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THDP Ch.26 Part 3 – Is He Cheaper than this Guy?! (III)

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“Humph.” Chu Tianfeng looked at Qin Xiumo. The proud young man snorted coldly, his eyes were disdainful.

“…What?” Qin Xiumo frowned. It has been almost a month since he had dived into the cold pond and also lost consciousness. As soon as he started speaking, his voice was so hoarse and rash, as if it had been rubbed with rough sandpaper, and he couldn’t even recognize it himself.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Tianfeng looked down at the array on the ground. Meng Qi drew it very secretively, and he couldn’t see the detail in the night’s cover. But he had been watching her from afar, so he saw how she busily worked outside the stone hut for a while before finally departed, humming on the way back.

“I won’t harm you.” Chu Tianfeng said indifferently: “I swear in the name of Fentian Palace’s young master, you can rest assured.” Qin Xiumo’s expression remained cold, so Chu Tianfeng didn’t know whether the other party believed him or not. He and this guy were once quite familiar with each other. For Lu Qingran’s affection, who knew how many times did they fought openly. In the end, however, they met their demise in the hands of the same enemy.


Chu Tianfeng raised his lips and smiled bitterly. They had never expected that no one was able to be the final winner. “Don’t pretend.” He looked at Qin Xiumo, “I know you remember everything, just like me.”

Qin Xiumo’s eyes flickered, and his face finally showed some reaction. He asked hoarsely, “Remember what?”

“If I want to kill you now, all I need to do is…” Chu Tianfeng lifted his hand, and a small purple flame appeared at his fingertips. He was a Golden Core cultivator, who has recovered fully, without any injuries or lasting side effects. Even if his cultivation was initially a bit lower to Qin Xiumo in terms of small realms, his opponent was currently lying down on the ground, unable to move.

“But I won’t kill you.” Chu Tianfeng once again looked at Qin Xiumo, slowly uttering: “In the end, we once lived and died together. We could be regarded as ‘friend in both life and death.'”

Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth and spat out the last phrase. His body trembled all over, as if recalling some terrible memory. Under the moonlight, the formerly proud young man’s expression turned pale.

Qin Xiumo also trembled. He and Chu Tianfeng were obviously outstanding among cultivators of their generation in Three Thousand Worlds. They were now in the Golden Core stage. In a few years, both of them would certainly break through even further, to Nascent Soul then to Spirit Severing stage. The two young men, who almost invincible among their peers, couldn’t even lift one hand in front of that man.

“She…” Chu Tianfeng paused, then bowed down and pondered for a moment. It took a while before he raised his head again, his eyes brighter than before. “Meng Qi…” He continued, “Also died in that man’s hand. He believed that crazy nonsense from the Western Realm, and thought that he could save…” Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth: “You completely in a coma and didn’t see it. That person lured her with us two rubbish as bait. And she still…Meng Qi, that idiot!”

Chu Tianfeng suddenly raised his arm and quickly wiped his eyes with his sleeve. The young man took a deep breath, his eyes still a bit red: “My father gave up on me. Fentian Palace had a new young palace master. She said that she likes me and also likes you…but the only thing she did was to weep in that person’s arm. In the end, only Meng Qi was willing to save us, only her…”

Qin Xiumo’s jaw suddenly tightened. His fingers curled up slightly, clenching into fists. He knew what Chu Tianfeng was talking about. It’s just that his mind was still a little confused now. When Meng Qi used the Heart-clearing Spell again and again to patiently calm down his aura, countless fragments of memory burst into his mind. There was about Meng Qi, about himself, about Lu Qingran, and about this… Chu Tianfeng. He still hasn’t been able to completely connect those fragments into a full picture, but he knew that those memories, as clear as if he personally experienced them himself, should not appear by accident.

Now, after listening to Chu Tianfeng’s incoherent ramblings, Qin Xiumo’s heart skipped a bit, and something in his mind seemed to slowly merge those fragments into one.

“I haven’t forgotten the three months of living hell, and you must also remember it.” Chu Tianfeng did not continue to approach the door. He has recovered his calm. If it wasn’t for the redness at the rim of his eyes, no one would be able to guess how he had just lost control of his emotion. “So, I won’t harm you. You should stay alive and become stronger.” He clenched his fists, “Then protect her.”

After he finished speaking, Chu Tianfeng took out a porcelain bottle from his storage space and threw it at Qin Xiumo. “Sixth realm Heart-clearing Pill refined by the elder from our the Fentian Palace’s Medical Hall. It can help suppress the spiritual energy of the qi deviation even in the Nascent Soul stage.” Chu Tianfeng said, his voice still hoarse.

Qin Xiumo’s body stiffened. The porcelain bottle had fallen on his chest. He raised his hand to open the cork. To refine a sixth realm Heart-clearing Pill, precious materials were second. The most important thing was that this pill must be refined by a Spirit Severing cultivator with a minimum of sixth rank medical cultivation. Even among many great sects in the Three Thousand World, they were still very rare. After all, a cultivator might be at a Spirit Severing stage, but to simultaneously reach the sixth rank medical cultivation was very rare. If Meng Qi did not die, she might break through the fifth rank and enter the sixth rank within one or two years.

Qin Xiumo’s face was still expressionless. He held the pill in his palm and slowly swallowed it. Chu Tianfeng’s words just now made him completely believe that the other party would not harm him. Because they would have an extremely terrible common enemy in the future. Chu Tianfeng was right. The two could also be considered ‘a friend in both life and death.’

Once entered his mouth, the pill instantly turned into a warm liquid that penetrated his body. Just now, his dantian was like being stabbed by thousands of icy knives, but now gradually surrounded by warmth.

