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THDP Ch.36 Part 4 – Accusations (IV)

“Let’s go.” Chu Tianfeng said to Meng Qi: “My Fentian Palace, all of us trust you.”

His voice was not small, and everyone present could hear it clearly. With Chu Tianfeng’s support on the front and Qin Xiumo’s deterrent from behind, no one dared to say anything. Even Lan Zhuxuan only dared to move her lips slightly, but no voice came out under the threat of the menacing sword that was still floating next to Qin Xiumo.

Meng Qi no longer paid any attention to Qingfeng Valley’s people and walked towards the three injured disciples of Fentian Palace. Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo followed from behind, completely on guards. With their strength, no one in Qingfeng Valley was their opponent. Those disciples could only watch, and even the sect leader dared not to touch Meng Qi.

“Go to bed for now.” Before Meng Qi stepped into the tent, Chu Tianfeng lightly nudged her sleeve and pointed to another smaller, individual tent. “After several hours, I will call you.”

Meng Qi shook her head. She promptly walked into the tent where Fentian Palace’s injured disciples were recuperating. Inside, the smell of the blood taken from the five elements blue crane has permeated everywhere.

Meng Qi silently watched the three disciples soaking their bodies into the barrel full of blood. “Is Lan Zhuxuan not afraid of death?” She frowned and turned to look at Chu Tianfeng. This one indeed puzzled Meng Qi. Even if Lan Zhuxuan was stupid, for what sake did she jumped out and confronted her at this time?

Even if Lan Zhuxuan doubted her and thought that Meng Qi was lying, why didn’t she look worried? After all, if Meng Qi lied, she and other injured disciples’ life would be in danger.

Meng Qi couldn’t figure it out. She clearly was just going to explain her method for curing the immortal devouring vine’s injury. Yet Lan Zhuxuan did not listen and interrupted her so firmly.

This senior sister was definitely not a person who was not afraid of death. Then…

The bloody smell was getting stronger and stronger, and the three disciples who were soaking in it gritted their teeth, as if desperately resisting an immense pain.

Meng Qi hasn’t personally used this method on her body. But based on her understanding of the Su Fox, every time he was soaked in the blood of the five elements blue crane, it was the time when he talked the most. Therefore, it mustn’t be a pleasant experience.

“Those people apparently are receiving treatment for their injuries now.” Su Junmo suddenly got into the tent and said in a mysterious tone: “It seems that your senior sister Lu Qingran has found a way to treat them, and now is busy.”

“Mm.” Meng Qi replied casually. Senior Sister Lu Qingran’s medical talent was said to be above her. Since she could deduce the treatment method, Lu Qingran should also be able to.

“Just now, why did they treat you like that?” Su Junmo asked again: “Aren’t you and them disciples from the same sect? Why are they so hostile at you? That’s like treating an enemy, not a fellow disciple.”

“Nothing.” Meng Qi casually replied: “It doesn’t matter, anyway. Soon We won’t be a fellow disciple anymore.”

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng’s eyes lit up, “Have you finally decided to go to my Fentian Palace?”

Meng Qi shook her head, “However, Elder Xun Yan is indeed correct. It doesn’t make sense for me to keep staying at such a sect.” She had stayed in Qingfeng Valley because of Elder Yan. Moreover, she was also still in the Qi Condensation stage. With such low cultivation, it would be hard for her to travel the Three Thousand World.

But now she was no longer so worried. Just now, the jade slip of Beyond The Heaven shook slightly, a reminder from the spiritual sense that Meng Qi had marked in. It meant that the items she ordered at Beyond The Heaven have arrived at the relay station. When she returned to Qingfeng Town, she could pick them up.

Meng Qi was extremely talented in medical cultivation, but her cultivation talent was… simply ordinary. In her previous life, when her medical cultivation was about to break through the fourth rank, her cultivation was still stuck at the Foundation Establishment stage. It was her master who later helped her find a method.

The spirit stones, used as the currency in Three Thousand Worlds, contained an abundance of spiritual aura. The rank of a spirit stone was decided based on its purity and amount of aura in it. The act of cultivating, in fact, was to incorporate the spiritual aura in the vicinity into one’s body and used them for their own use, storing the aura little by little. When the aura that could be contained in their body reached a sufficient amount, a cultivator would break through the current realm to enter the next realm or stage.

However, incorporating aura into a flesh-and-blood body wasn’t easy. Simply put, it was easier to cultivate in a place with thicker and stronger aura. The more, the better. However, such places were rare, and usually had been occupied by large sects.

Of course, the spiritual aura contained in the spirit stone also abundant. However, because the source of aura in the spirit stones and cultivators was different, it was impossible to absorb aura directly from spirit stones.

Meng Qi’s master thought that her cultivation speed was too slow, and later designed a new array for her. This array’s function was very simple, which was to transform the spiritual aura in spirit stones into a spiritual aura that could directly be used by a cultivator to cultivate.

With this array, Meng Qi’s cultivation finally gained enough momentum. Before her medical cultivation broke through the fourth rank, she successfully formed her core and entered the Golden Core stage.

However, the materials needed for this method were very expensive. After reborn, Meng Qi was a little hesitant to use it. Fortunately, the Beiming pill was priced much higher than her anticipation. So, Meng Qi directly ordered a batch of materials she needed to draw and activate the array. With it, she would be able to get twice the result with half the effort and became stronger as soon as possible.

Meng Qi originally planned to go to Fentian City before using this array. But now, she has changed her mind.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    I’m glad that Xiao Qi is sticking to her plan of staying far away from Qingran, and will be leaving the sect altogether. Not that the guys will let her go wherever she wants, but maybe Su Junmo will give her a ride to someplace safe where they won’t bother her.

    I hope she’s gonna heal the white tiger cub (presumably her depowered master) soon, then they’re gonna continue their medical research and live happily ever after.

    (realistically speaking that would not be the case, not before she’s dragged to whatever Qingran’s deal with the devils was)

  2. uh no, it doesn’t make sense that FL would be able to deduct this method in such a short amount of time lmao when she didn’t even have any information about the vine before

    1. Good point, it really does seem very suspicious! Even if Meng Qi explained which bird she needed and how it had to be killed, it didn’t seem that ingredient would be easy to substitute? And if Qingran was working on a cure while Meng Qi was away, she could just calm down her fellow sect members saying “It’s okie, I have an alternative” right away instead of accusing MC.
      Unless she wanted to bring MC down and restore her status of “noble and talented cultivator”, of course…

      My guess is that Qingran is already familiar with some demon, who might hide their identity, and that’s how she’s able to figure out a cure so fast.

  3. So is LZX the mysterious female cultivator that was in collusion with demons? I thought the person was at least gold core though, according to CTF…Is she that strong?

  4. her master must have loved her a lot to create so many arrays for her. there was this quote that i don’t completely remember… “i love you to the point of invention” or something. oh wait, it’s “i loved [her] to the point of invention’ by the guy who made latex gloves.

    her master created an array to increase the efficacy of pills and poison traps and her rate of cultivation. he even made her her natal weapon! too bad this innocent little duckling doesn’t know.

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