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THDP Ch.36 Part 3 – Accusations (III)

“Everyone get back! Don’t touch the five elements blue crane!” Lan Zhuxuan turned and ran towards the people who were extracting blood from the carcass. “Meng Qi can’t cure us, she is lying!” She screamed and pulled all the injured disciples back. “She lied to us!”

Lan Zhuxuan’s voice was triumphant and without a trace of fear. If Meng Qi really lied, what would happen to their injuries?! Relying on sect leader? Or….

After yelling, Lan Zhuxuan suddenly fell silent. She turned her head with a pale face. Meng Qi was standing in place. Her expression was cold, without joy nor anger.

The disciples who were shouted by Lan Zhuxuan watched this scene in a daze.

The wind blew over the forest, rustling the leaves.

The entire camp suddenly became still, and no one spoke.

If Meng Qi lied, then she was unable to cure them. And it was even more likely for the sect leader and the others who never heard about immortal devouring vine to know the cure.

But they already injured, what should they do?

Everyone was looking at Meng Qi and Lan Zhuxuan. No one uttered a word, because they didn’t know what to say.

“Junior sister Meng.” Lu Qingran forced herself to smile, and asked in a soft voice: “So why did you lie to everyone before? What should our injured senior brothers and sisters do now? It has been ten days since they received the injury, it’s probably too late to find someone who can treat them now.”

Meng Qi frowned.

“Right, junior sister Meng.” A Qingfeng Valley disciple standing next to Lu Qingran also opened his mouth, “Why are you lying to us? We wasted ten days in vain, and it is too late now.”

“Right!” Qingfeng Valley disciples nodded one after another. They all heard with their own ears how Elder Xun Yan spoke for Meng Qi and ruthlessly scolded their sect leader and Lan Zhuxuan, so much that Qingfeng Valley disciples felt that they lost all their face. And now, seeing Meng Qi was driven into the corner, they actually gloated a little—after all, it wasn’t them who got injured.

“Yes, junior sister. If you honestly said that you don’t know, maybe we already found another healer who can cure them now. Why should you delay them?”

“Yeah, yeah…”

Meng Qi’s expression was still calm and unperturbed. She seemingly didn’t hear the ridicule and accusation of her fellow disciples and spoke with an indifferent tone: “About the treatment for the immortal devouring vine, although the books don’t give detailed record, however…”

“Enough!” Lan Zhuxuan interrupted her sharply. “Junior sister Meng Qi, when will you stop trying to deceive us?! Right, I shouldn’t speak ill of you behind your back. But even if you don’t like me, you shouldn’t implicate so many…” Lan Zhuxuan pointed her finger and snapped: “…implicate so many fellow disciples to die. Is it fun? I just said a few bad things about you, but you want my life! You are too…too vicious!”

Meng Qi frowned. She looked over Lan Zhuxuan to the other injured disciples of Qingfeng Valley: “I can cure the injury caused by immortal devouring vine. Are you willing to believe me?”

Those injured disciples avoided Meng Qi’s gaze. They did not dare to confront her, but their look clearly said that they did not believe her.

“Junior sister Meng Qi…” Another disciple suddenly asked, “Is this immortal devouring vine really so hard to deal?”

“How do I feel…something is wrong?” Su Junmo murmured. Why they suddenly started to blame Meng Qi?

“More than ‘wrong’!” Chu Tianfeng coldly snorted in a low voice, “This is what they are best at. Stupid and idiot! Brainless!”

“You…” Chu Tianfeng took a step forward and called the three Fentian Palace disciples who were also injured by the immortal devouring vine. “Come here.”

“Yes!” The three disciples walked towards Chu Tianfeng and respectfully saluted, “Young palace master.”

“I was injured and poisoned by a fifth-rank devil beast before, and it was fellow Daoist Meng Qi who saved me. I put my belief on her, and also believe she definitely can save you.” Chu Tianfeng looked at his fellow disciples, “Are you willing to believe in me?”

