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THDP Ch.25 Part 1 – Qin Xiumo (I)

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With one quick slash of her medical knife, Meng Qi cut off the belt that bound the man’s waist. She then swam very fast. The water in the cold pond was bitterly cold, and she didn’t forget to put two more spring warmth pills into her mouth. The man’s limbs were still twitching, and since Meng Qi was holding his shoulders, it only made his body heavier and stiffer. The chaotic aura in his body also seemed to pierce onto her palm. Across a layer of the outer robe, she could feel how frantic and fierce was the aura backlash caused by qi deviation.

She took away the cold pond’s spiritual dew, but this guy was obviously relying on that thing to heal his injuries. If she left him alone, he would surely die in a few days. Meng Qi’s mood was complicated. With a loud splash, she finally broke through the water, dragging the black-robed man with her.

Meng Qi activated a spell with her left hand and took the man to the shore.

“Ju-junior Sister Meng Qi?” Lu Qingran has not left yet. Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise. She looked at Meng Qi in her black tight-fitting diving suit, then at the unknown man who fell on her side. He seemed to be very tall, dressed in a black robe, and his face was pale. Even though his clothes and hair were soaked and his expression was a bit distorted, it still couldn’t hide his handsome face.

“Help me…take him…” Meng Qi pushed the black-robed man to Lu Qingran. She shivered, and her teeth were chattering uncontrollably. The water inside the pond was too cold. Even with the help of spring warmth, Meng Qi, who was still in the Qi Condensation stage, couldn’t completely nullify the coldness. She really had to improve her cultivation level as soon as possible.

Meng Qi exhaled. She swallowed another two pills of spring warmth and sat cross-legged. After her spiritual aura recovered, she stood up and walked toward the black-robed man.

Lu Qingran obediently followed Meng Qi’s instructions. She had dragged the man to the dry land and laid him flat on the ground. When Meng Qi was recovering, she had already done some examinations on him. Seeing Meng Qi open her eyes, she hurriedly asked, “Junior Sister Meng, who is this person?”

Your soon-to-be suitor.

Meng Qi glanced at Lu Qingran, but said nothing. She slightly squinted her eyes and recalled that this guy did not appear so early in her previous life. Only after that noisy fox appeared, did this guy also start to appear near Lu Qingran.


Meng Qi suddenly remembered that she didn’t dive to the bottom of the cold pond so early in her previous life. Maybe he was also quietly recuperating here. Or probably, Lu Qingran met him for the first time at that time.

“Junior Sister Meng Qi.” After the poisoning incident, Lu Qingran seemed to be a little afraid of Meng Qi. She looked at this junior sister with her gleaming eyes and asked cautiously: “What’s happen to him?”

“Qi deviation.” Meng Qi answered indifferently. She leaned over to examine the man’s body. Just now, in the cold pond, she could feel the chaotic mass of spiritual aura that violently rampaged inside his body. Now, after they were on the shore, it became even more apparent. As soon as Meng Qi put her finger on his wrist, she was instantly repulsed back. The power of a cultivator at the peak of the Golden Core stage couldn’t be held by a small Qi Condensation cultivator like herself.

The black-robed man’s name was Qin Xiumo, he came from one of the three major sects in the Southern Realm. The cultivators of the Southern Realm were quite unique. Most of them were dual cultivators who also practiced sword cultivation. Qin Xiumo’s sect was even more outstanding in this aspect. The techniques they learn had the attribute of ice vein. And now, when the spiritual aura was out of control and attacking his body, it also brought forth an extreme coldness. Meng Qi carefully made a hand seal to activate a spell, and slowly pressed it on Qin Xiumo’s wrist. When her fingertips touched his skin, the coldness started to attack her, and in an instant, her entire arm became so cold that it seemed to be frozen.

Meng Qi frowned slightly. When she met Qin Xiumo in her previous life, her cultivation base and medical cul were both on a higher level. But now…

“Ah–” Lu Qingran suddenly screamed. She stared at Meng Qi’s hand that was still pressing on Qin Xiumo’s wrist. Faint white frost started to condense on the back of her hand. The frost instantly froze, together with Meng Qi’s arm.

“Junior Sister, are you okay?” Lu Qingran raised her eyes to look at Meng Qi, “Do you need this warm jade…”

Meng Qi waved her other hand. She looked at Lu Qingran: “Can you do Heart-clearing Spell?”


“What realm?”

“First realm.” Lu Qingran blushed.

Heart-clearing Spell could help calm the chaotic spiritual aura inside the body. Not only those who learned the medical path, but many other cultivators in the Three Thousand Worlds also practiced this spell. However, this spell had a little use to low-level cultivators. Lu Qingran had never used this spell since she learned it. In this current situation, she was no different than a first-time user.

Meng Qi: “…”

She said nothing and put two more spring warmth into her mouth. The arm that almost completely frozen shook lightly, shattering the thin ice on the surface. “Jingxin spell is very useful.” Meng Qi said indifferently: “You should practice it well.”


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