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THDP Ch.25 Part 3 – Qin Xiumo (III)

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Then here is…

Qin Xiumo opened his eyes and looked towards the sky. The sunlight poured down like water, falling on his body that had been soaked in the cold pond for many days. His consciousness recovered a little, and he was surprised to find that the spiritual aura in his body that was so chaotic as if going to devour his body before has slightly calmed down.

Was this the effect of the cold pond’s spiritual dew?

Then he…

A gust of wind blew past, bringing a soft strand of hair to brush Qin Xiumo’s firm jaw. Gradually recovering the sense on his body, Qin Xiumo slowly lowered his sight and saw a girl was lying on his chest, seemingly passed out.

Did she…save him?

Although he has regained consciousness, his body was still very difficult to move. Lu Qingran was laying down on him, her silky hair scattered on her small face, only showing her petite and delicate chin, with the beautiful, cherry-colored lips.

At this time, her lips were frozen and pale. A thin layer of frost covered her bloodless face and hair. At one glance, Qin Xiumo knew that this was caused by his own aura. A soft light flashed in his cold eyes.

Did this girl save him? Even hurting herself.

“Uh…” Lu Qingran didn’t faint for too long. She had quickly withdrawn her hand, and was only fainted due to shock. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself leaning against the unfamiliar man’s chest. Lu Qingran blushed and sat up slowly. A pair of dark and deep eyes looked at her, catching her off guard. Her eyes widened in surprise: “Ah?!” Lu Qingran exclaimed loudly, “You are awake!”

Qin Xiumo still couldn’t move, but he blinked gently. His cold heart slowly softened. This girl had a pair of beautiful and clean eyes, like a little deer. She looked so young and pure. The joy on her face didn’t seem to be faked.

——Her worry is genuine. It must be her who tried to save him.

Meng Qi didn’t dive for long. She soon found the cold sky herb and picked as much as she could, until she no longer could stand cold water, then hurriedly swam back to the shore. With a loud splash, Meng Qi reached the surface. She shook the drops of water from her body, her teeth chattered heavily.

It’s too cold!

The cold pond was really not a friendly place for humans.

Meng Qi walked back to Qin Xiumo quickly.

“Junior Sister.” Lu Qingran hurriedly stood up and told her: “He is awake.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi was so cold that her face became expressionless, and she answered casually. She lowered her head and met Qin Xiumo’s eyes.

Anyway, since she had tried to save him, then just do it until the end. After all, from her experience with Chu Tianfeng, the method of collecting monetary payment was indeed useful.

“I can heal you.” She looked at Qin Xiumo, “But you have to pay me spirit stones.” She quickly calculated, and added, “One hundred eight-grade spirit stones.”

Cultivators roamed all around the Three Thousand Worlds, and a Golden Core cultivator was as common as a wild dog. But Qin Xiumo’s life was still very expensive. After all, he was not only a genius cultivator, but after going through this disaster, his cultivation speed would improve quickly. Within five years, he would break through the Nascent Soul stage and successfully entered the Spirit Severing, becoming one of the fastest in the world.

Later, he even went back to his former sect, took his revenge against the friend that betrayed him in the past, and became the leader of one of the three great sects in the Southern Realm.

What happened later, Meng Qi also didn’t know. Anyway, a Spirit Severing cultivator was already very strong in Three Thousand World. And Qin Xiumo was stronger among the strong.

“Junior Sister Meng!” Lu Qingran became anxious when she heard Meng Qi’s words, “One hundred eighth…eighth-grade spirit stones?!” This was a tremendous amount of wealth that so many disciples in Qingfeng Valley couldn’t obtain in their entire lives. Even their sect leader probably has never seen that amount of spirit stones. When Meng Qi cured Chu Tianfeng last time, the price she asked wasn’t this high.

“Isn’t it…” Lu Qingran shrunk her neck when Meng Qi’s cold eyes swept over. “Isn’t it too much?” She didn’t dare to offend this junior sister. Lu Qingran still remembered the poison that attacked her before. It was so painful and itchy, and her face was filled with awful pus.

“Heh—” Qin Xiumo snickered. His eyes once again became cold. The little deer called this girl ‘junior sister’. These two clearly came from the same sect, but one was kind and gentle, while the other was cold and calculating, only asked for money. Sure enough, even the same master could teach disciples with a completely different personality.

Meng Qi ignored Lu Qingran. She looked at Qin Xiumo and said with an indifferent tone: “If you agree, blink.”

Qin Xiumo couldn’t move, but there was still a slight contempt in his eyes. He blinked slowly. If she really could heal him, was it worth only some measly spirit stones?! The girl was cunning, but so stupid.

She probably never knew what she missed for those spirit stones.


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