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THDP Ch.23 Part 1 – Injured Again (I)

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“Who is injured?” Meng Qi opened the door. She saw four disciples from Fentian Palace standing outside.

This time, Elder Xun Yan led a team to support Qingfeng Valley. In addition to his own strength at the Nascent Soul stage, he also brought some Golden Core and Foundation Establishment disciples. Two days ago, he led the team to fight the invading forces, and even Chu Tianfeng was going with them.

As soon as Meng Qi opened the door, she saw two Fentian Palace disciples carrying a soft sedan chair. Chu Tianfeng was sitting weakly with a pale face on it.

The disciple who knocked on the door quickly said in an anxious tone: “Elder Xun and the elders of Qingfeng Valley have not yet returned. Young Palace Master forbids us to notify them because he worries that he might affect their battle. He asked us to come to Fellow Daoist Meng, saying that you can heal him.”

Chu Tianfeng was injured again?!

Meng Qi looked over the disciple to see the young man behind. His complexion really looked bad, and his face was also very pale. There was no trace of color on his thin lips. At the corners of his mouth, she could see a dark red, solidified blood.

Meng Qi: “…”

He looked a bit miserable.

Meng Qi stepped forward. She quickly activated a spell with her right hand and carefully examined Chu Tianfeng’s injury. She spent three months being locked during her previous life, and did not know the specifics of the battle. Although there were Nascent Soul cultivators on their side, the enemies didn’t seem to be weak either.

Meng Qi suddenly fell silent. She took a deep breath: “The devil beast that hurt you seems to have lower cultivation than yourself?”

Although Chu Tianfeng’s appearance looked miserable, his injury was not serious. His body still plentiful with spiritual aura, and his condition now was totally incomparable with his previous poisoning, which temporarily suppressed his cultivation level. This time it was just a minor injury. Simply take medicine for an open wound and rest for two days.

“You…” Meng Qi frowned slightly. Before she even finished her sentence, Chu Tianfeng rushed to interrupt: “I will pay!”

Meng Qi: “…”

“If you can help me recover as soon as possible, so I can go back to help the elders,” Chu Tianfeng’s eyes were like a cold star, and he stared at Meng Qi without blinking. “I will pay you as many spirit stones as you like.”

Meng Qi: “…”

The disciples of Fentian Palace also stared at her eagerly. Anyway, they were here to help Qingfeng Valley. Only if Qingfeng Valley was saved, would Meng Qi, whose cultivation was merely in the Qi Condensation stage, would also be safe.

She took a deep breath.

This kind of small injury…

Meng Qi said, “Send people to the Cloud Immortal Pavilion and buy two third realm Ganlin pills.”

“Okay.” Chu Tianfeng nodded. His eyes sparkled: “What about your consultation fee? How much should I give you?”

Meng Qi hesitated. She had just received a huge sum of money, a whopping 270 seventh-grade spirit stones, and to be honest, she was really not so short of spirit stones. But it was obviously impossible for her to not demand payment.

“One fourth-grade spirit stone.” She finally said.

“Okay.” Chu Tianfeng lifted his jaw towards the disciple who held up the sedan chair, motioned for him to take out the spirit stone. In an instant, Chu Tianfeng’s spirit improved a lot, and his pale face gradually regained color. Having no need to be lifted by others, Chu Tianfeng stood up from the sedan chair.

“The enemy this time is more cunning than we thought.” Chu Tianfeng said to Meng Qi. “During this time, you better not leave Qingfeng Valley. The elder set up a protective array around the sect to ensure the safety of the disciples of Qingfeng Valley. ”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. Her expression was indifferent. “Thank you.”

Chu Tianfeng didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, and did his best to find another topic: “Your sect leader has already agreed. After the matter here being resolved, Qingfeng Valley will follow us to the Fentian Palace.” A hint of joy flashed in his eyes, and his tone became briskly: “We will be the same sect in the future.”

“If young master Chu is alright now, I will take my leave first. I still need to go to Qingfeng Town.” Meng Qi walked forward. She had to go to Qingfeng Town to deliver the Beiming pill to Beyond The Heaven’s relay station and retrieve her spirit stones. And just now, the jade slip also notified her that the jackdaw grass she bought had arrived.

Meng Qi’s mind was filled with the little white tiger’s injury. She already knew that Qingfeng Valley would eventually become an affiliated sect of Fentian Palace, so this news didn’t surprise her. Before the auction, Meng Qi was still considering the possibility of joining Fentian Palace’s Medical Hall. She was indeed very interested in their book collection. But now, she has made up her mind. It was better for her to be less involved with Chu Tianfeng. With Beyond The Heaven, she could always find a way to read the books she needed.

“Just the right timing, I also want to go there now.” Chu Tianfeng quickly followed Meng Qi: “I need to go to the Cloud Immortal Pavilion to buy medicine, let’s walk together.”

Meng Qi: “…”

The disciples of the Fentian Palace watched their young master, who didn’t look like an injured patient, walked together with Meng Qi towards the sect gate. After the figures were completely gone, the disciples glanced at each other.

“Are we waiting for the Young Palace Master here?” One of them asked.

“Otherwise?” Another person shook his head helplessly.

“Speaking of which…” One of the disciples who was carrying the soft sedan chair suddenly asked: “Do you remember how the Young Palace Master was injured this time?”

“I was a little far away, and didn’t see too clearly.”

“I saw it.” Another person who also lifted the sedan chair answered: “Young Palace Master’s opponent was a third-rank, second-realm devil cultivator. Young Palace Master certainly had a higher cultivation base. In the beginning, Young Palace Master was completely on the upper hand, so no one, including myself, ever thought to give him an assist.” “Later…” He recalled seriously, “It seemed that Young Palace Master has defeated the devil cultivator, and the other party also has given up struggling, so I didn’t continue to pay attention. That’s why I don’t know how did Young Palace Master get hurt.”

“It should be that devil cultivator pretended to admit defeat, and then when Young Palace Master put down his guard, suddenly attacked and hurt him. Huh! Devil cultivators are really cunning. Later, we should be more careful when fighting them.

The disciples once again exchanged glances. They all saw some doubt in each other’s eyes. But they were originally ordered by Elder Xun to protect Chu Tianfeng. If nothing happened to their Young Palace Master, it was naturally the best for everyone. No one has the intention to probe deeper.


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