boundary enchantment from the place she lived in.

In short, Meng Qi was too familiar with Su Junmo’s voice. Even after she died once and reborn, she still recognized it at once.

The Profound Auction House was quiet once again. The middle-aged cultivator coughed a bit before opening his mouth: “The first lot is twelve Beiming pill, each one is imbued by a Beiming spell……”

Before he finished his words, the audience broke in an uproar!

“Beiming spell? Inside the Beiming pill?”

“Is he joking?!”

“This is Beyond the Heaven’s formal auction. There is no way they are joking.”

“How did the spell imbued?”

“How is the effect?”

“The Beiming spell that was put into the second realm Beiming pill, is it also a second realm?”

“The effect? What is the effect of imbuing Beiming spell into the Beiming pill?”

“Is it doubling the restored aura or shorten the time?”

“Are you sure you only have second realm pills?”


As soon as the words came out, the joking atmosphere was swept away. Those who were laughing just now, at this moment seriously wanted to buy this Beiming pill and brought it back for their own research. All the cultivators in the auction hall immediately turned serious, barraging dozens of questions at once.

The middle-aged cultivator was an expert who had presided so many auctions. He was standing on the stage with a smile on his face, calmly listening to the clamoring audiences. When the atmosphere had been hot enough, he slowly began to spoke again.

The auction hall used a special method. When people on the stage spoke, their voice would be transmitted to all rooms and reached the audiences’ ears clearly and unimpeded. “This second-rank Beiming pill imbued with Beiming spell can instantly restore a quarter of the spiritual energy of a Foundation Establishment cultivator…”

The audience clamored again. This time, no one bothered to ask further questions. The words ‘instant recovery’ alone were attractive enough.

“Three hundred and thirty sixth-grade spirit stones.” Someone immediately shouted a price.

“Five hundred sixth-grade spirit stones!” Another person quickly followed.

“Seven hundred sixth-grade spirit stones!”

“One seventh-grade spirit stone!”

The middle-aged cultivator smiled slightly and continued his sentence: “…after that, it will recover another quarter of aura for the next incense stick worth of time. Of course, these pills are just second realm Beiming pill, which is effective only until the Foundation Establishment stage. I’m afraid it won’t have much effect on the Golden Core cultivators.”

No one needed this reminder. All the cultivators here obviously understood this part. Even though the pill could restore half the spiritual aura of a Foundation Establishment cultivator, it would probably only restore one-tenth of a Golden Core cultivator’s aura.

But so what!

Although pills that could instantly restore spiritual aura did exist in the Three Thousand Worlds, most of them were of high grade, which was difficult to refine and also needed more precious ingredients. The cost of such pills was so high that even the high-ranking members of the biggest sects in all Three Thousand Worlds weren’t willing to use them for daily use. Generally, those kinds of pills would only be used during sect war, or in times of great danger.

However, this was the Beiming pill. To put it simply, this was a pill that available widely and cheaply. The large sects absolutely would be willing to prepare hundreds or thousands of these pills for their direct disciples and elders.

“Two seventh-grade spirit stones.” Someone immediately raised the price.

“Three seventh-grade spirit stones.”

“Five seventh-grade spirit stones.”


Everyone had the same thoughts. Although this pill was only a second-realm, they still had to buy and carefully research it. Any sect who could produce a third or even higher realm of such Beiming pill would basically guarantee themselves an advantage in the war between sects for the next several decades.

Meng Qi had just sipped her tea a bit. In the blink of an eye, the price of her twelve Beiming pills was raised to twenty seventh-grade spirit stones!

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  1. The irony is that although Meng Qi’s master doesn’t remember her from the past life, he’s still willing to help her in this life and feels instinctively comfortable around her; it’s almost like the past life influenced this life or that her type of personality is one that he inherently prefers to be around.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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