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THDP Ch.27 Part 2 – Anyway, I Just Don’t Have the Money! (II)

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Meng Qi quickly withdrew her hand, but her curiosity was still a bit uncontrollable. She stared at Qin Xiumo. Her lips moved, but didn’t ask anything. Chu Tianfeng was just proud and arrogant, but this man was cruel and merciless.

After Qin Xiumo was healed by her, his cultivation successfully had a breakthrough, and he entered the Nascent Soul stage. After reaching the Nascent Soul peak, in order to eliminate all factors that may risk his tribulation to the Spirit Severing stage, Qin Xiumo returned to the Southern Realm alone, trying to kill the former friend who had betrayed him.

At that time, the Dao companion of his former friend was pregnant and was going to give birth, but she found out to be poisoned by a very strange gu poison. Without treatment, it was very likely that both mother and child would not survive. Meng Qi happened to be on her way to gather medicinal ingredients in the Southern Realm, and after hearing that the man was seeking medical treatment, she became curious and came to his place to see the patient. That’s when she saw him again, the Qin Xiumo, who was like a bloodthirsty demon. Even though it was a long time ago, Meng Qi still remembered it clearly.


Meng Qi frowned. Although Qin Xiumo did not kill his former best friend’s Dao companion, he sent away the child right after born. No one knows where he sent the newborn baby, whether the child was still alive or secretly killed to eliminate a future danger. But at that time, no one also knew how many cultivators had been killed by Qin Xiumo. His murderous aura was so potent, and a thick bloody smell permeated from his body, so nauseating that Meng Qi still remembered it clearly.

He let go of that Dao companion, of course not for Meng Qi’s sake. In fact, Qin Xiumo believed that Lu Qingran was the one who had rescued him from his qi deviation, and treated Meng Qi like a complete stranger. However, he still gave Meng Qi a bit face because she and Lu Qingran were disciples from the same sect. But Qin Xiumo didn’t treat her politely either, especially after seeing Meng Qi in the mansion of his former best friend, who had betrayed himself and almost let him die from the qi deviation.

These memories flashed through her mind. She stepped back and withdrew her hand. Her grip on her medical knife tightened, eyes looking at Qin Xiumo alertly.

For a moment, Meng Qi felt a little bit annoyed-why didn’t she learn her lesson? If Qin Xiumo died here, then let it be. Why should she…

Alright! She actually knew the reason. Even after restarting her life, she still couldn’t watch someone die in front of her.

She just couldn’t.

Qin Xiumo closed his eyes for a moment. He then took a step forward, his tight jaw relaxed slightly, and he stretched out his hand towards Meng Qi. “You…” His voice was hoarse. “Do you want to examine my condition?”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Thanks for your help yesterday.” Qin Xiumo continued, “I’m much better now.” He even lowered his voice, trying to make himself sound gentler.

Meng Qi kept looking at him alertly.

“Although I am able to move now, the aura in my body is still not calmed down. Fellow Daoist, I still need to trouble you.” Qin Xiumo stood unmoved.

She has never seen such a polite appearance from this guy!

Meng Qi stared at Qin Xiumo for a while, before finally took a step forward and activated a spell towards the man’s wrist. She was indeed curious. Yesterday, she tried to use the arrays that could enhance the efficacy of a medicine. Plus, with the help of cold sky grass, it could indeed help her calm down the aura in Qin Xiumo’s body.

But the effect shouldn’t be so significant.

If it was really that simple to heal a qi deviation, then that Qin Xiumo…

“Huh?” Meng Qi frowned. Until just a moment ago, she was still on guard. But as soon as she touched Qin Xiumo’s wrist, she was immediately attracted by the condition inside the man’s body, completely neglecting other thoughts. “This…” She subconsciously muttered: “Heart-clearing Pill? Fourth realm… No! At least fifth or sixth realm?”

Qin Xiumo had reached the peak of the Golden Core stage, and half a step into the Nascent Soul. Heart-clearing Pill on the same level as his cultivation shouldn’t have much effect on him. Even the fifth realm wouldn’t be able to heal him this much overnight.

“Sixth realm.” Qin Xiumo did not hide it.

“Ah…” Meng Qi sighed lightly, her eyes full of yearning. To be able to refine a sixth realm Heart-clearing Pill, was it a sixth-grade medical cultivator?

With the help of the sixth realm Heart-clearing Pill, the treatment process, which originally took three months or even more time, would greatly be reduced to just half a month. Meng Qi’s burden would also be lightened considerably. But she was still puzzled. If this guy had such useful medicine, why didn’t he take it earlier?

If it was someone else, Meng Qi might ask directly. But the man was Qin Xiumo. After being betrayed by his best friend, he was transformed into someone who regarded all kinds of moral restraints as a fart and had no taboo to achieve his goals. Even if she asked, he certainly wouldn’t answer.

