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THDP Ch.29 Part 4 – Strange Injuries (IV)

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“The rest of the disciples are not so badly injured.” Xun Yan said, leading Meng Qi and Chu Tianfeng to the next tent. Qin Xiumo also followed behind Meng Qi with his cold face. Xun Yan frowned and took a look, but he remained completely unmoved.

“Young Daoist Meng, this is…”

“He is my friend.” Chu Tianfeng quickly said.

“So that’s it.” Since he was a friend of young palace master, Xun Yan didn’t ask further.

Meng Qi didn’t even bat her eyelids. Except for giving them treatment, she didn’t care much about Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng. To know was one thing, but to do was another. Anyway, she didn’t bother to care about them and didn’t want to know how the two men turned from mortal enemies into friends.

In the second tent, there were three female disciples from Qingfeng Valley. They looked much more relaxed. When Meng Qi and the others entered, the three sat on their respective bamboo beds, chatting and laughing. Seeing Elder Xun came in, they quickly stood up and gave a greeting.

“Their injuries are not serious, and they are almost recovered now.” Xun Yan said. “They were injured by a very strange weapon. It’s a bit like…” He thought for a while and said, “Tree branch.”

Chu Tianfeng nodded. Since the injury was not serious…

“Wait!” Meng Qi suddenly walked towards the three Qingfeng Valley’s disciples. She recognized one of them as Lan Zhuxuan.

“Senior Sister Lan.” Meng Qi stood in front of Lan Zhuxuan, “Where is your wound, can you let me see?”

“What?” Xun Yan asked suspiciously, “Do you think there is anything wrong with them, Young Daoist Meng?”

Meng Qi didn’t directly answer. She was still not sure whether Lan Zhuxuan and the others really had been poisoned by that thing. When she had just entered the tent, she smelled something strange, like a faint fragrance of a forest after the rain. But the scent was very weak. This place originally was a wilderness, so many people wouldn’t take it seriously. She has to look at the wound first to be sure.

Lan Zhuxuan looked at Meng Qi suspiciously.

Her wound? Is there any problem? But even the sect leader said that her injury is very light and she will be fine soon.

Meng Qi urged once again: “Senior Sister, please let me see your wound.”

“Junior Sister Meng Qi.” Instead, Lan Zhuxuan took a step back. Her eyes flickered, she looked at Meng Qi with doubtful eyes, then at Xun Yan and Chu Tianfeng who stood behind her. There was also another man in a black robe. His face was cold, and he looked a bit fierce.

Why should she let her look at the wound?

She was clearly only lightly injured, and the sect leader said that she would get better soon. Could it possibly that Meng Qi know how she secretly spread a bad rumor about her, so she came now to take the opportunity to retaliate?!

The more Lan Zhuxuan thought, the more likely it was. Otherwise, why should Meng Qi insist on seeing her wound?

“My injury is almost healed.” She took another step back. “Sect leader said that it will be fine soon, so I don’t need to bother Junior Sister.”

Meng Qi frowned. Before she could speak, Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo already came forward. Standing side by side, they didn’t move their hands on Lan Zhuxuan either. Chu Tianfeng simply raised his jaw and commanded: “Show her.”

Lan Zhuxuan took a step back, looking at Chu Tianfeng in shock. She knew after Meng Qi cured him, Chu Tianfeng had been very protective of Meng Qi.

So right now, is Meng Qi purposefully leading him to teach her a lesson?!

Lan Zhuxuan subconsciously wanted to retreat further. But when she was about to move, a cold sword touched her waist. Qin Xiumo’s sword was very cold, and his voice was even colder than his sword: “Or, do you prefer to show her more wounds?”

Lan Zhuxuan: “…”

Two lunatics!

She knew she couldn’t escape today. Under the threat of the cold, long sword, Lan Zhuxuan’s face turned pale. She didn’t know that the current Qin Xiumo simply looked fierce and terrifying, but in fact, could not even beat a Qi Condensation cultivator.

Lan Zhuxuan bit her lower lip, shaking her hands and slowly rolled up her sleeves, revealing the wound on her upper arm.

Meng Qi looked at Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo. In fact, she didn’t really mind what method was used to achieve the goal. Besides, Meng Qi also knew that Lan Zhuxuan was not very friendly towards her. Rather than wasting time to explain, she preferred a more straightforward method.

Meng Qi stepped forward and bowed her head to look at the wound on Lan Zhuxuan’s wrist. Her face changed slightly: “It really is…” She raised her eyes and asked: “Senior Sister, do you feel that particularly thirsty and hungry after getting injured? And you always want to drink water and eat something?”

Lan Zhuxuan nodded: “Yes……a bit.”

“Ah?! So do we!!” Two other female disciples inside the tent were listening on the side. They quickly scrambled up and asked: “Junior Sister Meng, how do you know?”

It wasn’t only them. In the past two days, among all of the injured disciples, seven became especially thirsty and hungry. What they ate and drank in these two days was more than one week normally. But no matter how much they consumed, they never felt full or satiated. The sect leader has examined them and found no problem. She only speculated that it might be sequelae of their injury.

The other two had no past resentment with Meng Qi, and immediately asked in an anxious tone: “Junior Sister Meng, what happened to us?”

Lan Zhuxuan’s face turned white and red. She still didn’t believe it. How could Meng Qi find something that even their sect leader didn’t able to detect?

Meng Qi is only in the Qi Condensation stage, and joined the sect much later than herself!

There was no way she is so powerful!

The last time she cured Chu Tianfeng, it must be accidental. Maybe it was just her luck.

At this moment, Lu Qingran’s voice came from outside the tent: “Master, are the three injured senior sisters here? This disciple wants to go in and see them. All the way, I am worried about their safety.”

“Yes.” The sect leader’s voice also rang. “Let’s go in together. Their injuries are not severe, they are much better now.”

The next second, the tent’s entrance was opened again.

“This… what’s happen?” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader didn’t expect them to gather in this tent. She first nodded at Xun Yan, then turned her eyes to Lan Zhuxuan and Meng Qi: “What happened?”

“Sect leader.” Lan Zhuxuan quickly put down her sleeves and said in an aggrieved tone: “Junior Sister Meng Qi thinks that this disciple’s injuries have not been cured. This disciple has told her that you had personally treated this disciple, but she just doesn’t believe it. Also…” While talking, she secretly took a glance at Qin Xiumo.

Anyway, the sect leader is here. She doesn’t believe Meng Qi will do anything to her in front of the sect leader!


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  1. Is she courting death ?
    Well if she is going to be stupid don’t blame Meng Qi for being domineering

  2. I’ve just…, ah, I’ve read so many novels where cannon meat like Lan Zhuxuan reincarnates and kicks ass. I can’t hate you, but be more sensible! I wouldn’t want to see you die in horrible ways unjustly. These male protagonists are very unreasonable.

  3. Well, if she -(Lan Zhuxuan)- doesn’t want to show you her injury, you can just leave her alone and go to the other two to see their injury, you know, she isn’t the only one with this kind of injury nor the only one in this tent, right?!
    I just felt that Meng Qi here was just overstaming herself and wasting her time with someone whom she already know that she -(Lan Zhuxuan)- doesn’t like her at all, and since she refused, she can just ignore her, right?

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