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THDP Ch.31 Part 2 – Red Fox Clan (II)

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“Xue Jinwen.” He knocked on the door, then holding his arms on his chest, “Last time you asked me when I would go to the Eastern Realm. I will go now.”

“Oh?” Xue Jinwen raised her eyes at Su Junmo. The man was standing tall, his eyes smiling, and he was leaning lazily at the door, ignorant of his handsome appearance that stole the soul of too many girls.

Xue Jinwen’s expression was normal, not as shy as when she mentioned Su Junmo in front of Meng Qi last time.

“Last time you asked me to bring you back some things. Make a list and hand it over. If I see it, I will bring it back.” Su Junmo said again.

“Thank you, fellow Daoist Su.” Xue Jinwen obviously didn’t expect the other party to depart to the Eastern Realm so soon. “Please wait for a moment.” Xue Jinwen took out a bamboo slip and slowly wrote down the things she wanted. In fact, some of them might not be impossible to find in Beyond The Heaven with a little effort. But she still wrote the list in detail on the bamboo slip and handed it to Su Junmo.

Su Junmo casually took a glance and threw the bamboo slip back to Xue Jinwen: “I don’t come to say goodbye to you. Last time I went to your house, I only saw your elder and younger sister. Your father said that you don’t like seeing visitors, so I didn’t disturb you. I will come to see you again later. After finding these things, I will send it to you.” He waved to Xue Jinwen, turned around, and walked away.

“Eh?” Xue Jinwen hurriedly tried to catch up. When she just reached the door, Su Junmo already walked out of the courtyard. Her charming eyes finally turned a little gloomy, and she kept staring at Su Junmo’s departing back.

When was the last time Su Junmo went to the Xue house?

She didn’t even know!

But it’s always like this.

Her father always doted on her sisters, and in his mind, only them really befitted to be the children of Xue family. When entertaining distinguished guests, he always preferred them to go out to meet guests.

Forget it.

Xue Jinwen returned to the chair and sat down. If she stayed here, she could always see him once in a month or two. Cultivators had a long lifespan, and they were still young.

Xue Jinwen gathered back her focus and began reading the bamboo slip she had seen halfway through. Beyond The Heaven’s auction house has been very lively recently, but this didn’t affect Xue Jinwen in the slightest. She knew why these people were here for, but the staff who worked for Beyond The Heaven was impossible to be bribed or forced. What’s more, Xue Jinwen herself didn’t know where that mysterious Xiao Qi came from.


Meng Qi, Chu Tianfeng, and Qin Xiumo have been around in the forest for three days. Although five elements blue crane were said to be common, it was still a monster bird after all, and was not something that could be found casually.

“How long until their condition worsened?” On the fourth day, the three set out again to search for the five elements blue crane, and Chu Tianfeng couldn’t help asking: “If we can’t find it in time, will they…”

“About half a month.” Meng Qi said: “We must hurry.”

Qin Xiumo followed from behind. These days, during the daytime, they looked for the five elements blue crane in the mountains and forests. At night, however, Meng Qi would use the time to sort out his spiritual aura. When she dived into the cold pond last time, she gathered enough cold sky herbs for about ten days. However, without the help of the cold pond water, the effect was slightly weaker.

Meng Qi didn’t feel the work to be hard. She was happy having Qin Xiumo by her side to practice her Heart-clearing Spell that normally wasn’t easy to use. It was Chu Tianfeng, guarding by her side, who was gritting his teeth in hatred towards Qin Xiumo every time he saw Meng Qi’s exhausted figure drenched in sweat.

Such three people were walking together in a group. Although the combination was a bit weird, it wasn’t lonely at all. Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo seemed to have tacit teamwork, but seeing each other unpleasant. The two young men noisily bantered on the whole road, and sometimes, Meng Qi even had the illusion that she was getting back with the noisy fox again.

After several days of hard work, Qin Xiumo finally recovered his Golden Core cultivation. He has not yet recovered to his peak stage, but no longer a waste. The progress after this, however, would be very slow. To cure him completely, they would need both time and the assistance of various herbs.


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  1. I feel sorry for Xue Jinwen, since she has such an uncaring family. Even when someone comes to visit, they claim she doesn’t like visitors just to prevent anyone from getting close to her. I hope she somehow addresses the problem rather than just enduring it without doing anything.

    Also, based on her thoughts, I’m assuming she likes Su Junmo, but it’s a shame he’ll never know unless she takes action or makes it more obvious. I don’t know if I necessarily want it work out for her, though, since she’s clearly attracted to his current persona and doesn’t seem to be aware of his excessively talkative nature, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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