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THDP Ch.34 Part 2 – Cheeky Fox (II)

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Su Junmo stared at the silver medical knife that was still in Meng Qi’s hand, then at the circle of arrays on the ground.

He got it! If this girl is the Xiao Qi who refined the Beiming Pill, then everything makes sense!

The Lord’s whereabouts were unknown, but he appeared twice in Beyond The Heaven. The first time was when that Xiao Qi auctioned the Beiming pill, and the Lord ordered him to help raise the price. After the Beiming pill auction was over, the Lord left immediately. The second time was a few days ago when Lord ordered him to come to the Eastern Realm to kill Sikong Yan! Killing Sikong Yan was nothing, but it happened to save this girl again!

He got it, ah!

He finally got everything!

Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi, there was a wary and cautiousness inside her eyes. This was normal. Although most human cultivators in the Three Thousand Worlds could accept a friendly and virtuous demon cultivator like himself, some were still very wary of the demons. Especially after that idiot Sikong Yan and his immortal devouring vine almost hurt Meng Qi and her comrades.

Su Junmo showed a smile that he thought to be the most gentle and elegant, and respectfully bowed to Meng Qi: “Fellow Daoist Meng.”

Meng Qi: “…”

——This was no longer an ordinary greeting between friendly cultivators. The gesture Su Junmo made was much more polite, like treating a respected senior or superior. Moreover, that smile of his even looked like…currying favor?

Meng Qi looked at the white-robed man in front of her with some doubt and confusion. In her memory, the chattery fox, when his real white fox form was revealed, was indeed noisy and overbearing, and his personality was a bit like a child. But after transformed back into a human form, he always kept his proud and aloof face. Even when facing the leader of a large sect like Fentian Palace, he was neither humble nor arrogant, and his attitude could even be called indifferent.

Of course, at that time, Su Junmo had already regarded Chu Tianfeng as a love rival and didn’t have a good impression of the entire Fentian Palace.

But now…

Meng Qi hesitated, this guy still hasn’t meet Lu Qingran yet, right?

Chu Tianfeng quickly exchanged glances with Qin Xiumo. Both of them saw the same doubt in each other’s eyes: Did this guy has also been rescued by Meng Qi in the previous life?

Did he also remember something?

Exactly how many people and animals did Meng Qi save?!

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Su Junmo smiled at Meng Qi: “Where are you going? I’m currently free and maybe can help you a little.”

Meng Qi got goosebumps all over her body. She had seen Su Junmo enthusiastically pursuing Lu Qingran before. When a demon cultivator wanted to be romantic, they were far better than the Three Thousand Worlds cultivators. Even so, he did not show such an almost-flattering attitude towards his beloved Lu Qingran.

“We have enough hands. Don’t dare to bother fellow Daoist Su.” Meng Qi bowed in return. As long as she remembered the torturous noise from her previous life, the three months that almost made her nerve break down, she absolutely didn’t want to be near Su Junmo at all. “Thank you for your help just now.” She cupped her fists to Su Junmo again.

Meng Qi then remembered the red fox young master who had been injured by Su Junmo. Later in her previous life, Su Junmo would also be harmed by the Immortal Devouring Vine. It must be a more powerful red fox demon cultivator’s doing, and also using a stronger immortal devouring vine. Meng Qi recalled of the sorry state of the big white fox. Although Su Junmo simply came under the order to clean up the Demon Realm’s mess, he indeed had saved them.

Meng Qi hesitated, and finally warned earnestly: “The immortal devouring vine is so powerful, fellow Daoist Su should know more than we do.” This was for sure. After all, all her knowledge of the Immortal Devouring Vine came from this chattery fox. “You’ve harmed Sikong Yan, be careful of his elders’ revenge.” After finished speaking, Meng Qi nodded to Su Junmo: “Farewell.”

“Let’s go.” She turned her head and said to Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo.

The three people continued to walk towards the depths of the forest. It seemed that Sikong Yan’s group was the one who attacked the joint force of Qingfeng Valley and Fentian Palace. Now they had been dealt with, there should be no more danger to the main camp. As long as they brought back the five elements blue crane before the time limit, those disciples could be cured.

Meng Qi relaxed a little and began to carefully observe the surrounding area. To save Su Junmo in her previous life, she tracked and hunted several five elements blue cranes, and was quite familiar with the habits of this monster bird.

Meng Qi walked ahead, with Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo on the left and right, about an arm’s distance behind. The two remained wordless, but exchanged several glances in silence.

“Fellow Daoist Meng! Fellow Daoist Meng!” Before they could walk far, Su Junmo’s voice came from behind. The white figure suddenly arrived and stopped exactly next to Meng Qi.

“I’m lost.” Su Junmo said innocently: “Fellow Daoist Meng, please guide me until we leave the forest.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Can you choose a better excuse?!

Can a person who could accurately find Sikong Yan in the middle of wild mountainous forests get lost?

Su Junmo had made up his mind. The Lord ordered him to come, obviously to protect his future spouse, who was still in the Qi Condensation stage. As for why he didn’t come in person? This was not a question that Su Junmo dared to ask.

Anyway, he won’t leave even they kill him!

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Su Junmo said confidently: “Please bother you to take me out of here. I will definitely be grateful.”

“We don’t need your gratefulness… ” Behind Meng Qi, Chu Tianfeng said leisurely. “Pay spirit stones, and we will take you!”

“Huh?” Su Junmo’s eyes lit up, “Just spirit stones?” He grabbed a handful of spirit stones from his storage space and stuffed it into Meng Qi’s hands enthusiastically: “Is this enough?” He thought for a while and added, “Let me stay with you for three months!”


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