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THDP Ch.35 Part 2 – Shifting the Blame (II)

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“Junior sister Meng, she actually won’t come back, right?” Another female disciple of Qingfeng Valley slowly lowered her head, looked at her sprouting vine in horror, and muttered.

“Junior sister… was she lying to us before?” Another male disciple said quietly. His voice trembled, and he looked at the small vine on his wrist in disgust and fear: “Did she know that it can’t be cured, and deliberately tricked us into waiting for death here?”

“Yes, maybe junior sister Meng doesn’t have the slightest idea how to treat the immortal devouring vine, but just tricked us into waiting for her here.” Another male disciple chimed in. His lips were chapped, obviously had been hungry and thirsty for days. But whenever he remembered Meng Qi’s words, he could not touch any food or water even a little. Now, he was standing weakly, and his whole figure seemed to be in a trance.

“Yeah! Meng Qi lied to us!” Lan Zhuxuan suddenly raised her voice, screaming: “She lied to us! She lied to let us die here! Let us be swallowed by this fearful thing and become disgusting monsters!”

“She lied to us!” Lan Zhuxuan screamed with a high-pitch voice, as to vent her fear and desperation. Fear was an emotion that infected others the easiest. Other injured disciples had also spent the last several days in fear and uncertainty. Hearing Lan Zhuxuan’s hysterical scream aroused their deepest fear.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” One female disciple of Qingfeng Valley crouched down and crazily grabbed the vine on her hand and screamed: “Monster, get away! I’ll kill you!” But after pulling the vine twice, her body suddenly shook, and she collapsed on the ground.

“Senior sister.” Lu Qingran hurriedly came to the fainted female disciple and carefully helped her lie flat. “Master.” She turned to the sect leader, “Senior sister passed out.”

The sect leader sighed lightly. Before she became thirty, she successfully formed her golden core, and her age growth had been slowed down. In the last few days, however, she had become somewhat tired, as if she suddenly has grown ten years in just a few days.

“Sect leader!” Lan Zhuxuan’s face completely red, “Meng Qi lied to us! I beg sect leader to punish Meng Qi severely, and oversee the justice for us disciples!” Lan Zhuxuan’s face was full of tears. Her nose and eyes were red and looked very pitiful.

“Meng Qi, she shouldn’t be…”

“Sect leader!” Lan Zhuxuan shrieked and impolitely interrupted the sect leader.

She is going to die, what else does she care!

All is Meng Qi’s fault! She harmed them!

Meng Qi lied to them!

Meng Qi deserves to die!

Lan Zhuxuan screamed: “Meng Qi deceived us, deceived the sect leader and elders, and harmed us! She also deceived Elder Xun and the young palace master of Fentian Palace, and harmed her fellow disciples to death! Sect leader, please punish Meng Qi severely and oversee the justice for us!”

“Shut up!” Xun Yan finally couldn’t stand it anymore! This Qingfeng Valley, from top to bottom, except for Yan Mingfeng, no one was able to calm down. At this critical time, they only knew how to be confused and panic.

Xun Yan looked at the sect leader of Qingfeng Valley with disappointment. Many of the top ten sects that stood at the pinnacle of the Three Thousand Worlds were originated from small, unknown sects. Sometimes, it took thousands of years of hard work for a sect to gradually grow and become stronger. During this process, a decisive, far-sighted, and firm leader was particularly important.

Xun Yan was utterly disappointed with this sect leader. When he came here after receiving Chu Tianfeng’s request for help, he had a brief understanding of Qingfeng Valley. Nearly a thousand years had passed since its inception, and the sect had produced one or two outstanding disciples. But in recent years, it was indeed declining very quickly.

Looking at the indecisive sect leader who couldn’t even hold her own authority, Xun Yan now knew why this sect has fallen to the present level. Xun Yan raised his eyes to Yan Mingfeng. He would find a way to bring Elder Yan and Meng Qi into Fentian Palace and no longer be influenced by these people.

After making up his mind, Xun Yan walked over to the disciples. He frowned and looked at Lan Zhuxuan: “If Meng Qi never told you, do any of you know that you were injured by the immortal devouring vine?”

Lan Zhuxuan was taken aback and looked at Xun Yan in surprise.

“If Meng Qi is really ignoring your life and death, she just has to avoid mentioning the immortal devouring vine. Your sect leader personally inspected and treated your injuries, yet didn’t notice the effect of the immortal devouring vine. Even if in the future all of you really dead, no one would blame Meng Qi.”

Xun Yan was really disappointed. He initially felt that this was the internal affairs of another sect, and he shouldn’t interfere carelessly. But looking at the unreasonable disciples, and then at their spineless sect leader, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“You said Meng Qi harmed you? How did she harm you?” Xun Yan said bluntly, “Did she injured you with the immortal devouring vine? You are harmed by the demons who used the vine as a weapon. You can blame those demon cultivators! You can also blame your sect leader and me for failing to protect you.” He paused for a moment before continued: “You can even blame your sect leader incompetent, Fentian Palace incompetent, me incompetent. None of us have found out how frightening the immortal devouring vine is, and we can’t cure you. But Meng Qi, she is the most innocent here!”

A faint light flashed in Xun Yan’s eyes: “As a cultivator, you don’t cultivate your mind, never have a self-awareness. Instead, when something does happen, you immediately blame your innocent junior sister indiscriminately.”

Lan Zhuxuan was stunned. Even their sect leader had never scolded them so harshly.


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  1. LZ is like those people who take other people’s helping hand for granted and starts to blame them when the Help isn’t enough. Remember they are only helping you and no obligation to do so!

  2. He’s right the Sect leader is spineless. She’s so easily influenced by her disciples and can’t take control of the situation. She should have nipped her tantrum at the bud before LX made the others freak out too.

  3. Well said Xun Yan! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Everything he said is correct….and it’s about time they chose a different Sect leader. The current one is really spineless and doesn’t even know how to control her own disciple.

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