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THDP Ch.30 Part 2 – Immortal Devouring Vine (II)

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Meng Qi has not finished her explanation, but one of the injured female disciples suddenly screamed.

“Heaven!” The other disciple also turned extremely pale. Even though they were all medical cultivators, they never knew that such an evil thing existed in the world.


Isn’t this basically treating the cultivator’s body as fertilizer!

Lan Zhuxuan’s face also turned pale. She didn’t want to believe Meng Qi! But after listening until now, this junior sister guessed everything right, and she had no choice but to believe her.

“You…” With some difficulty, Lan Zhuxuan finally opened her mouth and asked hoarsely, “Why do you know that I am poisoned by the immortal devouring vine with just one glance?”

“To be precise, it is not poisoning.” Even facing the hostile Lan Zhuxuan, Meng Qi did not change her attitude. Her tone was still very calm: “This is how the immortal devouring vine breeds their offspring. Besides human cultivators, they will also devour the demon cultivator’s body and use it as nourishment to breed the next generation.”

“Ugh…” The three injured disciples suddenly turned their heads and vomited. They really couldn’t imagine how their body would be used as a vine’s nourishment. When they were still alive, the vine would slowly suck their life. It was really… simply imagining it made them shudder and nauseous!

“Junior Sister Meng Qi!” One of the female disciples rushed towards Meng Qi, completely frightened. She was like catching the last straw. Even their sect leader couldn’t tell that they were injured by the immortal devouring vine, let alone knew how to cure it. But Meng Qi knew, so they could only rely on her to save their life.

“Please help me!” The female disciple eagerly held Meng Qi’s hand and said anxiously: “I never said bad things about you behind your back. Even though…even though Senior Sister Lan told everyone that you are shameless when trying to seduce Young Master Chu, I never say bad things about you like them, really!” She quickly said, “Please believe me!”

“Neither did I!” The other female disciple finally stopped vomiting and also rushed over. “Junior Sister, I have never thought that you are someone like that. You can heal Young Master Chu, so I truly admire you, really! I never believed those words that Senior Sister Lan said!”

“You guys?!” Lan Zhuxuan looked at the two in shock and anger. Even if these two people never said bad things about Meng Qi, she was also injured. Now they said such things to Meng Qi, and Meng Qi….would definitely not save her!

Thinking of the terrifying scene Meng Qi described, Lan Zhuxuan’s legs became soft. She stood with a pale face. Her lips were moving, but she didn’t know what to say.

Meng Qi definitely wouldn’t save her! Meng Qi would watch herself become the nourishment of this deadly vine, turned into such a horrible appearance, and then laugh at her…

Meng Qi definitely would do that!

Lan Zhuxuan turned her head in despair at the sect leader, hoping that she could say something. At least, for the sake of being from the same sect, the sect leader could let Meng Qi to also save her.

“Meng Qi.” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader said, “Since you know about the immortal devouring vine, is there a way to save your senior sisters?” She paused, then asked: “Also, with just one look, how did you guess that they were injured by the immortal devouring vine ?”

“The tent where senior sisters are recuperating has the unique fragrance of immortal devouring vine.” Meng Qi answered, “I smelled it as soon as I came in.”

“After getting closer to Senior Sister Lan, the fragrance becomes stronger. It is especially obvious when she speaks.” She added, “That’s why I asked if they are thirsty and always feel hungry.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The disciple didn’t care about politeness and nodded desperately, “Moreover, I never feel full or satiated no matter how much I eat or drink.”

“That’s it.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Junior Sister Meng Qi.” The two looked at her. “Then, we…can we still be saved?”

“If the vines did only have yellow flowers, then I can try.” Meng Qi said.

“Yellow! I’m sure it’s yellow flowers!” The female disciples desperately said, “There are two other senior brothers and two fellow daoists from Fentian Palace who were also injured by this thing. You can ask them.”

“I’ll call them here.” The disciple of Fentian Palace who was guarding the entrance saw that the situation was grave and quickly turned to run out. Soon, the four disciples who had also been injured by the immortal devouring vine and were recuperating in other tents were called over.

At first, they were still a little confused: just a bit of skin trauma, haven’t they already better? But after listening to Meng Qi’s simple explanation, their expression instantly changed.

“I remember…” A disciple of Fentian Palace was still relatively calm. He carefully recalled his memory. “That’s right, there are six flowers on the vine!” He said confidently, “At the time, we faced that vine, and I quickly burned it. I also thought that the thing was very strange. The vine was obviously shaped like a weapon with a handle. When I burned it, it was like a person being burned alive. The top rose up, and I saw it opened. There are six yellow flowers in total.”

“Junior Sister Meng Qi.” The injured female disciple of Qingfeng Valley looked at Meng Qi worriedly, “Six flowers, is that okay?”

“Well, as long as it is still yellow, I can try it.” Meng Qi said.

“Meng Qi.” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader looked at this youngest female disciple in her sect. She obviously had only started learning medical skills half a year. Although Elder Yan praised her for being incredibly talented, wasn’t this talent too terrifying?!

When she could cure Chu Tianfeng’s poison before, it was already shocking enough. But at the same time, it also made people couldn’t help but doubt. Especially now, Meng Qi could recognize a weapon unique in the Demon Realm that no one here had even heard of. The sect leader stared at Meng Qi with disbelief. She had never felt how strange this disciple was before. No wonder Qingran even suspected that Meng Qi was related to the devil beasts. Now, even she was also suspicious, did Meng Qi really…

The sect leader’s eyes flickered for a moment; her eyes stared at Meng Qi.

Chu Tianfeng, standing on Meng Qi’s right, quickly took a step forward and moved his body sideways, blocking her behind his body. This posture clearly showed his stance.

On Meng Qi’s left, Qin Xiumo was even more direct. He was a double cultivator with sword cultivation specialization, and at such a young age, already reached the peak of the Golden Core stage. His cultivation was even higher than Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader. After falling into qi deviation, the aura in his body became chaotic, and even a Qi Condensation cultivator could defeat him. However, the natal long sword he personally refined was still by his side, and the sixth realm Heart-clearing Spell he consumed had done quite an effect. Moreover, Meng Qi also has spent the last two days calming down the aura in his body. Although he still hasn’t recovered yet, if he really exerted his strength, the sect leader of Qingfeng Valley wasn’t his opponent.

With a wave of Qin Xiumo’s hand, the natal long sword that had long connected with his mind was suspending in the air. The tip of the sword was gleaming coldly, directly aiming at the sect leader. As long as the other party dared to touch Meng Qi, he would fight with his life to protect her.

Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader: “…”

What did she do wrong?!

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  1. What you do wrong?! It’s you blindly listening to that green tea Lu Qingran! That what’s wrong 🙄

  2. The sect master is just ridiculous! It’s obvious that Lu Qingran’s belief that no one can be better than her came from the sect master because even she doubts Meng Qi since she’s more knowledgeable of certain things than herself. If Meng Qi was really conspiring with demons and/or devils, then she wouldn’t help identify their wounds or try to heal them. This person isn’t qualified to be a sect master.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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