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THDP Ch.26 Part 1 – Is He Cheaper than this Guy?! (I)

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Meng Qi turned her head and said to Lu Qingran, “Senior Sister Lu, please go back.”

“Ah? Okay.” Lu Qingran looked worriedly at Meng Qi, then at Qin Xiumo who was lying on the ground. Although Meng Qi made her embarrassed just now, she didn’t doubt her words. This junior sister, who had only entered the sect half a year ago, obviously had an ability far beyond her imagination.

Lu Qingran walked down the mountain while occasionally looking back at Meng Qi. She suddenly shuddered. A new disciple still in the Qi Condensation stage and already so skillful, was it really possible? Did Elder Yan, who valued Junior Sister Meng, taught her privately?

Meng Qi was still standing unmoved. She waited until Lu Qingran’s figure completely disappeared before turning around and walked to the shore of the cold pond. Meng Qi brandished her small, yet very sharp, medical knife to quickly drew three overlapping, interlocking, identical arrays on the ground. After that, she took out a small bottle from her storage bracelet and sprinkled the powder inside along the lines carved by the knife. Finally, a dozen fourth-grade spirit stones were taken out and placed in the middle of three arrays.

From the corner of his eye, Qin Xiumo tried his best to observe Meng Qi’s movements. Still in a black diving suit, the girl’s figure was very slender, with a thin waist and straight back. Her hair was still wet by the water from the cold pond. Although her appearance was a little disordered right now, she looked very tranquil.

Qin Xiumo didn’t know what she was doing, so he watched her inlaying the spiritual stones one by one into the array. Then she sprinkled some medicinal powder and the cold pond’s water. A faint medicinal scent was blown by the wind. Although a bit bitter, but it was not unpleasant.

Meng Qi finally took out the cold sky herbs she gathered from the cold pond. Only three small bottles of dew could be extracted from such a large amount of dark green leaves. She poured the liquid into the center of the array, then turned around to drag Qin Xiumo into the array.

Meng Qi originally slim, and looked particularly thin in this black diving suit. But Qin Xiumo couldn’t move and could only let her dragging his body forward. Before the disaster befallen him, Qin Xiumo was also an arrogant son of heaven. As a genius in cultivation, he grew up favored in his sect and has never been treated like this before. Furthermore, there were many pebbles and small stones on the ground that scratched his back. The turbulent aura inside his body also still hasn’t been receded. It was raging around like volcano, ready to gush out at any moment.

Meng Qi suddenly murmured: “Very heavy.” Previously, she had dragged Qin Xiumo back from the bottom of the cold pond with the help of the water’s buoyancy, so she never knew how heavy this man actually was.

Qin Xiumo: “…”

A light of anger flashed in his eyes. Compared to that gentle and warm little deer, this woman was simply too annoying!

Meng Qi finally managed to drag Qin Xiumo near the arrays. “Don’t move.” Although she knew that the other party still didn’t have any strength to move, Meng Qi nevertheless gave him a warning. She then bent over, one arm passed Qin Xiumo’s back, and the other passed under his knee, to forcefully lift him up in a princess carry.

Qin Xiumo: “!!!”

His pale face instantly turned bright red. He had never imagined that one day, a little girl who looked at most seventeen or eighteen years old would lift him in a princess carry. Moreover, the other party was still…

“Really heavy!” Meng Qi murmured again. She quickly walked towards the place where the three arrays overlapped and placed Qin Xiumo’s body in the center. Meng Qi then exhaled loudly, stood up, and wiped her sweat. When she met this Qin Xiumo in her previous life, the man had already regained some of his strength. At last he could move by himself. However, his aura was still chaotic, and he was no different than a waste. Unexpectedly, in this life, she met the Qin Xiumo, who got into a qi deviation, ahead of time.

However, Meng Qi had no other choice. Since she took away the cold pond’s spiritual dew that this man needed to heal himself, she could only save him personally.

This array construct was the same one that Meng Qi used as a defense trap in her bedroom. She found that the effect of a medicine or poison could be enhanced a lot when the arrays were activated. Her current medical cultivation was of a lower level than when she met Qin Xiumo in her previous life. Although Meng Qi knew how to calm down his chaotic spiritual aura, she was afraid that her too-low ability would be counterproductive. After all, qi deviation wasn’t an injury. If the level of medical cultivation was too weak, she would only inflict more harm to the patient.

Meng Qi set up a large protective array outside the three arrays, and sprinkled it with the powder that attacked Lu Qingran before. It was useless against opponents with real strength. However, the majority of Qingfeng Valley’s forces had gone out for battle. Within a hundred miles, there were almost no high-level cultivators. Her protective array could still deal with cultivators on Foundation Establishment and below.

“Now, you should relax your body…” While Meng Qi was busy with her preparation, Qin Xiumo kept looking at her coldly. However, she didn’t take care. She calmly sat cross-legged in the center of one of the arrays and activated the Heart-clearing Spell with her right hand.

When Meng Qi met Qin Xiumo in her previous life, her Heart-clearing Spell was already at the peak of the third realm. After healing the man, it immediately entered the fourth realm. This time, however, the spell has barely broken through the third realm, and her cultivation base was also weaker than before.

Hopefully, the arrays would be useful.

Meng Qi reached out and pressed her right hand on Qin Xiumo’s forehead: “Empty your mind. It may feel uncomfortable, but don’t think of anything and don’t resist.” Right after her voice fell, their skins touched. A harsh coldness instantly attacked the man’s body, along with a strong murderous aura. Meng Qi’s body was shaken, and a thin layer of sweat immediately covered her forehead.

The layer of sweat quickly condensed into a layer of thin ice before melting again. Her hair was already wet, and now a few strands were stuck to her forehead, making her appearance no better than Qin Xiumo. Heart-clearing Spell consumed more aura than the Qingfeng spell. In no time, Meng Qi opened her eyes, she almost couldn’t move her arm,

Meng Qi exhaled, slowly withdrawing her hand, then sat cross-legged to meditate and restore her spiritual aura. This procedure was repeated dozens of times. She would use the spell until her aura was exhausted, then wait until recovery, before continuing the treatment. The essence of the cold sky herb she poured into the arrays gradually diminished, and in the end, only a scarceful was left.


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  1. Thinking about it, she really didn’t need to charge him since they should’ve already been made even by her taking away the dew he needed to heal (and nearly killing him) then her paying him back by saving him. If he actually ends up attached to her too by her own logic it’s her fault this time lol

    1. The cold pond’s spiritual dew didn’t belong to Qin Xiumo in the first place, so Meng Qi wouldn’t owe him anything even if she took it away (not that she meant to hinder his healing process in the first place). Also, the spiritual dew wouldn’t be enough to fully heal him anyway, as depicted in the past, so even if she left it there for him, she would still have to take extra measures to heal the rest of his problems. In the end, they’d still have to complete the healing and monetary transaction, lol.

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