“We are willing to believe in young palace master.” The three disciples bowed together and said without hesitation: “We are also willing to believe in fellow Daoist Meng.”

“Good.” Chu Tianfeng nodded. With a wave of his hand, he firmly said to the disciples who had been ordered to take the five elements blue crane’s blood: “Continue to collect the blood.”

“Meng Qi.” After that, Chu Tianfeng turned to look at Meng Qi: “Our Fentian Palace disciple, I’m entrusting their life to you.”

“Young master Chu!” Lan Zhuxuan screamed: “Don’t believe her. Before, there have been rumors that Meng Qi colluded with the devil beasts. Otherwise, how could she cure your poison when she is still in the Qi Condensation stage….”

With a soft ‘pop,’ Lan Zhuxuan’s head was suddenly beaten to the side. She stood blankly for a long time in utter daze and confusion. It wasn’t until a fiery pain spread throughout her face that she suddenly raised her head and stared at Meng Qi in disbelief.

Qin Xiumo put his hands around his chest and stared at her lazily. His eyes were so dark and cold, like a deep cold pond. A long sword floated next to him, and it was exactly this sword’s indirect wind attack that hit Lan Zhuxuan mercilessly.

“You?!” Lan Zhuxuan glared at Qin Xiumo angrily but did not dare to step forward.

“Let me kindly remind you.” Qin Xiumo raised his lips coldly. His gaze swept over the Qingfeng Valley disciples before smiling sarcastically, “Even if you have fifteen days, just try and see if you can find someone who can cure the immortal devouring vine, or even recognize it.” He then took a step forward and hid Meng Qi behind his back: “But if anyone dares to insult Meng Qi, my sword’s sharp edge will be the one that hit you next time!”

“Let’s go.” Chu Tianfeng said to Meng Qi: “My Fentian Palace, all of us trust you.”


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14 thoughts on “THDP Ch.36 Part 3 – Accusations (III)”

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    And ugh, I know it’s all part of the genre, but those disciples are so aggravating. One of them shouts “She’s lying!”, and everyone just follows suit.
    Xiao Qi can’t reveal that she can enter the Auction House, can she? She could have at least said that she heard about the cure over there, and librarian elder would be able to back her up (since they gave her the pass in the first place).

    I guess it’s nice the guys are trying to protect her, but I suppose it would only make others suspect Xiao Qi put them under some kind of charm.

    1. If dumbness could hurt this sect would have already be extinguished O-O
      Annoying little shits…. They don’t even let her speak and justify herself and just villify her? Then they can just die without a cure

    2. The fools from her sect won’t even let her talk. Its so annoying reading about all of them whine and accuse. Also their sect leader is severely incompetent. I wish she wasn’t female. I feel like most females aside from the FL( even some FL) in C-novel land can be so stupid and small minded.

  2. Pretty sure by this point I would decline to heal that particular person at least. The other students are dumb but not actively hostile but why would I heal someone who repeatedly called me a liar, previously spread untruths about me, and stated WHILE I WAS TRYING TO HEAL HER that I was an evil witch who consorted with demons?
    Good luck lady, You’re on your own.

  3. Why not do a simple of counter question.
    Why are you so determined to have these people killed that you question every single step of the process?

    Followup with a counter accusation/question:
    You don’t happen to be that sect disciple that was seen colluding with the devils in an attempt to injure/kill CT, right?

  4. yeah.. don’t waste precious resources to these ungrateful and shameless QingFeng Sect who only believes to that LU beech due to them being envious to MQ.. let them die..sheeeettttt… ahahaha..

    really not feeling well today..

  5. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Maybe just try the treatment instead of saying it doesn’t work? You’re going to die anyway….

  6. watching this brainless accusation against mq and with ctf and qxm jeering at their idiocy, surely sjm won’t fall for lqr, right?

  7. A useless sect leader indeed. During moments like this she should have stepped out and solved the problems. But instead let that green tea Lu Qingran who has absolutely no authority to question to Meng Qi. And also allowed that Lan Zhuxuan to go crazy.

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