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THDP Ch.29 Part 2 – Strange Injuries (II)

“Come here.” Meng Qi stretched out her hand towards the little white tiger, her other hand carefully held the beast house. The little guy seemed a bit unhappy. He fiddled with the beast house with his little paw, but didn’t struggle. A faint light shone from the beast house, surrounding Xiao Qi, and after a slight ‘shoo’ sound, he disappeared.

Meng Qi held the bamboo slips and saw a small bed with a soft cushion inside the small cave-shaped beast house. Xiao Qi was standing in the middle of the cave. He looked around, then walked slowly to the small bed and lay down lazily.

Meng Qi was relieved now. She carefully put the beast house into her bracelet-shaped storage space. This bracelet has little space and was no longer enough for her usage. After this busy period, she should find a chance to buy a larger one. As for the medicines that Elder Lu asked to bring, Meng Qi already had them in her storage space, and there was no need to pack.

“Wait for me.” Chu Tianfeng watched Meng Qi put away the little white tiger, then walked forward without turning her head or even spoke a word to himself. He quickly followed her.

Qin Xiumo also walked towards them. His expression was ugly. He still minded Chu Tianfeng’s last words, about how that Meng Qi charged him more than Chu Tianfeng.

Two young men with their own thoughts walked side-by-side behind Meng Qi towards the Qingfeng Valley’s main hall.


The disciples gathered by Elder Lu have all returned to the main hall. When Meng Qi entered, everyone looked at her subconsciously. They naturally also saw Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo following from behind. Their gazes towards the trio instantly became a little strange.

Lu Qingran was also one of them. She stared at Chu Tianfeng, but the other party seemed too lazy to give her even one glance. The other person…Lu Qingran’s mouth opened in surprise.

That black-robed man, isn’t he the one picked up by Junior Sister Meng from the cold pond?

He… didn’t he fell into qi deviation, and his condition looked so severe?

He has recovered so soon?

Lu Qingran stared at Qin Xiumo, and couldn’t help but take a look at Meng Qi. This junior sister was still in the Qi Condensation stage. Although her medical talent was outstanding, her medical cultivation level was still in the second rank, just like herself.

Why can’t she do the things that Junior Sister Meng can?

Junior Sister Meng… who actually is she?!

“Young Palace Master Chu.” Elder Lu greeted Chu Tianfeng, then turned his head to look at Qin Xiumo: “This is…”

“My friend.” Chu Tianfeng raised his jaw. In front of others, he was still the proud Fentian Palace’s young master. “He heard something happened here, so he came to help.”

“Oh.” Elder Lu glanced at Qin Xiumo suspiciously. This young man had a handsome face, but his atmosphere was somewhat vicious. And that gaze, at first glance, wasn’t a good man. But since Chu Tianfeng vouched for his identity, the elder said nothing. In the future, the entire Qingfeng Valley, including himself, would be subordinate to Chu Tianfeng’s sect. It was not his turn to question such things.

Now that everyone has arrived, Elder Lu raised his hand, and a small paper boat flew out of his sleeve. The paper boat faced the wind and grew longer, and finally transformed into a big boat that could carry thirty people. The disciples of Qingfeng Valley followed Elder Lu and boarded the boat one by one, and finally, it was Meng Qi’s turn. Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo walked so naturally next to her.

Meng Qi didn’t seem to be curious about Qin Xiumo’s reason for joining them. Right after she got on the boat, she quickly found a corner with less crowd, pulled out a bamboo slip from the storage space, and began to read.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo exchanged glances and stood not far in front of Meng Qi. Both were taking their distance to avoid making her uncomfortable. They stood straight, like two bodyguards, keeping others from disturbing her.

Qingfeng Valley’s flying artifact that could carry multiple people was not fast. This paper boat was already pretty good, but it still took a full day and night to fly them to the area where the original personnel set their camp.

Before Elder Lu left, there had just been a battle here. There were not many demon cultivators who had sneaked into the Three Thousand Worlds this time, but all of them were strong and cunning. Some of their sneak attacks were successful. If Elder Xun Yan hadn’t taken the precaution in time, more than half the disciples of Qingfeng Valley might have been injured.

Fortunately, after several attacks, Xun Yan gradually figured out the pattern of the enemy’s strategy. Under his leadership, disciples of Qingfeng Valley and Fentian Palace managed to fight back in a defensive counterattack, and finally wounded several demon cultivators. However, several disciples from their side, including Qingfeng Valley’s Elder Lu, were injured. The remaining people were also exhausted, so Xun Yan decided to put on a camp. Then he let Elder Lu go back and bring more disciples to take care of the wounded.

It took only half a day for Elder Lu to return, but it took another full day to bring twenty or so disciples here. Xun Yan, who had consumed too much aura, had recovered almost completely, and the injured disciples were already getting some treatment.

As soon as the paper boat landed, Xun Yan and Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader came to see them. Meng Qi put away the bamboo slip and disembarked with other disciples. From beginning to end, she never spoke a word to Chu Tianfeng or Qin Xiumo.

The disciples of Qingfeng Valley who came together were looking over with a curious gaze. They still vividly remembered how that day, Chu Tianfeng was protecting Meng Qi and ruthlessly reprimanding Lu Qingran in public. These disciples used to gossip behind Meng Qi’s back, but they became very polite after discovering that Chu Tianfeng was protecting her. What’s more, there was another fierce Qin Xiumo by her side now. Along the way, no one dared to disturb Meng Qi.


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  1. I wonder what they think now that they see how different she is this time around? Will they realise that she also has her memories?

  2. A random fish in the sea

    I wonder when Meng Qi will realize that it’s not her demanding payment that saved her from Heaven’s wrath, but the fact that the males were remembering the past life too…

  3. Whether they realize that the fact they have their memories only due to Meng Qi is the real thing to watch for…

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