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THDP Ch.22 Part 2 – Who is That Man?! (II)

Meng Qi left the Profound Auction House from the same entrance gate she used before. She couldn’t help but look back at the simple and old-looking courtyard. Such one world-one space setting was not only brilliant, but also extraordinarily complex. She could guess that this must be built using a gigantic array, constructed from countless smaller arrays. But to comprehend how it actually worked was completely beyond Meng Qi’s ability.

Her impression in these past few days: The owner of Beyond The Heaven spent so much thought on every single thing here, from the house and tile, to each tree and plant. To be able to maintain such a large city and seven floating islands, they must be very powerful, and also super rich!

On their way to the auction house, Meng Qi and Xue Jinwen walked very fast, so now she slowed down her pace to enjoy her walk back. The scenery of the floating island was so breathtaking. The blue sky seemed to be within reach, and the white clouds were flowing on the side. Occasionally, a melodious and silky bamboo sound came from a higher place. Whenever Meng Qi looked up, she could see the other floating islands above.

Meng Qi had just walked a bit when another person in a white robe passed by her. The man was tall, his long sleeves fluttered elegantly, and his black hair was tied with a small headdress on the top of his head. From his back figure alone, he somewhat looked like an immortal.

Meng Qi glanced at the man’s back figure.

Su Junmo again?

Was he also leaving early?

Whenever Meng Qi saw this guy, she couldn’t help but think of the noisy white fox. The month she spent with him was really the most terrible month she ever experienced in her whole medical career. As long as the white fox had a little bit of strength, he would chatter and murmur endlessly. If Meng Qi ignored him, he would flutter his tail angrily, making white fur flew all over the room, even entered her mouth and nose.

Every time Meng Qi gave him treatment, the fox would keep talking endlessly. In the end, she couldn’t stand it anymore and hid a little further. However, the so-called celestial demon noble, the great five-tailed white fox, was actually feeling grievance. He was lying on his stomach, clawing around, cradling his head, and kept murmuring for hours.

Meng Qi had no resistance to a fluffy little thing with pointed ears. She also couldn’t hide for too long. After all, Su Junmo’s injury was still hasn’t been healed.

In short, during the whole month she spent treating Su Junmo, each day was like one year for Meng Qi. She never knew that fox could talk so much!

After Su Junmo was healed and could transform into a human again, Meng Qi immediately packed up and ran away. Later, as soon as she saw the lofty and cold Su Junmo, she couldn’t help but remember that noisy white fox.

Su Junmo in his human form was very popular with female cultivators, but Meng Qi always hid whenever she saw him. Without his fluffy fur and cute pointed ears, Su Junmo was simply an annoyingly chatty guy in her eyes. Meng Qi was barely able to bear listening to the fluffy white fox’s endless chatter. But when she imagined such a tall and slender man equally being noisy, she would only felt an utter annoyance.

Later, some people asked whether she had done something bad and having a guilty conscience, because she always hid whenever she saw Su Junmo. Across the crowd, Meng Qi looked at the tall and cold man in a white robe, hesitated. She was also surprised. Even if Su Junmo didn’t feel grateful, he should remember how she had healed him. Was it really alright to treat a life savior so indifferently?

Meng Qi couldn’t tell anyone that Su Junmo was actually a very chatty and noisy white fox. Because it would divulge his identity as a demon cultivator, an existence disliked by many humans. Moreover, Su Junmo would definitely not admit it. After all, if his identity was exposed, even if human cultivators wouldn’t kill him, he would definitely be sent out of the Three Thousand World and had to return to the Demon Realm. If that really happened, he wouldn’t be able to stay by his beloved Lu Qingran’s side.

At that time, Meng Qi looked at Su Junmo’s indifferent eyes and cold face. She even thought that maybe the man wanted to kill her to seal her mouth, so that his secret would be hidden forever. Meng Qi withdrew her gaze. Her expression became colder than before. Of course, she has now guessed that it was mostly because she saved Su Junmo and once again provoked Lu Qingran, thus inviting another bad luck to herself.

The man in the white robe seemed to notice Meng Qi. He didn’t turn back, but paused his steps. A pleasant and deep voice, like the ethereal morning light, came from the man: “Fellow Daoist, I am afraid you are going in the wrong direction. The teleportation array to leave this area is on the left side on the forked road just now.”

He wasn’t Su Junmo?!

This was Meng Qi’s first reaction. She was so familiar with Su Junmo’s voice. After being haunted by such endless chattering for a whole month, his voice had been deeply engraved in her memory, impossible to forget.

However, this voice…Master?!!

Meng Qi suddenly accelerated her pace, chasing towards the white-robed man in front. After he finished talking, the man immediately started walking again and now was far away. At this distance, Meng Qi could not even see his figure clearly.

Is he really Master?!

She was a little uncertain. The man’s voice lacked her Master’s lazy and casual tone, and seemed to be sharper. However, the voice was really similar. Moreover….

Meng Qi suddenly remembered. When she took a glance just now, the man’s headdress was made from small black sandalwood, not the white jade one that Su Junmo always wore.


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There are too many ‘handsome man in white robe’ here…..

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