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THDP Ch.30 Part 4 – Immortal Devouring Vine (IV)

“Then, let’s move separately. Young Master Chu and I are going to hunt the five elements blue crane. For the rest of the ingredients, I will ask Elder Xun and the sect leader to prepare. Then…” Meng Qi suddenly remembered. She glanced over the injured male disciples one by one.

These people…

Meng Qi actually didn’t know if they and Lu Qingran would have any intersection in the future.

Whatever! Safety first.

“To do treatment, I will charge payment.” Meng Qi said unhurriedly: “Each male cultivator…” She quickly calculated the number of spirit stones she should take. Although this vine was troublesome, that was because she still didn’t know what to do when she picked Su Junmo. Now that she knew the correct method, the treatment process was actually not as cumbersome as Chu Tianfeng’s poison. Moreover, ordinary disciples didn’t have many spirit stones, and they also didn’t seem to will be very familiar with Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi thought for a while, and said, “Three hundred fourth-grade spirit stones per person.”

Chu Tianfeng has been staring at Meng Qi nervously. When he heard the fourth-grade spirit stones, he sighed in relief. He no longer cared about the ‘several hundred.’ If even a few ordinary disciples were more expensive than him, this young palace master, he really has to…jump into the cold pond and shut himself down!

“I’ll pay for them.” Chu Tianfeng said happily: “I’ll pay for the disciples of Fentian Palace.”

Meng Qi glanced at him and nodded, “Let’s go.” She walked outside the tent, hurriedly followed by Chu Tianfeng.

Qin Xiumo didn’t rush. He put away his natal sword and walked out leisurely. When passing by the sect leader of Qingfeng Valley, the corners of his lips raised lightly. “No need to worry. Towards Qingfeng Valley, she…” Qin Xiumo glanced at sect leader with some contempt, and said in a lazy tone: “…has no interest and no intention. Rest assured, a swan never put small sparrows into her eyes.”

Qin Xiumo’s voice wasn’t small. People inside the tent could hear it clearly. Lu Qingran had seen Qin Xiumo and knew that Meng Qi had rescued him. She just moved her lips and wanted to speak, but Qin Xiumo had strode out and chased after Meng Qi.

The tent was quiet, and even Xun Yan didn’t want to say anything. He led the disciples of Fentian Palace and leave, he was going to personally take care of the ingredients Meng Qi asked. Only a few people from Qingfeng Valley were left in the tent.

Lan Zhuxuan’s face was pale. She walked towards the sect leader in a panic, and repeatedly asked: “Sect leader, why does Meng Qi only ask for payment from the males? Is she…is she going to not save us?!”

“Junior Sister Meng Qi really doesn’t plan to save us?” The other two female disciples panicked: “Is it because we live with Senior Sister Lan? Junior Sister Meng Qi hates Senior Sister Lan for spreading bad words behind her back and also got angry at us?”

“It’s all your fault!” Their lives were at stake, and the two female disciples looked at Lan Zhuxuan angrily. “Junior Sister Meng Qi is very talented, and you feel inferior. If you are simply feeling jealous, it’s okay, why you should go spreading bad rumors about her everywhere, saying that she was shamelessly seducing Fentian Palace’s young master! Don’t you have eyes? It is clear that Young Master Chu is the one who runs after Junior Sister Meng!”

“Yes! It doesn’t matter if you die, why do you still involve us?!”

“Woooo…Sect leader, Junior Sister Meng won’t really abandon us, right?”

The tent suddenly became noisy, and the sect leader’s expression became more and more ugly. “Stop arguing!” She hardened her face and clenched her fists. Qin Xiumo’s parting words were still ringing in her eyes. She looked at these disciples, who became panicked the moment something happened. Thinking about it again, Meng Qi always seemed to be calm and collected.

The sect leader closed her eyes in disappointment. Before she could speak again, Yan Mingfeng’s voice suddenly came from behind: “Meng Qi will not abandon you.” He stood outside the tent, slowly glancing at the disciples: “She will save you, rest assured.”


Outside the camp, mountains and forests were stretched out farther and farther away, and Qin Xiumo had finally caught up with Meng Qi. He looked at the girl’s perpetually calm demeanor with some interest and asked: “You only asked spirit stones from the male disciples. Are you going to not treating those female disciples?”

Meng Qi glanced at him inexplicably, “Why not?”

“Huh?” Qin Xiumo was stunned: “One of those female disciples clearly hates you. She is quite annoying, do you also want to save her?”

“If can be saved, of course I will also save her. What are you telling me to do?!” Meng Qi became even more inexplicable. Should she say ‘as expected of a future Little Devil Lord’?! He was clearly suggesting her to let Lan Zhuxuan died.


“Alright. Let’s take spirit stones from Senior Sister Lan, too.” She said, “She really is a bit noisy. Let her pay some money.”

Qin Xiumo almost getting choked. Looking at him so deflated, Chu Tianfeng burst into a laugh.

Meng Qi ignored them and continued to walk forward.

In the beast house inside her storage bracelet, Xiao Qi had already woke up. He opened a pair of bright blue eyes and was lying quietly on the small bed in the beast house. He has heard everything that happened just now.

The girl even knew about the immortal devouring vine. Not only that, but she also knew how to cure the vine’s effect. Xiao Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly. From the arrays on the medical knife, the simplified version of the Lihuo fire control array, the arrays she used to refine medicine, and then immortal devouring vine…he became more and more curious about who Meng Qi really was.

The little white tiger’s eyes flickered, and his paw glowed lightly.


At the same time, Beyond The Heaven, the highest floating island.

Su Junmo was walking around anxiously in a garden, mumbling incoherently. He strode faster and faster. Suddenly a white light flashed, and a white-robed man appeared as if he had fallen from the sky.

“Lord.” Su Junmo quickly stepped forward and saluted respectfully.

“Go to the Eastern Realm.” The white-robed man quietly ordered, “The largest gap in the boundary is in the Eastern Realm, and the red fox clan has even brought the immortal devouring vine to the Three Thousand Worlds.”

A chill flashed in his eyes: “Kill them!”


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  1. Wow our ML is the best ruthless but towards people who deserve this treatment, decisive and kind he is wise and talented I couldn’t want more for our cute FL.😭😭😭😭
    I would also thank translator_nim ❣❣❣❣

  2. Xiao Qi will regret his decision because Su Junmo will injure & was saved like his previous life, & become stick to MQ😆😆

  3. I choked on my snack when she just immediately said she wojld charge them hahahahahahahaha I’m so in love with her!

  4. If it wasn’t for being with Meng Qi, the little white tiger wouldn’t even know so early on that the demons brought the immortal devouring vine in the human realm. With this early knowledge, I wonder if he can prevent other related things that happened in the past ahead of time.

    On a side note, this chapter (Ch.30 Part 4) isn’t in the links in the Table of Contents; it can only be accessed via the Next button on Ch.30 Part 3 or the Previous button on Ch.31 Part 1. I like to sometimes directly access chapters via the links in the Table of Contents, so I was a bit thrown off by the sudden change in scenes from Ch.30 Part 3 to Ch.31 Part 1, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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