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THDP Ch.31 Part 1 – Red Fox Clan (I)

“Yes.” Su Junmo bowed at this order. He heard the killing intent from the Lord’s tone, that had not happened in years. Even his back was slowly drenched in a cold sweat. Su Junmo originally had many questions to ask, but he was now standing silently next to the white-robed man, not daring to speak for a long time.

Until the air on the floating island suddenly twisted, and a man in bronze armor appeared, seemingly walked out of a void. The man looked to be in his forties. There was a scar on his right cheek, which covered half of his face from the corner of his eye. On his rigid-looking jaw, there was a short beard. Although his face was quite handsome, the scar made him looked a bit fierce. He walked towards the white-robed man.

Su Junmo, who stood nearby, subconsciously took a step back. He always felt that the other man’s body was omitting a bloody smell that never been faded. The bloody odor, mixed with intense killing intent, seemed to get stronger when the man got closer, enhancing Su Junmo’s discomfort.

“Lord.” The middle-aged man knelt down on one knee and bowed.

“How?” The white-robed man gestured him to stand up.

“The Demon Realm is now completely falling apart and fighting each other. But they are still afraid of the Lord, so no matter how hard they fight, they will split part of their troops to hold us. Now we are trapped in the Seventh Heaven, which is the farthest from Three Thousand World, and cannot breakthrough for the time being.”

The white-robed man slightly raised the corner of his lips, laughing in sneer: “Release the news. I was seriously injured and fell into the Starfallen Sea. My whereabouts are unknown, and I’m abandoning the battle for the Demon Monarch selection.”

“Lord!” Su Junmo was so shocked that his face turned pale. He blurted out to persuade the man.

“Yes.” The middle-aged man saluted and answered calmly.

“Nie Hongyu, you…” Su Junmo didn’t dare to question the white-robed man, so he could only throw a warning glance at the middle-aged man named Nie Hongyu. The position of the Demon Monarch was too important. Once taken by others, the consequences would be disastrous.

“The Lord has his own consideration.” Nie Hongyu glanced at Su Junmo and said emotionlessly. “This subordinate retire.” He once again saluted the white-robed man and turned to leave the floating island.

The bloody smell in the air gradually dissipated with Nie Hongyu’s departure. Su Junmo did not dare to open his mouth lightly. He stood respectfully behind the white-robed man.

“After you arrived at the Eastern Realm, help me find someone.” The white-robed man pondered for a moment, “Qingfeng Valley, Meng Qi.”

“Yes.” Su Junmo quickly dug his memory for the name. He has been wandering in the Three Thousand Worlds for a long time and was very familiar with the powerful cultivators here. However, he seemed to never hear about this ‘Meng Qi’ before. And Qingfeng Valley…what the hell was that?

Su Junmo couldn’t be blamed. If his Lord mentioned Chu Tianfeng, Fentian Palace, Xun Yan, even Qin Xiumo… he would know. Qingfeng Valley was too small. So small that, except for the residents of Qingfeng Town, many cultivators in the Eastern Realm might never hear about this sect.

“You may retreat.” The white-robed man moved his long sleeves.

“This subordinate retire.” Su Junmo turned to leave the floating island. His mind was full of doubts. He stepped into the teleportation array, and at the next moment, appeared outside the Profound Auction House.

These days, this Profound Auction House has unexpectedly become lively. Ever since the medical cultivator named Xiao Qi auctioned a bottle of Beiming pill at a high price, people have been coming here to inquire about this mysterious cultivator. The staff at this auction house has mentioned it several times with Su Junmo.

Of course, it was impossible for the staff to disclose their client’s personal information, which was taboo at Beyond The Heaven. Even when they use relay stations to send items, the sender still didn’t know where their items would be sent. The staff of Beyond The Heaven’s relay station simply determined the destination of an item via the spiritual sense imprinted by the buyer and the seller.

In other words, from buying to selling, and when moving the money and goods, different people were in charge of each process. The whole system gave an absolute guarantee to the privacy of sellers and buyers.

This point was clear to everyone who patronized Beyond The Heaven. But even so, those people, especially the sects who specialize in medical cultivation, or even the major sects, simply sent people to keep watching the Profound Auction House entrance. Although Beyond The Heaven absolutely guaranteed the privacy of both buyers and sellers, if both parties were willing to exchange information with each other, they wouldn’t forbid it.

Right after Su Junmo arrived on the floating island where the Profound Auction House was located, he immediately felt more than 20 different sights staring at him. After discovering that it was Su Junmo, those eyes showed undisguised disappointment.

Su Junmo: “…”

He almost laughs angrily!

When someone ever looks disappointed when seeing him?!

And do these people even know who refined those Beiming pills?

After the auction, Su Junmo asked Xue Jinwen, who told him that the pill was sold by a medical cultivator named Xiao Qi, who did not reveal her identity. Even Xue Jinwen and Xiang Linmo, who made a direct transaction with Xiao Qi, did not know her origin. These people sent by those major sects had never even seen her before. Even if that Xiao Qi was standing in front of them at this moment, they would not recognize her as the refiner of the Beiming pill.

Still keep watching in vain?!

Su Junmo sneered, his lips curled. He ignored those squatting in front of Profound Auction House’s entrance and walked towards Xue Jinwen’s courtyard. Su Junmo was a little curious about Xiao Qi’s identity, but he also knew that Xue Jinwen and Xiang Linmo wouldn’t describe Xiao Qi’s appearance. Moreover, inside Beyond The Heaven, people were allowed to use disguising technique. Maybe Xiao Qi’s original appearance in Three Thousand Worlds was very different than what Xue Jinwen saw in Beyond The Heaven.

Just let them squatting in vain for years! Su Junmo completely looked down on those sects who were waiting idly for opportunities.


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