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THDP Ch.22 Part 3 – Who is That Man?! (III)


Meng Qi accelerated her pace and hurriedly chased after the man. The reason why she wanted to wait for Qingfeng Valley to merge into Fentian Palace was to leave Qingfeng Town with them. She wanted to go to the Western Realm, but Qingfeng Valley was located at the Eastern Realm’s eastern edge, very far from the Western Realm. The sect was practically only one step away from the boundary that separated humans from the Demon Realm.

In Meng Qi’s previous life, she met her master only after two years later. The man whose appearance was unparalleled, always looked lazy and unrestrained, told Meng Qi that he was coming from a hidden sect in the Western Realm and happened to meet her on his first visit to the Eastern Realm. In this life, Meng Qi wanted to find him in advance and didn’t want to wait another two years. That’s why she was so persistent in going to the Western Realm.

However, she never expected to meet him at Beyond The Heaven.

Meng Qi hastened her steps. Regardless of whether the other party was really her Master or not, she has to confirm it herself. The figure of the white-robed man quickly disappeared from her sight. Meng Qi was not discouraged. She kept chasing in the direction that the man left. But before she could go further, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Fellow Daoist, please stop.” A man’s cold voice fell. Someone had silently arrived at her side. “The place ahead is off-limit.”

The voice was obviously very pleasant to hear. Unfortunately, it was a traumatic noise in Meng Qi’s ears. She almost subconsciously jumped aside in fright.

Another man in a white robe was standing on the place. His expression was cold, and his black hair was tied up by a white jade headdress. The man had long and narrow phoenix eyes, with a tall, beautiful nose bridge. Only by one glance, she had to admit that Su Junmo indeed had the reason to act so lofty.

Meng Qi stared at Su Junmo.

The other party was also measuring her up and down with scrutinizing eyes. Although he never knew this girl before, he looked at her thoughtfully. The Lord whose whereabouts had been unknown for some time, suddenly appeared and summoned him into Beyond The Heaven, just to raise the auction price for this girl?!

And just now, he clearly left the auction house together with the Lord, and he still had many things to say. However, the Lord suddenly went forward, only to remind this girl that she took the wrong path.

Su Junmo’s eyes flickered. He seemed to just look at Meng Qi casually, but his heart was currently full of turmoil—her appearance was okay, but she was still too young! Her figure was far inferior to the elder sisters in his clan. The pill she refined was just second realm and sold at the price of merely several hundred seventh-grade spirit stones.

She didn’t seem to be very talented.

Why did the Lord help her?

Was there anything special about this girl?

Su Junmo’s expression remains unchanged, but countless thoughts were flashing through his mind. He could feel a vigilance from the girl.

Hah! She was wary of him?!

Wary about what?

Did she think that he might do something to her?! Hah!

“Thank you for your reminder.” Meng Qi looked at the path ahead with some reluctance. But she also knew that with Su Junmo there, there was no way for her to keep chasing that man. Her eyes fell on Su Junmo’s white robe, and her heart suddenly jumped.

Due to the nature of their profession, medical cultivators usually more sensitive to details than the other cultivators. At one glance, Meng Qi suddenly noticed that the man just now wore an outer robe which style looked a bit similar to Su Junmo’s. But that was not necessarily to be something. The style of cultivators’ outer robe was generally similar. Not to mention that she only took a brief glance.

“Fellow Daoist.” Su Junmo turned around and pointed in another direction. “The teleportation array is in that direction.”

“Then what about the one here?” Meng Qi asked casually. “Is this one not connecting to Beyond The Heaven City?”

“No.” Su Jun answered dully.

“Oh.” Meng Qi nodded, “Thank you, fellow Daoist.”

If this one wasn’t connecting to the city, then it must connect to another floating island. It should not be the teleportation array to leave Beyond The Heaven. Otherwise, Su Junmo would not deliberately stop her.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you for your reminder.” Meng Qi took a step back. Then she turned around and walked to the previous path. Even without looking back, she knew that the man was keeping an eye from behind.

Meng Qi closed her eyes and walked through the teleportation array back to her room. The jade slip in her hand has been slightly warmed by her temperature. She opened her palm and looked at the small and beautiful, yet mysterious jade.

Who was that person?

She shook her head, trying to lift her spirit. She then threw the jade slip back to her storage bracelet. When Meng Qi turned her head, Xiao Qi was still silently lying by her side. His little head was dangling on his paws, and he looked to be listless.

“Xiao Qi?” Meng Qi stretched her hand to raise his chin, examining the little guy. “Why are you…” His eyes obviously dimmed a lot. Although Xiao Qi did sleep a lot in the past few days, he looked exhausted now, as if he had just done some strenuous activities.

Did something happen to his injuries?!

Meng Qi quickly checked his condition.

Still okay!

She breathed a sigh of relief. His injuries didn’t get worse, nor did it had other changes.

Meng Qi pondered for a while. She took out a Beiming pill from the storage space and stuffed it into Xiao Qi’s mouth. But when she was about to talk, she suddenly heard a rush of chaotic footsteps from outside.

“Fellow Daoist Meng!” Someone knocked on the door. He sounded very anxious. “Is fellow Daoist Meng here? Our young palace master is injured, please take a look.” The voice outside paused and before adding anxiously: “He said, only you can cure him!”


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A bit correction for this and previous chapters. I capitalized the terms ‘Demon Realm’ and ‘Devil Realm’ to standardize my writing of place names (i.e. Eastern Realm). Enjoy today’s chapters and look forward for the HUGE sponsored chapters this week!

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  2. OOOOOHHH! That Lord fellow is Xiao Qi who is injured and was the master of our FL in the past!!

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