“Then, let’s continue.” Even with the effect of the Heart-clearing Pill, Qin Xiumo’s aura was still chaotic. He was now only slightly better than ordinary people. A cultivator at the lowest level of the Qi Condensation stage, like Meng Qi, may still be stronger than the current him.

“Okay.” Qin Xiumo followed Meng Qi back to the edge of the cold pond. He watched the girl busily rearrange the arrays, and then scooped some water from the pond. After that, she put on a black diving suit and prepared to dive into the freezing water.

Qin Xiumo suddenly felt touched. After Chu Tianfeng’s visit yesterday, he recalled more and more memory fragments. A girl’s cool fingers, and a faint medicinal scent. It was insipid, but also elegant and calming as if contained countless soothing voices. As Chu Tianfeng said, at that time, almost everyone thought they were dead and couldn’t survive. Yet, Meng Qi still gave her all to make the last effort.

Qin Xiumo was more perceptive than Chu Tianfeng. He recalled the light of curiosity that couldn’t be hidden in Meng Qi’s eyes when she saw his sudden improvement. What drew her interest was certainly not himself, but the reason why he suddenly improved. Meng Qi’s true love was the medical path.

Qin Xiumo slowly sighed. His lips curled, wondering whether he should be disappointed or happy.

With a loud splash, Meng Qi got out of the cold pond. She skillfully extracted the essence from the cold sky herb and threw a few spirit stones into the array. “Be careful not to touch my arrays.” Meng Qi instructed, “You sit in the middle.” Then she poured all the cold sky herb’s essence into the array.

Qin Xiumo obediently sat in the middle of three interloping arrays, then watched Meng Qi who also sat cross-legged in front of him. Her slender fingers gently touched his forehead, bringing the chillness of the cold pond’s water. Once again, the familiar Heart-clearing Spell entered his body. Carefully, without being impatient, sorting out the chaotic aura inside, little by little calmed their aggressiveness.

After the sun once again set, Meng Qi exhaled slowly. She waved her hand, “It’s all for today.” After thinking a bit, she continued: “Even with the help of the sixth realm Heart-clearing Pill, I will still charge my one hundred eight-grade spirit stones. Heart-clearing Spell is only the first step. To completely heal you, I will have to use other medicines and spells.”

Qin Xiumo nodded, “Okay.” He generously promised: “I can write the IOU first.”

Meng Qi looked at him suspiciously.

The young man seemed to be prepared, and stretched out his hand, “Give me a bamboo slip.”

After getting the bamboo slip, Qin Xiumo quickly wrote an IOU for one hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, then marked his spiritual sense and returned the slip to Meng Qi. He watched the girl put away the IOU, and said: “I was betrayed by my friend and can’t go back to my sect now.”

Meng Qi knew this.

Qin Xiumo paused. He stared at Meng Qi with sincere eyes and slowly said: “This sixth-realm Heart-clearing Pill was given to me by Chu Tianfeng.” He sold his teammate without hesitation.

“Huh?” Meng Qi was stunned.

“To exchange for this pill, I gave him everything that I still had. Now I have absolutely nothing, and can’t even take out a single first-grade spirit stone.” Qin Xiumo continued, “But I owe you a hundred eighth-grade spirit stones, so I can only find another way to pay my debt.”

“Uh…” Meng Qi wanted to say that the debt wasn’t so hurried.

Qin Xiumo slowly said, “I can only pay off my debt with my body. You can order me to do whatever you want. No matter what, I will do it.”

Although his tone was so innocent, his words were entirely like a rogue: “Anyway, I just have no money!”


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    1. Correction the term your looking for is “Slave” variety: “Indentured Servant”. I feel so bad for CT he paid off his debt so now he’s just a servant…. but that doesn’t seem to mean he’s higher in the pecking order.

  1. i’ve actually read this before. read up to chapter 75 a looooong time ago and am only getting back into it now. i read some reviews of this book and about how stupid mq is for not being firm in rejecting the persistent help of these idiot once-suitors of lqr, but mq is just a kid. she’s like eighteen at most. even if you say that she lived a few years longer in that other timeline, she has devoted herself to the path of medical cultivation and clearly isn’t good at interpersonal relationships. this should not b surprising.

    *she* doesn’t know that chu-something and qin-something feel indebted to her and want to make up for her help in that past timeline. she doesn’t even KNOW that they remember the past timeline. as far as she knows, they are the same arrogant, powerful, mindless bootlickers of lqr. it is Extremely Weird that they’re hanging on to her this time, but she has already decided not to give a sht about them and so ignores them. that’s it.

    she’s, well, i wouldn’t say pure, but she’s definitely straightforward. if those guys didn’t remember that other timeline, then they really wouldn’t bother with mq and would be slavering over the chance to get close to lqr. she’s working under an incorrect assumption, cut her some slack. she’s a teenager and likely has the ’tism. medical cultivation is the most important thing in her heart, after all. she likely won’t do anything serious so long as she’s free to learn and cultivate.

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