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THDP Ch.25 Part 2 – Qin Xiumo (II)

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Lu Qingran was startled. She was the personal disciple of Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader and was greatly favored by her master ever since joining the sect. She was also famous as the most talented disciple of Qingfeng Valley. Lu Qingran was indeed quite gifted. Both her cultivation and medical skills progressed very quickly. After three years in the sect, her progress had left many of her senior brothers and sisters behind. She successfully entered the Foundation Establishment stage, and her medical skills were approaching the peak of second grade.

Master praised her a lot, and her fellow disciples all admired her. Except for Chu Tianfeng, who inexplicably changed his attitude during this period, she never suffered any grievance. Although Meng Qi didn’t use mocking or harsh words, the girl’s indifferent tone made her face flushed instantly, as if she had done particularly embarrassing things.

“Junior sister Meng Qi.” Lu Qingran was somewhat dissatisfied: “What realm is your Heart-clearing Spell?” This junior sister had just started her medical study half a year ago. Lu Qingran didn’t believe that Meng Qi could practice such a spell higher than herself.

Meng Qi glanced: “Third realm.”

Lu Qingran was silent, couldn’t even utter a single word. Junior sister Meng Qi, who had just joined the sect for half a year, could practice a Heart-clearing Spell until the third realm, it was really…

So that must be why, although this junior sister’s talent was not as good as her own, Meng Qi could detoxify Chu Tianfeng when he was injured last time, while she could only watch helplessly.

Meng Qi didn’t speak anymore. She sat down cross-legged again, activating the Heart-clearing Spell with her right hand and pressed it on Qin Xiumo’s forehead. She didn’t dare to be rash, simply trying little by little, slowly calming down the aura in his body that was as chaotic as a battlefield.

On the edge of the cold pond, the wind was harsh and freezing. But in less than half of an incense stick time, a thin layer of sweat had perspired on Meng Qi’s forehead. Her hand on Qin Xiumo’s forehead was once again frozen by a thin layer of ice.

“Ugh…” Meng Qi suddenly groaned. Her eyes still closed, and a stream of blood ran down her lips.

“Junior sister!” Lu Qingran quickly stepped up to support her shaking body, and asked worriedly: “Are you okay?”

Of course she isn’t!

Meng Qi slowly inhaled and opened her eyes. The sweat on her forehead froze instantly, and even her eyelashes were covered with thin ice.

“You…” Meng Qi withdrew her hand. “You look at him.” Then she closed her eyes and started to meditate for a moment. After a while, Meng Qi stood up again.

“Junior sister, you should rest a bit more.” Lu Qingran was looking at her worriedly.

Meng Qi shook her head. If she didn’t hurry, Qin Xiumo’s life would be in danger. She stood up and walked forward.

“I need to dive into the cold pond once more.” She swallowed several spring warmth into her mouth, then slowly walked towards the water.

“But junior sister…” Lu Qingran still wanted to speak, but Meng Qi was already swimming like a fish and plunged into the cold pond.

She was going to pick some cold sky herb. This thing often grew in places with cold temperatures and wasn’t that rare. A huge amount was growing at the bottom of this cold pond, she had seen the records in the library pavilion’s book.

At the same time, on the edge of the cold pond. Lu Qingran sat down next to Qin Xiumo in panic. She stared at the man’s pale yet handsome face, then at his thin, bloodless lips. Just now, junior sister Meng Qi used Heart-clearing Spell to heal him.

Qi deviation…

Lu Qingran frowned slightly. She knew that qi deviation normally wouldn’t happen to Qi Condensation or Foundation Establishment cultivators. So this person was at least already in the Golden Core stage?

But junior sister Meng Qi could treat him. Did she really practice the Heart-clearing Spell until the third realm?

Lu Qingran sat in a daze for a moment, her eyes flashing. She closed her eyes, activated the Heart-clearing Spell with her right hand, and then pressed it on Qin Xiumo’s forehead.

“Ah—” The moment her fingers touched the man’s forehead, they got a fierce backlash. From the fingertips that had the contact with his skin, she felt a heavy coldness that penetrating so deep, and even seemed to freeze her bones into the marrow. Lu Qingran’s arm didn’t seem to be her own anymore, and even the warm jade given by her master had no effect. At this moment, she felt like plunging into the deepest part of the cold pond, surrounded by a painful chillness.

Lu Qingran screamed, her head felt dizzy, and she fell towards Qin Xiumo.

“Uh…” When Lu Qingran fell on his upper body, Qin Xiumo, who was still unconscious just now, moved his fingers slightly. His body twitched a bit, and his head shook. Immediately after, his eyelashes fluttered lightly, and the eyes that had been closed for several days slowly opened.

Here is…

The moment he opened his eyes, sunlight pierced Qin Xiumo’s eyes.

……where is he?

For a moment, countless images flashed through his mind. Betrayed by a friend who he thought to be his closest person. The agony of his spiritual aura became chaotic after the failure of the tribulation. The extreme pain, as if his body was going to explode…

And then, he vaguely remembered how he escaped. He used the life-saving magic instrument given by his master to escape to an unfamiliar place. There was a cold pond there, and in the bottom, there was a cold spring eye that produced spiritual dew that was very useful for his condition. He tied himself onto the spring eye and wanted to use its spiritual dew to calm down the rampaging aura in his body. Later, he fainted.


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      1. This fake lotus 😬 really loved by her marysue halo 🤮..now, will this ‘one of her avid suitors’ will think Lu saved him or what? 😬

        1. Marysue Halo…yeah. But fake lotus, kindly gonna disagree with that. I think she’s a lotus, as is anyways. Not the purest kind or so but definitely still a real lotus.

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  1. I think the problem with Lu Qingran is that she’s so used to everything coming so easily to her, that she’s not used to criticism and can’t handle setbacks; she doesn’t have to work hard to get great results, so doesn’t feel the need to diligently improve herself. She also naturally believes that since she’s the most gifted disciple in their sect, it’s not possible for anyone to be better than herself and this is greatly reflected in her attitude toward Meng Qi. For instance, rather than acknowledging her own inability to treat Chu Tianfeng as a result of her lack of practice to improve herself, she attributes it as a result her happening to not have a high enough medical spell at the time compared to Meng Qi; she completely discredits Meng Qi’s efforts to actively improve herself, which resulted in her ability to heal people. This is just one of the reasons why I don’t like her so much, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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