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THDP Ch.30 Part 3 – Immortal Devouring Vine (III)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.29 Part 3.

Meng Qi turned to look at the sect leader. The reason why she knew so clearly about the immortal devouring vine because it was the favorite weapon used by the Demon Realm’s red fox clan. Su Junmo, a white fox, was injured by this weapon. Of course, the immortal devouring vine that could hurt Su Junmo was much stronger—it has grown for nearly 700 years. After getting injured, Su Junmo was unable to expel the pollen that invaded his body. This thing was like fungus spore. Once entered the body, they would instantly spread into limbs and viscera.

When Meng Qi met Su Junmo, he had become very weak. But no matter how weak he was, Su·chatterbox·fox never knew how to shut his mouth. Bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla, and bla. All the ins and outs of the immortal devouring vine, the grudges between the red and white fox, and even the vine’s refining method were all spilled by him. Not only that, Meng Qi even knew the latest gossips of red and white fox clan, from the patriarch’s lover to their most beautiful young lady.

She had never met something like the immortal devouring vine at that time and also never seen such an injury as Su Junmo’s. This, particularly, burned the spirit inside Meng Qi. Full of enthusiasm, she bravely endured the fox’s torturous chatter and pulled him back from the death’s door. Looking back now, she didn’t even want to recall the hardship she faced at that time.

Precisely because of this, as soon as she entered the tent, when Meng Qi smelled the weird floral fragrance similar to the forest’s light fragrance, she immediately remembered the immortal devouring vine. In her previous life, Meng Qi spent three months smelling this fragrance, and she couldn’t make a mistake.

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” A disciple of Fentian Palace who was also injured by the immortal devouring vine asked quietly: “Please tell us, is there any method?” He remained calm and didn’t fell into hysteria. After all, this disciple was from Fentian Palace and had seen many wind and waves. He had his own disposition as a disciple of a great sect, and much calmer than Qingfeng Valley’s disciples. “Although we are prone to thirst and hunger now, our usage of spiritual aura still hasn’t affected. If fellow Daoist have instructions, please tell us.”

“I need these medicinal ingredients.” Meng Qi took out a bamboo slip and quickly wrote on it. “You can buy these at the Cloud Immortal Pavilion. Please help me find them. In addition, I also need the blood of the five elements blue crane.”

“Yes.” Fentian Palace disciple answered respectfully. He took the bamboo slip and handed it to Elder Xun Yan.

Xun Yan held the bamboo slip and nodded: “These ingredients are fine. But the blood of the five elements blue crane…” He paused and asked, “We can only hunt it.”

Five elements blue crane was a monster bird that could be found in the Eastern Realm. It wasn’t hard to find. Like the mountain forest where they are now, it is possible to find these five elements blue cranes there. Xun Yan didn’t ask Meng Qi what she was going to do with these ingredients, nor did he asked the sect leader of Qingfeng Valley for help. He directly handed the bamboo slip to his disciples and ordered them to buy the herbs.

“Which one of you can do Suixin spell?” Meng Qi suddenly asked.

The disciples of Fentian Palace did not respond, it was several of Qingfeng Valley’s injured disciples who raised their hands: “Me.”

“I can.”

“I also can.”

Even Lu Qingran raised her voice weakly: “I can.”

Suixin spell was one of the basic spell learned by medical cultivators, and most of Qingfeng Valley disciples could do it. The spell could be regarded as one of the few purely offensive spells learned by medical cultivators. It directly aimed at the enemy’s heart and was quite powerful. However, the requirements for practicing this spell was very high and basically would consume more than half of spiritual aura for one usage. Medical cultivators learned the spell to protect themselves but rarely used it.

“Third realm or above.” Meng Qi said indifferently.

Qingfeng Valley disciples shook their heads.

Lu Qingran blushed: She knew it! So why did she say she could?!

Before, when Meng Qi asked her about the Heart-clearing Spell, the other party didn’t put the first realm spell into her eyes. Now, she also should have guessed that Meng Qi was going to ask for a high-level Suixin spell.

Even the sect leader shook her head. Although she also learned it, her Suixin spell was stagnated at the peak of the first realm and has not broken through the second realm.

Meng Qi shook her head: “Then I can only go by myself.”

“Junior Sister, may I ask what the Suixin spell is for?” Lu Qingran asked in a low voice.

“I need the blood of the five elements blue crane killed by the Suixin spell.” Meng Qi answered. But the problem now was that she needed a third rank five elements blue crane. As a Qi Condensation cultivator, she could practice her Suixin spell into the third realm, but it couldn’t kill the five elements blue crane.

Chu Tianfeng saw the hesitation on her face and guessed her dilemma. He quickly said: “I have the way.”

“Oh?” Meng Qi looked at him suspiciously.

“I have a way to temporarily increase your cultivation level, so you can temporarily use the Golden Core cultivator’s strength to use the spell. Although you can only use the strengthened spell once at a time, if we try a few times, we will eventually succeed.” Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi fawningly. When he said ‘we,’ his tone even became a little excited.

Xun Yan shook his head, slightly amused. He knew what method Chu Tianfeng was talking about, but this was the secret technique of Fentian Palace. Except for the young palace master, only disciples who made significant achievements would have the opportunity to learn it. Now he was actually going to use it to please a Qi Condensation cultivator. If the old palace master heard about it, he would probably get angered to half-dead.


Xun Yan’s gaze swept across Meng Qi’s calm face. If Meng Qi, it was not impossible. If Fentian Palace has such a head madam in the future, perhaps she would be able to make up for the slightly impetuous young palace master’s temperament, which was also a good thing.

“But…” Meng Qi still wanted to speak.

Chu Tianfeng quickly interrupted: “It’s nothing. Our Fentian Palace’s disciples are also injured. I should do something for them.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded. Her temperament was originally straightforward, and she quickly stopped struggling with this issue.


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    Thank you for this load of chapters!!! Thanks to the donators on ko-fi who sponsored it as well!

  2. Ah, I love this story so much. I wonder if the little tiger, Xiao Qi, is her Master and will remember her? I want her to have a good ending.

    Thank you for translating!

  3. Su Junmo has now be renamed chatterfox. One step ahead Annoyance 1 and Annoyance 2, millions steps behind Master, billions steps behind fluffy Xiao Qi.

  4. aii, if ctf wasn’t one of those once-suitors, then he could have become one of mq’s silly friends. he seems a bit like a comic relief sort of character.

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