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THDP Ch.24 Part 2 – The Cold Pond (II)

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“Young Palace Master Chu, as I said earlier, it is better for us to simply ignore each other even if we met on the road.” Meng Qi said: “Since I saved you, you might feel somewhat grateful towards me. But I charged a payment and received a lot of spirit stones from you. We already even. Besides…” She paused. “My senior sister likes you. Just now you criticized her like that, she must be sad and uncomfortable, and probably is crying somewhere now. I don’t know if you and she are currently in some conflict or what, but I don’t want to be involved in that kind of quarrel at all.” Meng Qi folded her hands and made a gesture: “Absolutely don’t want!”

“Please go back.” After Meng Qi finished talking, she didn’t give Chu Tianfeng a chance to speak before she walked back into her room. Her nature was that she usually never spoke badly to people. Just now, Chu Tianfeng has helped her. She really couldn’t do things like scolding the other party or speaking some harsh words.

Meng Qi went back into her room and carefully checked the protective array on the ground. Indeed, it had been activated. There was also a slight smell of medicinal powder in the air.


Meng Qi recalled Lu Qingran’s miserable face.

Was this array really make the poison so powerful?


She squatted down, her fingers randomly touched along the lines of the array. If the effect of poison could be enhanced, then it should do the same for medicine used for healing. In that case, could she get twice the result with half the effort?


Meng Qi’s eyes flashed. Her gaze landed on the two diagonal lines in the center of the array. She remembered that she didn’t draw these. Her memory was excellent, and she has always been careful. This kind of detail was even more meticulous. Although the array didn’t seem to change much, she still could recognize it.

“What’s happen?” Meng Qi muttered. She stood up and looked at the protective array from a high level.

Did someone touch it? Or was she so hurry and really made a mistake?

Meng Qi glanced across the room, confirming that no one else had touched the array. Xiao Qi was still lying on the bed lazily, looking weaker than when she left. His azure blue eyes had become dimmer, his little head was resting on the paws, and his little semicircular ears seemed to droop down weakly. His whole appearance looked pretty weak.

“Xiao Qi.” Meng Qi stepped forward and rubbed his body smoothly. “I brought the jackdaw grass back.” She took out the wooden box containing the jackdaw grass from the storage space.

Moreover, she also brought back the bamboo slip sent by Xue Jinwen: ‘Northern Realm Herbs Compendium’. Meng Qi held the bamboo slip in her hand, and it began to glow slightly. She quickly read the book and soon found the description of jackdaw grass.

“A leafy herb shaped like a jackdaw feather that grows in the snow-capped summits of the Northern Realm. After getting poisoned by it, the wound will show some silver gleam, bleeding incessantly and unhealed for years.”

After the description, it wrote the treatment method for the jackdaw grass.

“Other ingredients are fine, but this celestial star grass and blazing feather…” Meng Qi frowned. Celestial star grass might be bought at Beyond The Heaven, but what about blazing feather? It was said to be phoenix’s feather, one of the celestial demon clan from Demon Realm. Their feather was supposed to be one of the legendary treasures. This thing probably couldn’t be found in Three Thousand Worlds, and Meng Qi obviously never saw it being sold before.

A dim light flashed in the eyes of the little white tiger, who was still lying on the bed.

Blazing feather…

Is it really them?


Blazing feather…

Meng Qi paced back and forth inside the room. If she wanted to cure the jackdaw grass poison, she must find the blazing feather.


She frowned. Should she find that noisy fox Su Junmo? He was a celestial noble demon, he might have some methods. Meng Qi narrowed her eyes, she remembered that Su Junmo would not appear near Lu Qingran until much later.

Where could she find him?

Beyond The Heaven?

Meng Qi hesitated.

“Let’s put it aside for now.” She took out two pills and stuffed them into Xiao Qi’s mouth. One was the Beiming pill and another was the Ganlin pill.

“Before going to Fentian City, I’ll gather the other ingredients first.” In order to cure the jackdaw grass poison, except for the celestial star grass and blazing feather, the spiritual dew of a cold pond was also needed. She could find it the bottom of the cold pond in Qingfeng Valley.

Meng Qi packed some necessities, got up, and walked towards the top of Qingfeng Valley. Since the sect leader and all the elders were absent, nobody would be visiting the cold pond. When Meng Qi almost reached her destination, she stuffed one spring warmth pill into her mouth. After all, she was still in the Qi Condensation stage. The cold aura and water of the cold pond were too cold for her.

Right before she reached the cold pond, Meng Qi heard someone crying sorrowfully. The voice, a female, sounded very sad, but also seemed to be soft, and pleasant to the ears.

Lu Qingran?!

Meng Qi immediately saw Lu Qingran, who was leaning on the big rock beside the cold lake, crying sadly. The girl heard the footsteps, and turned back to see Meng Qi. Tears filled her face, and her eyes were red, inducing people’s pity and sympathy.

“Ju-junior Sister Meng Qi?” Lu Qingran quickly stood up and wiped away the tears on her face.

“Senior Sister Lu.” Meng Qi looked at Lu Qingran. Although she already reached the Foundation Establishment stage, the cold aura around the pond was still too strong. The sect leader must give her a special artifact, the warm jade, for this favorite disciple so her body could completely negate the coldness’s effect on the edge of this cold pond.

“You…” Lu Qingran stood up, looking at Meng Qi with some bewilderment. She was born beautiful, even crying only enhanced her beauty. Tears on beauty indeed had the same effect as the raindrops on the pear flowers.

“Junior Sister Meng, do you have some business here?” Lu Qingran asked tentatively.

“Go to take something.” Meng Qi said and took off her robe. She already wore a tight diving suit inside.

“You…you are going to dive into the water?” Lu Qingran’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yes.” Meng Qi once again stuffed two spring warmth pill into her mouth.

“Then…” Lu Qingran seemed at a loss, “Do you…” She took out the warm jade given by her master: “Do you want to use this?”

“No need.” Meng Qi shook her head. As she spoke, she quickly walked towards the pond’s edge, then jumped in easily. Even through the thick diving suit, the bitter cold from the water still struck deep into her limbs. Meng Qi gritted her teeth and dived down.


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  1. beef_wellington

    The origFL seems like an annoying mary sue white lotus, but I’m really glad she’s not actually a bad person. I hope she doesn’t meet a bad end (like the author forces her to become the jealous and evil troupe) but instead they become occasional friends

    1. She doesn’t seem to be actually evil nor necessarily bad, not yet anyways. She definitely has shortcomings but the same could be said with the Mc, so so.

      Would be good if they ended up getting along well instead, albeit that’s probably a pipe dream, so to speak. Given the premise and the current flow, author is determined to put them at odds with one another pretty much. One is either gonna be good or bad but not the same.

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