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THDP Ch.32 Part 1 – Red Fox Young Master, Sikong Yan (I)

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“What do you mean?” Meng Qi tilted her head innocently, her eyes keenly observing the green-robed man. These red fox women called him ‘young master,’ so he should also belong to the celestial demon’s red fox clan. The man had cold facial features and, like those fox women, an outstanding look. Except for that pair of eyes, which looked increasingly gloomy against his dark green robe, as if being dipped in poison.

The red fox young master looked at Meng Qi’s face and couldn’t help but smile slightly. When he spoke again, his voice was much softer than before: “If you tell me obediently and then follow me back, I will treat you well.”

At first glance, Meng Qi looked very young, no older than seventeen or eighteen. With a slightly tilted head, she looked even more innocent and a bit childish. When the red fox young master looked at her bright eyes, his heart thumped slightly, and his voice became more gentle: “Who gave you the silver knife?”

“This one?” Meng Qi flipped her wrist, revealing the silver medical knife.

“Yes.” The red fox young master nodded, his face was painted with a smile, and his tone was several times softer than when he spoke to Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo. “Who gave you that?” Although he didn’t fully recognize the pattern on the knife, he knew that the arrays were unique to the Demon Realm.

Three Thousand Worlds also have cultivators who focused on researching arrays, but their style was different from the demon’s arrays. It was said that tens of thousands of years ago, the three realms of humans, demons, and devil did not have such clear distinctions. But after such a long time has passed, they have been completely separated and full of differences. The red fox young master was originally a celestial demon noble, and his knowledge was naturally broad. At one glance, he recognized that the arrays carved on the medical knife in the girl’s hand were complicated and exquisite, with a distinct Demon Realm’s style.

Trace of doubt flashed in his eyes: Why did such a young and lovely girl have this kind of thing? Or, is she a disciple of a celestial demon senior?

This isn’t uncommon.

The red fox young master’s voice became even more gentle: “The person who gave you the silver knife, did they also teach you how to use that array?”

“This one?” Meng Qi tilted her head again.

The red fox young master told the red fox women to retreat. He walked two steps forward, looking at the white flame that surrounding Meng Qi’s group cautiously. He didn’t know what it was, but the strange white flames made him quite wary.

“Come here.” The red fox young master stood six or seven steps away from the flame and reached out his hand towards Meng Qi, “Tell me.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi smiled. With the medical knife in one hand, she walked towards the outside of the flame circle.

A smile appeared on the corner of his lips. As long as Meng Qi stepped out of the flame’s range, he……

“Aaaaaaaargh!” Before he had a chance to move, the red fox young master suddenly screamed in pain and jumped back.

It turned out that when Meng Qi seemed to reach the outer side of the flame circle, she was actually stepping on the array she had previously drawn. The aura contained in the eighteen sixth-grade spiritual stones was enough to fill up the spiritual aura for eighteen cultivators who had just stepped into the realm of the Void Comprehending. When so many spirit stones were used to provide aura for the arrays, its explosive power surely was amazing. The white flame roared and attacked the red fox young master. In the blink of an eye, most of the fur on his luxurious cloak was burned.

“How dare you…” The red fox young master retreated in fear, and finally avoided the flame’s attack range. But the red fox women who came with him were not so lucky. Meng Qi also used medicinal powder on the array, which was the same powder that she used on her protective array before and caused Lu Qingran to suffer a big loss.

The red fox women were caught off guard, and the flames burned the hems of their dress. The damage it caused was limited, but for a short while, the three red fox women whose clothes were burned by the flames shouted in panic. They covered their faces with their hands, only to feel that their faces and necks quickly became itchy and painful. Even their exposed arms and calves seemed to be bitten by countless mosquitoes, and numerous ants were seemingly gnawing on their skin.

It was unbearably painful.

“You…” The red fox young master was also caught up by the powder. But his cultivation was much higher than the women. With a wave of his hand, the powder on his face and skin was dispersed.

A string of flames attacked him again. Immediately afterward, a gleaming long sword burst through the air and directly aimed at the red fox young master’s forehead. “Humph!” He snorted coldly and waved his sleeves. The twelve flames shot by Chu Tianfeng were instantly extinguished. The red fox young master flicked his fingers sideways, facing Qin Xiumo’s long sword without fear. His slender fingers flicked on the tip of the sword. With a light ‘dang!’, Qin Xiumo’s natal sword was thrown to the side.

“Fourth-rank demon cultivator?!” The two men’s expression instantly changed. Fourth rank, this was equal to a human cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage. However, both Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo were merely Golden Core cultivators. Moreover, Qin Xiumo was still affected by qi deviation, and his current strength was limited.

Even if Qin Xiumo was in his peak, the two probably still had no way to beat the red fox young master. Whenever a cultivator broke through to the next major stage, the difference in their strength was not as simple as one plus one. If one Nascent Soul cultivator wanted to deal with two Golden Core cultivators, he didn’t even need to fight seriously.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo exchanged a glance. The two men made up their minds in an instant. No matter what, they should let Meng Qi escape. The red fox young master clearly wasn’t a good person, not to mention the twelve women under him. If Meng Qi fell into his hand, she wouldn’t have a good ending!


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