“With her help, and this Heart-clearing Pill.” Chu Tianfeng was still watching at the door. “Don’t let me down.” Then he turned to leave.

“Wait.” Qin Xiumo stopped Chu Tianfeng.

“Is there anything else?” Chu Tianfeng didn’t look back.

“Do you have spirit stones?”

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng was startled, and quickly turned back. He finally felt a little happier, because he was not the only one she asked for money. Meng Qi was not partial. She still treated everyone the same!

“How much?” Chu Tianfeng probably had some understanding of Qin Xiumo’s current situation. He has been injured by a best friend when having a tribulation, fell into qi deviation, and escaped only with the clothes on his body. He most probably didn’t bring anything else, and the things on his body should be turned into ashes by the tribulation’s thunder. He was already lucky enough to keep his life.

“One hundred eighth-grade spirit stones.” Qin Xiumo blushed a little. He didn’t move his head, and didn’t want to see Chu Tianfeng’s gaze.

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng frowned, then suddenly became furious, “Eight-grades spirit stones? One hundred? That’s how much Meng Qi charged you?”

Qin Xiumo nodded.

Chu Tianfeng almost mad with anger: “Why? Why she asked you eighth-grade spirit stones?!”

His was only the sixth-grade?!

And Qin Xiumo is still charged one hundred!

What about him?!

Less than ten!

Does it meant that he is cheaper than this guy?!

Why did she charge him so little?!

Is Qin Xiumo better than him?!

Even if this guy will be really strong in the future, he is still a waste now!

Qin Xiumo: “…”

An idea flashed in his mind, and he shook his head: “No need.” He looked at Chu Tianfeng calmly. He suddenly thought of a better way.

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19 thoughts on “THDP Ch.26 Part 3 – Is He Cheaper than this Guy?! (III)”

  1. Ohhhh such plot twist! This might means that all Lu Qingran’s suitors were reincarnated too. Like Meng Qi

    1. It doesn’t feel like reincarnation, because they seem to recover their memories when Meng Qi was treating them

  2. I almost spat out my drink holy sht

    (also the suitors are recovering their memories???? interesting 🤔)

  3. purpleberrydoc

    OMG!!! The plot twist. It seems as she treats them, it unlocks their memory. Now I don’t think Chu Tianfeng is fickle because there is a reason for his dislike of Lu Qingran.

    1. Well, I guess this chapter confirmed the suspicions. However, I still want to know more about how Lu Qingru betrayed them.

      I admit that the whole “I like both of you” sh*t was pretty painful to hear, and the part about her not trying to help them was f*cked up. However, I do want to hear the full story of this guy she chose and why she let her other suitors ruin themselves in the previous life.

      1. Yeah, it sounds pretty bad, to say the least. But a lot were also left out to really properly tell which is which and what was what.

        At the very least, FL doesn’t seem that bad for now.

        1. Regardless of what was left out, the fact remains that despite Lu Qingran’s close relationship with both Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, she still didn’t try to save them when they were about to be killed and instead chose to cry in the arms of the man who killed them. She clearly only loves herself the most and can only feel pity for herself, even in such circumstances.

  4. Ahh, Chu Tianfeng, do you feel offended knowing that he’s worth more? Do your best, then.

    Translator, thank you for your hard work!

  5. A plot twistttt, AHHHHHHH!
    I was so weirded out by him suddenly changing demeanor towards the “daughter of heaven”. Like dude… Two faced much? She still in front of you. I UNDERSTAND IT NOWWWW.

  6. Spicy Salmon Roll

    OMG I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING!! SO GOOODDDD!! UGGGHH!!! Thanks for the hard work!! And wouldn’t he be happier he was charged less? Lol

    1. I didn’t actually feel much about CTF suddenly ignoring the heaven’s daughter. I did laugh at the detail on the chapter they found Xiao Qi. CTF, when Meng Qi was determined to help Xiao Qi, said with exasperation “You’re always like this” I was like bruh, you only know her for a few weeks. Now it turns out they also reincarnated, it’s clear now.

  7. This slways gets me about harems and rev harems. Sooner or later it’s time to pick and then everyone but one is the loser

    It’s just bad expected return on time invested

    1. Calm down, CTF. I’m pretty sure her price is not based on your worth, but on how much willing she is to help you. She nearly talked herself into letting this guy die, so for her trouble she wants more money.

      So far it’s unclear if LQR betrayed them or was just wishy washy and weak willed. She just cried and cling to someone else instead of even trying to do something to help.

  8. Ohhhhh, that makes so much sense. It wasn’t a misunderstanding or anything, they did genuinely like LQR and didn’t care about MQ (…pretty standard treatment of the “designated gentle healer side character” tbh), it’s just that they were burned by their harem storyline finally ending with them losing and they finally appreciated their gentle and steadfast healer. I guess since LQR was with YPM at that time, the big bad wasn’t the OML… Maybe it was the master with some convoluted plan, or a completely separate character?

  9. did meng qi’s shizun do something to bring her back? if he really is that white tiger sovereign, then it’s not impossible, right? unless he has also fallen under lqr’s skirts…

    who is this mysterious dude that baited and killed meng qi? it doesn’t seem like she remembered being killed?

  10. Wait hold up….does that mean that both Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo are kinda like reborn too like Meng Qi??? They both experienced almost dying and is saved. That is to say after being saved they both start to regained their memories from the previous life. That would explained why Chu Tianfeng suddenly treat Lu Qingran so cold. Meng Qi also seems to not fully remember everything from her previous life.

  11. Mmm…Either Mc is most likely is the key or link to the lost memories. That and/or the only one that has said lost memories are those that’s tightly close to her e.g., getting killed by the same person in earlier time line.

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