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THDP Ch.27 Part 1 – Anyway, I Just Don’t Have the Money! (I)

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“Hah?” Chu Tianfeng looked at Qin Xiumo suspiciously. But soon guessed the other man’s mind: “You are too despicable!”

Why didn’t he think of it first?!

Qin Xiumo was still as despicable as ever. No wonder he has fought with this guy countless times but rarely won before.

“Guard the door for me.” Qin Xiumo didn’t care about Chu Tianfeng’s rage and closed his eyes. The Heart-clearing Pill melted away in his mouth, and the warmth it brought gradually became hotter and hotter. Like a fire, raging inside his body!

Qin Xiumo groaned suddenly.

Chu Tianfeng stood at the door, gloating joyfully. Using this medicine must be unpleasant for Qin Xiumo. The degree of pain was no less than falling into qi deviation once again. Even so, this guy would definitely use it.

A Heart-clearing Pill of this level was hard to come by. If he didn’t use it, he could only rely on Meng Qi to calm down the aura in his body little by little. Since Qin Xiumo remembered everything, he knew that this process lasted for almost three months. He went from being a waste to restoring his original cultivation level, then getting the tribulation once again, successfully breaking through… Meng Qi’s grace was worth for him to once again taste this pain.

Because the more pain, the stronger would the memory remained!

The arrogant sons of heaven like them had always been the center of everyone’s attention ever since they were young. Maybe they were actually very stupid, to not notice who was really good to them until their death. They also couldn’t see through the kindness hidden under some people’s seemingly alienated and indifferent expressions.


Meng Qi hugged the little white tiger and fell asleep until dawn the next day. She was completely tired yesterday. After opening her eyes, Meng Qi kept laying on the bed, her arms still remembered that kind of light trembling after her strength was exhausted. Having a too low cultivation level was indeed a big problem.

Meng Qi’s hand lightly rubbed Xiao Qi, who was lying lazily next to her. She got up and sat on the bed. Meng Qi understood her own weakness, which was an average talent in cultivation. It was later, after she met her master, that the man greatly helped her promoted from the Foundation Establishment to the Golden Core stage.

Xiao Qi was awakened by her movements and moved a bit before continuing to lay on the bamboo bed. Although yesterday he looked so exhausted and listless, he seemed slightly better today. The little guy looked at Meng Qi with his pair of clear blue eyes, his paws resting on the side.

Meng Qi reached out to examine Xiao Qi’s paws. Dark red blood stained his white front paw. Meng Qi carefully cleaned his wounds every day, then bandaged it with a new soft and clean cloth, and applied the best hemostatic medicine she could refine. Even so, at most it only slightly slowing down the bleeding’s speed. She took out two pills to replenish aura and blood from the storage bracelet and stuff them into Xiaoqi’s mouth. After that, she took out the bamboo slip sent by Xue Jinwen.

She once again read the book carefully from beginning to end. The blazing feather was indeed the most troublesome ingredient. Besides… Meng Qi jumped out of bed. It was a pity that Elder Yan was absent now. Otherwise, she could ask for his advice.

Meng Qi knew that many poisons weren’t easy to be solved. But if she currently couldn’t get rid of the poison, it would be slightly easier to just temporarily suppress the effect. Jackdaw grass’s poison effect wasn’t fierce. After being poisoned, although Xiao Qi’s wound kept bleeding incessantly, his life was not in danger. But if this continued, he would become weaker and weaker. Moreover, if the poison stayed for too long, it was easy to cause some irreversible damage to the body. Now that she had no way to find a blazing feather, Meng Qi should find a way to temporarily suppress the poison effect of jackdaw grass.

After Meng Qi made up her mind, she packed up simply and departed to the cold pond. Yesterday she worked hard for half a day, but Qin Xiumo’s aura was still in a mess. Meng Qi kept pondering about this problem on her way to the mountaintop.

Meng Qi remembered when she encountered Qin Xiumo in her last life. It must be after the man had already come out of the cold pond. Since no one took the pond’s spiritual dew, he spent almost a year soaking in there, relying on the spiritual dew to finally let the rampaging aura inside him a bit more controllable——At least, he could finally move his body.

When Meng Qi met him, she was already at the Foundation Establishment stage. Even so, it took her three full months to completely appease the chaotic spiritual aura within his body. The treatment process was very painful, and the only benefit was probably that her Heart-clearing Spell successfully broke through and entered the fourth realm.

From the third realm to the fourth realm was only a matter of one step up at one glance. However, improving a spell was similar to improving the cultivation base: the higher the level, the harder it was to breakthrough. Practicing on their own, when a cultivator wanted to improve their third realm spell to the fourth realm, it would probably take more than one or two years, and only if they practiced diligently, using the spell almost daily.

On her way to the stone hut by the cold pond, Meng Qi’s mind was preoccupied. After she arrived, she glanced at the ground first, confirming that the protective array she had laid showed no signs of being moved. Last night, there was also no sign of foreign intruders into the Qingfeng Valley.

Then Qin Xiumo…eh?

Meng Qi was startled, looking at the empty hut.

“Are you looking for me?” A low, cold voice of a young man suddenly came from behind.

Meng Qi took a quick step forward. The small silver medical knife was already in her hand, ready to attack.

Meng Qi turned her body.

Qin Xiumo was standing outside the door, still in the black robe. The man who yesterday couldn’t move even his limbs was now standing on his feet, and his face also looked less pale than before.

“You…” Meng Qi looked at the man up and down, subconsciously wanted to reach out to examine his body. She was really curious, how did he suddenly get better?! Was there a powerful healer who came to treat him and make him better overnight? Or did he take any miracle pill?

When her finger was about to touch Qin Xiumo’s wrist, Meng Qi suddenly startled. This guy has a bad temper. After experiencing his best friend’s betrayal, he didn’t trust anyone.

Except for Lu Qingran!

If Qin Xiumo really has been recovered, a light slap from a Golden Core peak’s cultivator would easily hit and seriously injured her.


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