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THDP Ch.33 Part 2 – Killing Order (II)

“Be careful!” Meng Qi quickly took out the antidote from her storage bracelet and threw it to Su Junmo.

Su Junmo was facing Sikong Yan with his back, and still hiding his face with his hands, yelling itchy and painful. Suddenly, he blinked at Meng Qi. However, his face was full of large red spots and looked extremely horrible. With that kind of face, he still grinned, which somewhat looked ridiculous.

Su Junmo has already taken the antidote and put it in his mouth without hesitation. The immortal devouring vine had reached his back, quickly jumping from above, preparing to attack.

“Heh–” Su Junmo chuckled, and turned around in midair with an elegant movement. Bright light poured down from his hand, and the immortal devouring vine, which was trembling with excitement just now, stunned in place, as if seeing the most terrifying thing in the world. The bright light soon enveloped the entire vine.

Sikong Yan, who also rushed up, was shocked. He wanted to stop, but it was too late.

“I told you…” Su Junmo sneered, looking at him condescendingly, “Lord has issued a ‘killing order’ to those who dare to cross the boundary with the immortal devouring vine!”

“Have you forget? Before a new Demon Monarch appears…the monarch order, is absolute!”

Inside the bright light, the immortal devouring vine which previously was heading towards Su Junmo suddenly turned slowly. Like a ruler who was looking down on the world, the vine rose high, coldly moving in Sikong Yan’s direction.

“No- Sikong Yan, who until now was still so arrogant, turned around and ran away in fear.

“Go!” Su Junmo ordered coldly. The immortal devouring vine leaped quickly and swooped towards its former master.

“Ah!!” In an instant, it entangled Sikong Yan’s legs. The rough vines pulled his legs, and in a blink of an eye, blood soaked his trousers.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” Sikong Yan let out a blood-curdling screech. As a member of the red fox clan, he knew the horror of immortal devouring vine better than anyone. His strength seemed to left his body. He knew that even if he died now, he would be transformed into fertilizer by this terrible monster, and his body would become the nourishment for the growth of the new immortal devouring vine. And this vine he formerly owned had developed a certain level of consciousness. It could even use his body to nurture new vines and manipulate him into a puppet!

“Help me! Help me!” Sikong Yan shuddered at the thought of such a scene. He rolled desperately on the ground. But the vine relentlessly tied him tighter. Now not only his legs, but also his shoulders, chest, and even part of his face were entangled by the vine, leaving bloodstains everywhere.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Su Junmo looked at Sikong Yan, who was tumbling in the distance, “You choose to broke the Demon Realm’s oath by yourself. Why do you think the Lord would not deal with you?”

“Help me! Please help me!” Sikong Yan desperately crawled towards Meng Qi and the others. He looked very miserable, and there was no trace of his previous arrogant and haughtiness. “Save me! I swear! I swear allegiance to the Lord from now on, if I have another intention…I…I will…”

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly moved. The fingers on her side subconsciously twitched. But soon, she calmed down. The real power of immortal devouring vine was not only to use the cultivator’s body as nourishment and basin to grow new vines. The high-level vine could even transform the body of the cultivator it swallowed into a puppet. That was the most horrible ability of this fierce thing.

Meng Qi raised her eyes to look at Su Junmo. His Lord was right, the red fox young master who crossed the boundary with this thing should be killed!

The twelve red fox women were all so scared that they trembled in fear. Except for the three who were poisoned by Meng Qi, and now were still lying on the ground, groaning and moaning, the remaining nine people knelt down towards Su Junmo. “Sir.” One of the young women fell on the ground. “Please forgive us. I am willing to serve you. From now on, I will serve you, and I beg you to forgive us!”

Meng Qi’s antidote was very effective. The red spots on Su Junmo’s face have been faded. He has regained his handsome face, and, after putting away the cold expression he had when facing Sikong Yan, looked quite friendly.

The red fox women all saw some hope. They lowered their postures even more, and their voice became more charming than before: “Sir, we are willing to be your slave. We beg you to save our life.”

Su Junmo sneered. He raised his hand to stop their plea, and lazily asked: “Do you know the Demon Realm’s oath?”

“…Yes.” One of them whispered, “My status is too low, so I can only act when ordered. Please, Sir, show us mercy.” As she spoke, she pressed her body lower, revealing her ample bosom. Her voice was also soft and tender, and sounded particularly affectionate.

“Sir, please forgive us!” Like a group of orioles, the twelve beautiful red fox women begged for mercy with their sweet voice in unison. A man would be hard to resist them.

“Have you hurt a human cultivator with the immortal devouring vine?” Su Junmo asked.

The women looked at each other. They didn’t dare to lie, nor did they dare to admit the truth.

When they were hesitating, Su Junmo had opened his mouth again: “The Lord’s killing order is for all the demon cultivators who cross the boundary with the immortal devouring vine!” His voice became cold and stern, and an icy light flashed in his eyes: “All of you. You are already an adult. Since you violate the Demon Realm’s oath, you should also be prepared to suffer the consequences!”

Su Junmo waved his hand, and throw another light on the twelve red fox women. The immortal devouring vines in their hands had already fallen softly on the ground. But at this moment, they suddenly jumped up simultaneously, turned around, and pounced on their masters ferociously.

“Aah!” After being enveloped by the bright light, the red fox women seemed to have lost their strength to resist. Just like Sikong Yan, they were quickly devoured by their own weapons. The wailing was endless, and the place seemed to be transformed into a purgatory.

Su Junmo turned and walked towards Meng Qi’s group again. “Let you see the joke.” He said, walking slowly towards them.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo looked at each other, still covering Meng Qi behind their back. In previous life, after Su Junmo’s identity as a demon cultivator was exposed, some human cultivators felt that he should be killed. After all, the different race had a different mind.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo’s respective sect also didn’t have a united view. And today, they happened to hear many secrets of the Demon Realm.

Is the Lord said by Su Junmo the Demon Monarch?

Is that monarch really missing?

So the Demon World is really in a chaotic state now?


Both men were disciples cultivated by large sects, and countless thoughts were currently flashing in their minds. They began to wonder whether this information could be used by Three Thousand Worlds and their respective sects.

Su Junmo glanced at the two people, then walked towards Meng Qi. He still wondered if he had mistaken a wrong person, but the medicinal powder was so powerful that he even suffered a small loss. Even if the girl was only a cultivator in the Qi Condensation stage, she indeed had a real talent in medical cultivation.

“You…” Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi and called out tentatively: “Xiao Qi?”

Chu Tianfeng: “??”

Qin Xiumo: “!!!”

… Damn! How could he call her so intimately?!

Even the little white tiger in the beast house in Meng Qi’s storage space suddenly opened his eyes. Inside his blue pupils, a cold light flashed quickly.


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