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THDP Ch.26 Part 2 – Is He Cheaper than this Guy?! (II)

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The sun also gradually tilted westward. The sky had dimmed, and the twilight began to shroud over the pond at the mountaintop. Meng Qi’s hair always wet. She has long been accustomed to ‘using a spell-consuming the aura-waiting for recovery’ process repeatedly only to practice a single spell and never feel it was boring.

Qin Xiumo, who was lying in the center of the arrays, slowly changed his expression. Meng Qi’s slightly cool, slender fingers repeatedly touched his forehead. At first, Qin Xiumo didn’t feel anything, but later, he seemed to be able to feel a faint warmth from her fingertips. A lively vitality was also hidden under the girl’s skin.

The aura inside his body gradually became less chaotic, albeit very slowly. After Meng Qi’s utmost treatment for a long time, compared with the brutal rampaging at the beginning, the aura had calmed down little by little. Qin Xiumo even felt that his arms were no longer as stiff as before.

The cool fingers on his forehead trembled slightly, and he knew that Meng Qi once again had exhausted her aura. Sure enough, the fingers quickly withdrew, and the girl exhaled slowly. Beads of sweat slipped from her forehead, rolling down on her tiny jaw. With a small dripping sound, it fell on Qin Xiumo’s forehead.

Meng Qi had closed her eyes, and her whole body was shaking slightly. Her spiritual aura was utterly overdrawn. Moreover, Qin Xiumo’s aura was very powerful. Compared with that, a small Qi Condensation cultivator was simply too weak. At this time, she only felt a void in her body, as if thousands of cold needles were piercing her meridians. The cold was so overwhelming.

After a while, Meng Qi slowly exhaled, then looked down at Qin Xiumo. “I…” She stood up, her feet were staggering. Meng Qi shook her head, forcefully exerting her strength. “No more.” She waved her hand. Her gaze swept around the surrounding, then she leaned over and dragged Qin Xiumo, pulling him out of the arrays. Meng Qi then swept her foot on the ground, destroying the arrays so that the original appearance was no longer visible.

“I don’t have the cold sky herbs anymore. Without that, I cannot handle your aura myself.” Meng Qi seemed to be talking to herself, rather than telling Qin Xiumo. “Today’s treatment is over.”

She looked around again. The area surrounding the cold pond was mostly deserted.


Meng Qi suddenly remembered something. She dragged Qin Xiumo towards the direction of a large rock near the edge of the cold pond. There was a stone hut there. Occasionally, the elders of the sect would come here to cultivate, and the hut was used by them to stay. Since the sect leader and all the elders were absent, no one would use it for the time being.

Meng Qi quickly found the hut and dragged Qin Xiumo into it. Qingfeng Valley was now protected by a large array left by Elder Xunyan, as well as its own original protective array. For the time being, there would be no danger from the outside. Still, Meng Qi placed two more protective arrays outside the hut. After that, she walked back to the door and said to Qin Xiumo: “I will come again tomorrow.”

Then she turned and left. Inside the hut, Qin Xiumo’s expression turned erratic. At this time, the sky has almost completely dark. Although Qin Xiumo was unable to use any spell or sword technique due to his qi deviation, his eyesight was unaffected. He could still clearly see in the dark.

Qin Xiumo kept staring at the girl’s slim back, until it soon disappeared into the night. The fingers on the side of his sluggish body slowly moved. In fact, a little earlier, probably after Meng Qi exhausted her spiritual aura and rested for the seventeenth or eighteenth time, he began to regain the sense and strength on his fingers, and already could move a little. However, Qin Xiumo, at the time, kept lying in the center of the arrays, staring at Meng Qi’s jaw. He saw how her thin lips tightened, so focused on her work. Dense beads of sweat slide on the tip of her nose. Her eyelashes were slightly trembling from exhaustion, and a layer of perspiration covered her forehead.

All of these seemed so familiar, but at the same time, also unfamiliar. Qin Xiumo froze, and he forgot to move. What’s more, the aura in his body was still pretty chaotic, and he still could do nothing but moving his fingers.

Qin Xiumo stared at the dark night outside the stone hut, watching the stars began to climb into the sky. He breathed in the cold air, with its relatively strong spiritual aura that was unique to a cold pond. The sensation of the slender hand, with her faint medicinal scent, seemed to linger on his forehead…


Qin Xiumo blinked, then quickly moved his eyes to the door. Around five feet away from the hut’s entrance, a young man in a black robe stood tall, looking at him with a gaze full of alertness.

Chu Tianfeng?

A dark expression flashed in Qin Xiumo’s eyes.

Is he also here?

“Qin Xiumo.” Chu Tianfeng took a step forward, staring at the other man with a pair of cold, starlike eyes.

Qin Xiumo’s mind flashed in an instant. They have never met before. He knew who this man was because…

But, what about Chu Tianfeng?

“I wonder why she didn’t even accompany her precious little white tiger and instead went to the cold pond. It turned out to be you…” Chu Tianfeng snorted lightly.

Qin Xiumo has calmed down. He had experienced countless storms before, and even had tasted the betrayal from a best friend. There was hardly anything that could stir up his emotion.

He didn’t know who was the ‘she’ in Chu Tianfeng’s words.

Is it Lu Qingran?


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  1. ooohhh…is it that they regain memories of her previous treatment when they undergo her treatment again in this life? If so, that’s awesome!

  2. I’m noticing how Lu Qingran is constantly being tossed to the side. Isn’t she supposed to be an MC? How come she’s being lazy and neglecting her training? How come she can’t handle a measly little bit of frostbite? How come she can’t control her own impulses? Just what kind of MC is she supposed to be?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s because Meng Qi has messed up the timeline by knowing and acting ahead of the original events. So LQR is off her stride and unprepared to play a role when these guys show up – MQ did mention that possibly the guy in the pond would have met LQR here, but then MQ went diving earlier than she originally did and found him first.

      1. Actually, even before Meng Qi altered the timeline, Lu Qingran was already:

        * Lazy and not diligent in her training (both her Qingfeng Spell and Heart-Clearing Spell are at much lower realms compared to Meng Qi, who is less-talented in cultivation)

        * Shocked too easily and always faints as a result (fainted both when encountering the demon beast with Chu Tianfeng and from the coldness of Qin Xiumo’s qi deviation when trying to heal him)

        * Too emotional, acting on impulse (accused Meng Qi of working with demons and poisoning her purposely)

        Some of these events were still the same even in the current timeline. Just like with Chu Tianfeng, when Lu Qingran can’t heal Qin Xiumo, she still doesn’t acknowledge her own inadequacy due to her laziness, but instead credits Meng Qi’s ability to personal training from Elder Yan rather than acknowledging the efforts and diligence she put into her training.

        The most crucial evidence, though, is that Meng Qi was the only one who could heal them in the past and not Lu Qingran, even when the latter had plenty of time to improve herself; even then, she still had the gall to claim the credit despite being fully aware that she wasn’t the one who healed them. Overall, Lu Qingran is incompetent as an MC due to her own flaws rather than the influence of others.

  3. yaa… is this one also going to remember the previous timeline? what happened back then anyway? what terrible thing, what situation made it worse than dying? did meng qi’s shizun do something— no, what did her shizun do?

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