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THDP Ch.23 Part 2 – Injured Again (II)

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“Fortunately, there is Fellow Daoist Meng. I heard that the last time, Young Palace Master was injured more severely, and it was also her who rescue him.” Fentian Palace’s disciples quickly changed the topic.

“You say…is Young Palace Master interested in this Fellow Daoist Meng?”

“I thought that Young Palace Master was after Lu Qingran from Qingfeng Valley?”

“Did you see Young Palace Master ever care about her during these several days?” Right after he said these words, another disciple hurriedly pulled his sleeve. Lu Qingran, whom they had just gossiped, was walking quickly towards them.

Lu Qingran saw several disciples of Fentian Palace were standing outside Meng Qi’s room. She stopped in front of them with a worried face: “I heard that Tianfeng was injured. Is he okay?”

The disciples looked at each other. Nobody said anything, but their expression somewhat strange. When Lu Qingran saw their reaction, her heart tightened. She quickly rushed forward and reached out to push open the door of Meng Qi’s room: “How is he? Is the injury very severe? Is Junior Sister Meng……aaaah!!!”

When Lu Qingran opened the door, she suddenly screamed and backed away. No one saw what exactly had just happened, and even Lu Qingran herself was utterly confused. The next second, she saw a white mist rushing toward her.


“My face!” Lu Qingran covered her face with both hands, “…my eyes! My eyes are itchy…it hurts!” She screamed back and forth: “I can’t see anything! My face is itchy! Master……aaaaahh!”

The Fentian Palace’s disciples didn’t know what was actually happening. When they saw Lu Qingran screaming so violently, they didn’t dare to touch her. Lu Qingran’s screams quickly attracted other Qingfeng Valley’s disciples. Sect leader and the elders were all went outside to fight the enemies, and the majority of the disciples who were left behind were either in Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment stage. No one dared to touch Lu Qingran.

“Sister Lu must be poisoned!” A disciple of Qingfeng Valley looked from afar and said quickly: “Look at her face and neck…there are many red spots!”

“I also see some pus!”

“It’s true, ah. She must be poisoned.”

“What’s going on? What has just happened? How can Junior Sister Lu get poisoned inside the sect’s ground?”

“Heaven, that red dots are increasing…ugh…so disgusting!”


Lu Qingran only felt that her face became more and more itchy and painful. But she still could clearly hear all those disciples’ words, and she became more and more terrified. She didn’t dare to scratch her face and neck. But the itchy feeling seemed to bite her skin bit by bit, penetrating into her bone and blood, and made her really want to scratch her face hard.

Lu Qingran barely calmed herself down. She quickly took out two pills from her storage space and stuffed them into her mouth, but the itch and pain did not alleviate. Her face even became hotter instead, as if something was going to come out of the skin.

“Ah! Senior Sister Lu, your face! There is a lot of pus…green pus!”


“What happened to Senior Sister Lu?”

“Meng Qi…” Lu Qingran couldn’t take care of it anymore and screamed, “Where is Junior Sister Meng Qi?!” She covered her face and turned to shout at the disciples of Qingfeng Valley: “Go and find Junior Sister Meng Qi!”

“Y-yes.” Some disciples quickly turned and ran out.

Lu Qingran didn’t dare to move. She felt more and more uncomfortable. The itchy and painful feeling seemed to be spreading down her neck. Gradually, even her whole body began to itch.

Inside Meng Qi’s room, Xiao Qi jumped back into the bed. He was lying down lazily like usual, but those blue eyes were dimmer than when Meng Qi left. Two lines of the protective array set by Meng Qi at the door were slightly changed. Although it didn’t seem to change much, the effect would be doubled. Xiao Qi closed his eyes and lazily laying down on his stomach. Today was really tiring, he wanted to take a good rest.

The noise outside the door lasted for a long time, but it didn’t seem to affect the little white tiger.

After some time passed, Xiao Qi finally heard footsteps he had been familiar with. The little white tiger, who was still lying lazily just now, raised his head instantly, and his two small fluffy ears stood up and shook slightly. But he quickly reacted—No, it was wrong. How could he be happy because she came back?! It was a girl who forcefully hugged him to sleep and also did all those things to himself!

The little white tiger was quickly lying down again, resting his head on his front paws. However, he did not close his eyes this time.

