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THDP Ch.31 Part 3 – Red Fox Clan (III)

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“I always feel a little strange today.” Seeing the sun slanted west again, Chu Tianfeng stopped and looked around in vigilance. “This area is close to the Demon Realm, and usually no cultivators are coming here. There should be a lot of monster beasts around here. We have walked for four days, and until two days ago, we still met some beasts occasionally. But since yesterday, we haven’t even seen any ordinary animal.”

“Yeah.” Qin Xiumo has also found out. He and Chu Tianfeng usually quarreled, but at this time, they tacitly approached Meng Qi and protected her between their body. The mountain’s terrain was undulating, and the end couldn’t be seen at a glance. Except for the sound of the mountain breeze blowing over the leaves, they could hear nothing.

The sounds of birds and insects that were normal in any forest were absent here. This strange silence made Meng Qi also be vigilant. She moved her hand and quickly gripped the silver medical knife. Her other palm was holding a handful of powder.

Another gust of wind blew by the leaves, and a soft laugh sounded amid the rustling. After the wind passed, the area became quiet for a moment. Suddenly, there was another rustle in the surrounding woods. On the ground covered with fallen leaves, something seemed to approach them.

The three looked at each other. The sound was similar to a snake slithering on the ground, making them all surprised. With a soft ‘bang,’ Chu Tianfeng quickly took the first move and activated a spell. A circle of blue flames appeared around them, instantly turning into a high flame wall, completely surrounding the people inside.

“Be careful!” Chu Tianfeng whispered.

Qin Xiumo flicked his fingers, and his natal long sword appeared. It floated above Meng Qi’s head, protecting her.

“Don’t move.” Qin Xiumo said to Meng Qi. He was a sword and spell dual cultivator. This natal sword was personally refined by him when he was still at the Foundation Establishment stage. Since then, the long sword had accompanied him and had long been connected with his mind. As soon as it came out, the sword would automatically follow Qin Xiumo’s intention.

Meng Qi looked around. She suddenly leaned over and quickly drew arrays on the ground with the silver medical knife. Her movement was very fluid, in no time she had drawn three arrays along the blue flame circle created by Chu Tianfeng.

Meng Qi was rich now. She didn’t even pause to think when she threw eighteen sixth-grade spirit stones into the three arrays. This lavish spending made Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo dizzy. They were talented disciples who were carefully nurtured using countless resources from their respective sects. Their status was high and naturally never lacked money. Sixth-grade spirit stone, however, was a lot of wealth, even for an ordinary disciple of a large sect.

Especially Chu Tianfeng. As long as he thought that his life was not as expensive as these few arrays, he almost vomited blood.

Meng Qi ignored the two men. She continued to take out several large and small porcelain bottles from the storage bracelet and began to pour different powders into the arrays.

The original flame wall surrounding them gradually began to change. The blue flame gradually became lighter and lighter, and finally turned into a white flame. The wall now looked a little cryptic.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Another laughter resonated, “Do you think this puny thing can deal with my family’s young master?” From the surrounding dense forest, twelve young women in bright red garments slowly walked out, encircling Meng Qi’s group from all directions.

Meng Qi looked at the women. Their appearances were extraordinarily graceful and charming. Compared with the garments that female cultivators usually wear, their clothes were much bolder and unrestrained, showing their honey-colored waists, slender arms, and straight calves.

“Demon cultivators!” Chu Tianfeng looked at these twelve beautiful women with some fear. He took a step closer to Meng Qi and whispered: “After a while, if you see a chance, leave us here and run away.”

Those women should have heard his words. They didn’t restrain their giggle. Under the thick fallen leaves surrounding them, the endless rustling sound became louder and louder. Twelve green vines suddenly jumped from the ground, like twelve ferocious snakes, pointing at the three people inside the flame wall. On each vine, there were seven beautiful yellow flowers.

“Immortal devouring vine!” Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo shouted at the same time.

“Red fox clan?” Meng Qi’s eyes fell on the faces of the twelve beautiful women, and she coughed slightly to remind Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, “Be careful!”

“Huh?” Before Chu Tianfeng could ask why, suddenly, there was a sweet floral fragrance in the air. The smell made him dizzy, and his feet unsteady. Qin Xiumo was no better. The two young men quickly shook their heads and looked around in surprise.

The red fox women dressed in sparse and gorgeous clothes suddenly began to dance in a circle.

Soft and slender waist.

Coquettish face.

And their white legs.

The silver bells rang from time to time, like heartwarming laughter.

For a moment, Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo felt their mouths dry, and their bodies seemed to become hotter.

“Heh-” A cold laugh came from behind one of the women. A young man in a luxurious cloak walked out slowly: “Human cultivators…and only so-so.” The corners of his lips raised, and the man laughed mockingly: “Take the men as your reward.”

“Thank you, young master.” The women giggled in unison.

“As for her…” His gaze fell on Meng Qi, as if looking at his belongings: “This young master has never tasted a human female cultivator before, very goo-…eh?!” The man suddenly stopped. His eyes looked at the medical knife in Meng Qi’s hand suspiciously, especially at the pattern on it. “That…” His eyes flashed: “Why do you have that thing?!”


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