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THDP Ch.32 Part 2 – Red Fox Young Master, Sikong Yan (II)

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The first part of this week’s sponsored chapters is Ch.31 Part 2.

The red fox young master raised his arm and grinned. With a light ‘swish’, a dark blue vine fell into his hand. As if it was a living creature, the vine threw its head high at Meng Qi and the others. There were eight flowers on it, all of which were pale green. This vine was more potent than the weapons in the hands of the red fox women.

The immortal devouring vine with yellow flowers would have to grow for another one hundred years before the color of its flower turned into such a pale green. The light green flowers looked elegant and lovely. Who would ever think that it was actually one of the most vicious weapons in the Demon Realm? Even many demon cultivators feared this thing.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo stepped forward in unison, covering Meng Qi behind their bodies. The immortal devouring vine rushed out to the flame, seemingly a little wary, and did not immediately attack. It seemed to have spiritual consciousness. After touching the flame cautiously, the vine quickly retreated.

The immortal devouring vine didn’t forcefully break through the white flame barrier, but fell on the ground like a snake and raised its head, dangling towards Meng Qi’s group. The red fox young master sneered and took a step forward. Even without the immortal devouring vine, his own cultivation was not low.

With a flick of his wrist, a paper fan appeared in his hand. A peerlessly beautiful woman was painted on the fan, lying seductively on the couch. The red fox young master waved the fan. A violent wind instantly raged, engulfed the fallen leaves with sand and gravel, and rushed towards the white flame. Chu Tianfeng made a hand-seal with his right hand, and with several ‘swish’ sounds, the white flame shot at the red fox young master like dense, long arrows.

Unfortunately, those flames weren’t a match to the attacking wind. This was the gap between the cultivators whose strength was separated by a whole stage.

Meng Qi guessed that the other party must be difficult to deal with. So she did that deliberately, trying to take advantage of a sneak attack. But unexpectedly, this red fox young master was even stronger than she thought.

It was said that the boundary that separated Demon Realm, Devil Realm, and Three Thousand Worlds were extremely fierce towards the demon or devil cultivators of fourth rank and above, making it harder for them to forcefully cross the boundary. Those who could cross the gap in the boundary and secretly entered human territory were fourth rank cultivators at most.

Therefore, the team sent by Fentian Palace to support Qingfeng Valley was also led by a Nascent Soul Elder Xun Yan. This elder’s cultivation had reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage, enough to deal with all the demons and devils cultivators that crossed the boundary.

Meng Qi initially thought that since Elder Xun Yan was holding down the main force, it would be safe for her to go with Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo to find the five elements blue crane. Who knew that the enemies had followed them instead. They also purposefully waited three days before attacking to make sure that Meng Qi’s group had no time to ask Elder Xun Yan for help.

This guy was really cunning and cautious. As for the red fox women who also have the immortal devouring vines in their hands, they must be the demon cultivators who injured the disciples in the main camp.

Seeing that the flame protecting them was about to be extinguished by the wind, Chu Tianfeng once again looked at Qin Xiumo. Fentian Palace had its own life-saving secret technique, but it was very harmful to the body and never been used easily. Presumably, Qin Xiumo also had one. The two quickly exchanged glances and were about to take out their last means to defend against the enemy.

Suddenly, a faint sound was breaking through the air, and a clear and sharp voice came from a distance: “Sikong Yan, you stupid fellow, why didn’t the realm’s boundary swallow you?! You dare to take the immortal devouring vine into the human realm, you are finished! You are completely finished! The Lord was furious and issued a killing order. Tsk tsk… It’s a pity that you did not hear the Lord’s tone at that time. If you did, I am afraid that you are already… Huh? Huh! Huh?! There are human cultivators here!”

When the voice began to talk, it was obviously still far away. But in an instant, a figure in white suddenly appeared on the nearest treetop behind the red fox women. The wind blew the leaves, and the man’s slender white figure was swaying with the branch, but still standing steadily on the treetop.

As soon as Meng Qi heard the voice, she knew who was coming. Except for that chattery fox Su Junmo, she had never met a person in her life with such a high voice and equally destructive noise!

Su Junmo jumped down from the treetops. He appeared too fast, the strong wind conjured by the red fox young master Sikong Yan had not been able to extinguish the flame wall. With a flick of Su Junmo’s sleeve, the raging wind instantly dissipated.

“Su! Jun! Mo!” Sikong Yan gritted his teeth and glared at the white-robed man, “You destroy my good deeds again!”

“Haha.” Su Junmo folded his hands on his chest, “Didn’t you hear what I said just now…” He stared coldly at Sikong Yan and spoke again: “The Lord has issued a killing order for you! You! Are! Finished!”

For a moment, Sikong Yan was panicked. But he quickly reacted: “Huh! Don’t think I don’t know, Qing…that… that person is missing now, and it isn’t even clear whether he is still alive or not. You people already have enough trouble, how do you still have time to care about me!”

Su Junmo sneered: “Oh? Since you said that the Lord’s whereabouts are unknown and even his life and death is unclear, do you dare you to call the Lord’s name loudly and repeat what you said? Huh?” He looked at Sikong Yan, whose face was turned blue and white. Su Junmo raised his jaw disdainfully and said sharply, “If you don’t dare, just shut up!”

Su Junmo took a step back, glancing casually at the white flame wall. The flame was circling three cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds. At first, he didn’t care about them. He only came to kill Sikongyan, and saved the three human cultivators in passing, which could be considered to gain some merit…huh?!

Su Junmo suddenly turned his head and stared at Meng Qi, who was standing in the middle.

This…isn’t this person was the one who was with Xue Jinwen outside the Profound Auction House that day, the mysterious Xiao Qi?!

Why is she here?


Su Junmo’s eyes flashed: she is a Qi Condensation cultivator?!


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Author’s Note:

Su Fox: I, the handsome, powerful, and invincible celestial demon’s noble white fox especially come to protect you! How is it? Are you happy? Extremely happy? Surprisingly happy?
Meng Qi: …noisy fox, go away!
Xiao Qi: Don’t worry, he is here to give you money. He is rich, you can extort him!


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