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THDP Ch.3 Part 2 – Sign This IOU (II)

When Meng Qi opened her eyes, she saw Chu Tianfeng’s distressed face. Without a word, she once again put her hand on his shoulder. They repeated this process many times. Meng Qi would dispel his poison, then replenishing her spiritual aura. This tedious and boring process had long become her habit.

Time seemed to pass quickly, but also seemed to run very slowly. Countless bright stars filled the mountain sky. Then, the sun rose again, and a new day slowly came. One day and one night were passed like this.

Chu Tianfeng still has to endure the pain of ten thousand needles every hour. But during that time, Meng Qi kept applying medicinal extracts continued by Qingfeng spell on his shoulder. Like spring breeze, she eased his pain again and again. Each time, the poisoning pain became less severe than before. In the end, Chu Tianfeng could use the coldness from the cold pond to resist the pain that penetrating his bones, without even gnashing his teeth.

“Half of your poison has been detoxified.” Meng Qi said, retracting her hands. She wobbled a little when standing up, obviously exhausted. Yet, her expression relaxed.

“I don’t have the remaining herbs you need, nor does the sect.” Meng Qi stood by the cold pond. “You can come up now.”

After that, Meng Qi stretched her limbs and moved her body. This one day and one night, although it was hard, her harvest was still quite big. Her Qingfeng spell that was originally already in the fourth realm rapidly grew, probably because she used it on a fifth-rank poison. Meng Qi’s gaze even had a trace of regret when she looked at Chu Tianfeng.

When a spell reached the third realm, it became very difficult to be promoted higher. From the first realm to the second realm may only take half a month. Second to the third realm, maybe two months.
If Meng Qi didn’t have the experience from her previous life, thus made her already developed her own understanding about these low-grade spells, even if she continued practicing the spell day and night without any regards for her own spiritual aura, it would probably take her two to three years to reach the fourth realm. And to get above the fourth realm, it was even more difficult. But this time, in order to treat Chu Tianfeng’s poison, Meng Qi felt that her Qingfeng spell has been greatly improved. With this pace, she might get another breakthrough in half a month.

Chu Tianfeng has returned to the dry land, still half-naked. The young man’s body was slender and straight. Silently he wore back his clothes. His black robe was also a magic treasure. He managed to escape from the devil beast’s claws, was mostly thanks to the robe given by his father.

Chu Tianfeng took a glance at Meng Qi. This one day and one night they spent together made him a little inexplicable. When he came here yesterday, he was still disdainful, full of mockery towards her. He simply wanted to see what trick this money-loving girl would play. Was this just another way to deliberately attract his attention? Anyway, at that time, he was sure that Meng Qi could not cure him.

But now….

Chu Tianfeng didn’t know what to say.

…She really could cure him.

If Chu Tianfeng still didn’t understand this point, he was unworthy of the Young Palace Master title from Fentian Palace.

“You …” Chu Tianfeng pursed his dry lips. With a sudden impulse, he said, “Do you want to come to Fentian Palace?”

“Eh?” Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Chu Tianfeng in surprise. She certainly knew about Fentian Palace. One of the top ten ranked sect in the Eastern Realm. The difference with Qingfeng Valley was like heaven and earth.

“Some elders in our sect specialized in the medical cultivation and also respected by other sects.” Although he already regretted it a bit, Chu Tianfeng bit the bullet and went on. “If you want, I can give you a referral.”

Since he was the Young Palace Master, he had this right. In other words, as the future Palace Master, Chu Tianfeng still did not need to worry about the affairs in his sect and just concentrate on his cultivation. But now, he really felt that Meng Qi was worth being recruited. He was the Young Master of Fentian Palace. He was too clear what it meant for a Qi Condensation cultivator to dispel the poison from a fifth-rank devil beast.

Chu Tianfeng found more and more logical reasons. When he spoke again, even his voice was a little excited: “There are countless spells ready to be studied in Fentian Palace, and we also have a special medical library. After you joined our sect, you can read them.”

“What?” For a moment, Meng Qi was moved. The benefits a large sect could give her was obvious to her.


That’s only if she had the luck to go, ah.

Meng Qi took a bamboo slip from her bosom and quickly wrote something. Then she handed the bamboo slip to Chu Tianfeng, who was looking at her with doubtful eyes.

“I know you can’t take out so many spirit stones now.” Meng Qi said. Five sixth-grade spirit stones were not a small number, and Chu Tianfeng’s storage space has been destroyed by the devil beast. “So, sign this IOU first.”


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  2. Thank you for translating this amazing story! I really love it 🙂
    Do you have an update schedule?

    1. update schedule is tuesday and thursday for THDP and GNU, monday and wednesday for MWFV. Sponsored chapters would be collectively posted on friday. Thanks for reading!

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  4. Not if I sound rude but if I do, it’s not my intention. If can’t find an editor, you can install Grammarly. The free version can help a lot with sentence structures and other basic corrections. Not an English expert myself so the extension really helps.

    1. I’ve been using grammarly. Thanks for all the sponsors in ko-fi, now I can even pay for the pro version. Thanks for your suggestion!

  5. Decided to give this a shot after finishing Ninth Uncle and I’m glad I did, this is so funny so far. Mc is a great healer who also has excellent bedside manner, I can easily imagine her as the healer side character in a video game or xianxia story who becomes a fan favorite (like Natasha if you play Honkai Star Rail). It’s unfortunate that everyone sees her as a materialistic money-loving girl now when she’s actually just really concerned about karma, but it makes things funnier for us readers. Thanks for translating!

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