“What’s the matter?” Meng Qi came back from Qingfeng Town and saw the crowd outside her room. The one who was trembling at the door, far away from everyone with her back turning seemed to be….Senior Sister Lu Qingran?

“Junior Sister Meng Qi!” A disciple immediately called, “Senior Sister Lu seems to be poisoned!”

Meng Qi:???

Did everyone now come to seek her when poisoned?

“Junior sister Meng.” After the previous events, all Qingfeng Valley disciples were quite polite to Meng Qi. Especially because right now, the young master of Fentian Palace was standing mightily behind her.

“Senior Sister Lu seems to be harmed by your poison.” The disciple said cautiously.

Meng Qi raised her eyes and took a glance. Lu Qingran’s body trembled even more.

“Junior Sister Meng Qi, I have been poisoned by you.” Even without looking into the mirror, Lu Qingran knew that her appearance now must be very terrible. She didn’t understand why the poison seemed to become even more severe after taking the detoxification pills. Lu Qingran did not dare to look behind. Now she could see the light yellow pus exuding not only on her face, but also neck and even below her sleeves. It looked disgusting.

“Would you please help me dispel this poison first?” Lu Qingran’s voice trembled softly, and it sounded pitiful. “I… I was just too worried about Tianfeng. I was so anxious that I forgot to knock on the door. I didn’t intentionally break into your room. I never have any intention to peek on your secrets. Please don’t be angry. Give me the antidote first, okay?”

Meng Qi suddenly realized that Lu Qingran wanted to enter her room, triggering the protective array she set up. She stepped forward to give Lu Qingran the antidote.

Suddenly her wrist was gripped, stopping her. It was Chu Tianfeng.

The young man gave Meng Qi a glance before stepping forward. He stared at Lu Qingran coldly and said in an indifferent tone: “Lu Qingran, is this how you apologize?! What do you mean, saying that you were poisoned by Meng Qi? You didn’t respect your junior sister, broke into someone else’s room without permission, and got poisoned by the thing inside. You deserve it.” Chu Tianfeng’s voice was even colder than the cold pond on the top of Qingfeng Valley: “If you want to apologize for your wrong, just apologize properly!” He said coldly. “Don’t use me as an excuse!”


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Xiao Qi didn’t like intruders lol.

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9 thoughts on “THDP Ch.23 Part 2 – Injured Again (II)”

  1. Oh go Xiao Qi!! 🎉🎊

    This Lu Qingran is the typical green tea and white lotus 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s her fault for barging into someone else’s room without asking…even if she was worried about Chu Tianfeng shouldn’t she at least knocked on the door first? Her way of “apologize” is very interesting indeed. And also those guys that supposed to protect Chu Tianfeng just say he’s not there….why are they even getting scared about saying anything??

  2. Just came here to say that…What the Lu girl said wasn’t that far off nor necessarily bad. Maybe not respectful but not demeaning or so.

    Her thought process as far as I can tell is reasonable enough, she thought something serious happened then rushed ahead. Was the intrusion wrong? Well, yes. Was she wrong? Not necessarily.

    Then given her circumstances, asking for the antidote first over a proper apology seems to also be quite reasonable.

    Between that Young Master and the Lu girl, I think the FL here is more in the right with regards to the current circumstances.

    1. I agree with you, it’s not completely unreasonable, but that’s the point.
      She is not a typical villain, but a rather clueless person who speaks and acts impulsively and ends up causing problems for others.
      For example, earlier at the beginning of the novel, as soon as she woke up, she already accused MC, with little to no information, and now, the situation was obviously an accident, MC also hadn’t planned for this to happen to Lu Qingran but the way Lu Qingran said “don’t be mad, I didn’t want to see your secrets” she puts herself in a victim position and makes it seem like the MC did it on purpose, and at the same time insinuates that the MC is hiding something. (She is, but Lu Qingran makes it sound more nefarious than it actually is)

      Basically Lu Qingran’s point as a character is to be the character with no common sense, who is so used to others liking and caring for her that she never had to learn how to act with caution or common sense and be careful with her words. She never had to worry about the consequences for herself and never cared to consider the consequences for other people. Like, Any decent person thinks twice before accusing someone of something serious because of the possibility of being wrong and ending up harming someone innocent, but Lu Qingran does not. She is Naive in the worst possible way to the point of becoming incredibly Self-centered.

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