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THDP Ch.29 Part 3 – Strange Injuries (III)

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All the way, Meng Qi was reading the bamboo slip given by Xue Jinwen about the records of Northern Realm’s medicinal ingredients. Seeing that they had reached the destination, Meng Qi quickly put back the slip and followed everyone off the boat.

“Qingran.” Seeing her beloved disciple, Qingfeng Valley sect leader quickly gestured kindly, “Why are you also here?”

“Master.” Lu Qingran saluted the sect leader. She looked at the master who had always doted on her. When she thought of what had happened in the past few days, her eyes instantly reddened. “Master, this disciple is so worried about you.” Lu Qingran threw herself into the sect leader’s arms and sobbed: “Are you okay?”

“What can happen to me?” The sect leader patted Lu Qingran’s back and comforted: “I’m alright. No injuries, don’t be afraid. With Elder Xun Yan here, the demon cultivators won’t be able to do much harm.” She paused and said, “Some of our sect’s disciples were injured, but they have been treated. Everything is fine, don’t worry.”

“Uuuuu…” Lu Qingran nodded, her eyes red. She replied softly: “Yes.” She completely overwhelmed with emotion. Compared with Meng Qi, who was standing calmly and even a little indifferently among the disciples, Lu Qingran appeared much more pure and kind.

There was no fighting now. Some of the Qingfeng Valley disciples who had just arrived also took the opportunity to get together and exchanged some words.

On the other side, Chu Tianfeng had already walked towards his sect’s Elder Xun Yan.

“What’s happen?” He asked gravely. His handsome long eyebrows slightly furrowed. Others didn’t know, Chu Tianfeng couldn’t be clearer about this battle. He remembered how this happened in his previous life, and even remembered the location of the devil beast’s lair where they last eliminated. Except for the devil beasts, there were also some demon cultivators, but they were just scattered force that didn’t pose much threat.

If there were no help from the Fentian Palace, Qingfeng Valley would have a devastating battle, and even the entire Qingfeng Town would be slaughtered. But that time, Fentian Palace had also sent people to help. The reinforcement was two people which cultivation base was lower than Elder Xun, but they successfully eliminated the invading forces, finally resolving the crisis in Qingfeng Valley.

“Demon cultivators are too cunning.” Xun Yan shook his head and smiled wryly. He turned his gaze to look at the Qingfeng Valley’s crowd, who were chatting pleasantly. Elder Xun silently frowned. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for Chu Tianfeng, the entire Qingfeng Valley wouldn’t even get into his eyes. Except for this little disciple Meng Qi, whose personality was quite eccentric…

Xun Yan moved his gaze at Meng Qi, who was standing behind other disciples of Qingfeng Valley. She was not in a hurry to greet and please her superior, and was quietly surveying the surrounding environment with her eyes.

“After several unexpected sneak attacks, we found their pattern. Now they don’t dare to make another attack. But a lot of our people are also injured.” Xun Yan shook his head and whispered: “I’m ashamed.”

Chu Tianfeng didn’t comment. “Where did those demon cultivators escape to?”

“I don’t know, but they are very familiar with this place. Obviously, they have been here for a while. I led some people to pursue them, and they quickly used the terrain to escape. The strongest among them is just a peak third rank, but they are so cunning that we can’t catch them.”

“I see.” Chu Tianfeng nodded. He looked around. The place chosen by Elder Xun Yan for the main camp has a broad line of vision. Although wasn’t easy to defend, the area made it hard for the opponents to commit a sneak attack. They have the Nascent Soul elders here, and the strongest opponent only had strength equivalent to the Golden Core peak. This area was obviously the best place chosen by Elder Xun Yan after careful consideration.

“Where are the injured?” Chu Tianfeng asked again, “Are there casualties among the disciples from our sect?”

“Three people. Most of the casualties come from Qingfeng Valley. After treatment, they already a lot better.” Xun Yan said as he led Chu Tianfeng towards the place where the injured disciples were resting. People from Qingfeng Valley were still chatting over there, and he simply turned away his eyes calmly.

They would never be amount to anything—Xun Yan came to this conclusion. Especially that female disciple, who was obviously here to help, but as soon as she showed up, acted like a spoiled child towards her master.


Xun Yan was relieved. At first, he thought that their young palace master fancied that girl.

Fortunately, fortunately!

“Elder Xun.” Meng Qi saw Xun Yan and Chu Tianfeng walking from the other direction side by side and politely greeted the elder. “Are you going to see the injured people?”

“Can I go with you?” She asked.

“Of course!” Xun Yan now seeing Meng Qi more and more pleasant, “Please come with us.”

Meng Qi silently followed Xun Yan into the tents where the injured disciples were resting. The simple tents that were temporarily set up were quite spacious, one tent for four disciples. On the recent sudden attack by the demon cultivators, eleven of the disciples brought by Qingfeng Valley were injured, and two were pretty severe. Fentian Palace had three casualties, but none were seriously injured.

What Xun Yan worried about was that if the demon cultivators attacked again and more people were injured, they would be overwhelmed.

Meng Qi followed them into the first tent. Inside were two disciples from Qingfeng Valley whose injuries were more serious. They were lying on the bed. Their wounds have been treated, their breathing has become more stable, and didn’t seem to have a significant problem.

“These two people were injured by the same demon cultivator. Their injuries actually are not serious, but the weapon that hurt them had a fire poison attribute. After the two disciples were injured, they were rolling on the floor with pain. It was your sect leader who personally treated them, and now they can sleep peacefully.”

“Mm.” Meng Qi nodded. There were various kinds of fire poison, but no matter which, they had a common characteristic: extremely painful. The pain was no less than having the wound repeatedly scalded with a hot red soldering iron. It was really hard to bear.

She glanced at the two disciples. The sect leader personally treated them, and there was no problem.


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  1. huh? this elder xun yan didn’t get affected by lqr’s golden halo? …hm. i wonder who and how many people got affected in that previous timeline. likely just the up-and-coming, strong and dashing male cultivators. unfortunately, these people have power and influence enough that their own people will follow and suck up to lqr. mq really had it hard last time.

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