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THDP Ch.37 Part 2 – The Fox and The White Tiger (II)

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A disgusting stench instantly overwhelmed the place. Even Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo couldn’t help turning their heads. Only Su Junmo watched this scene in surprise.

Immortal devouring vine was a plant unique to the Demon Realm. Once upon a time, the red fox clan, who has always been at odds with his white fox clan, had two genius members. Those people exhausted their expertise to turn the immortal devouring vine into a usable weapon.

In the beginning, no one in the Demon Realm knew the danger of immortal devouring vine. Even if they were hurt by it, no one took it seriously. Later, those injured people were all found dead. Their blood and flesh were sucked dry by the vine, leaving only a layer of skin on their skeleton.

After many similar incidents occurred, the Demon Monarch at that time issued an order, prohibiting the use of immortal devouring vine as weapons. The whole residents of Demon Realm immediately took a stance to destroyed this horrible plant that feeds on flesh and blood of other living beings.

And thus, the immortal devouring vine seemed to disappear from the Demon Realm. For a long time, no demon cultivators fell into its victims. But after a thousand years, they discovered that the vine had not been completely extinct, and some demon cultivators started to see it again.

But at that time, the whole Demon Realm was in great chaos. The celestial demon noble, who stood in the pinnacle of the Demon Realm, had started a civil war that lasted for three thousand years.

After the war ended, the destruction it left was devastating. The Demon Realm was initially divided into nine Heavens, and three were almost razed to the ground. The Starfallen Sea in the middle of the realm was filled with blood and corpses. Countless great celestial demons also fell on the battlefield.

During this civil war, the immortal devouring vine grew tremendously. When demon cultivators finally took attention, no one was able to destroy the vine. Thus, the new Demon Monarch issued a strict order to prohibit the vine to be brought outside the Demon Realm.

For demon cultivators, the vine was a terrifying existence. Once injured by this thing, unless there was a high celestial demon who was willing to sacrifice some of their cultivation base to kill the vine seed that penetrating inside, reshaping flesh and blood, the victim could only wait for death.

Su Junmo stared at Meng Qi’s quick and clean way of entrapping and killing the young vine from the disciples’ body. He suddenly felt dazzled. He finally understood why the Lord very much valued this little Qi Condensation girl.

The outer appearance isn’t important; her talent is so amazing!

The immortal devouring vine that greatly troubled their Demon Realm for millennials was so easily solved in her hands. Based on this alone, she was qualified to become an honored guest of the Demon Realm.

Meng Qi steadily repeated the procedures to the other two remaining disciples. Although she did it easily now, it took her three months to save Su Fox in her previous life. At that time, she had no guidance to refer to, so she could only try various methods bit by bit. Moreover, the chattery fox was indeed very talkative. Even though the pain was almost unbearable, he still didn’t know how to shut his mouth and kept telling Meng Qi everything he knew about the immortal devouring vine.

Another luck was that these disciples were injured by the red fox women, instead of Sikong Yan. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so simple.

The tender buds that were killed by Meng Qi fell back into the blood and instantly melted. “You should soak for another hour.” Meng Qi said to the three disciples: “This will make up for some of the aura that was sucked away by the vine.”

“Thank you, fellow Daoist Meng.” The three Fentian Palace disciples raised their wrists in awe. The creepy vine that grew out from their wrists had completely disappeared. Except for a small red mark, no trace was left on their skin.

Meng Qi was also very tired. She gathered her belongings, nodded towards Chu Tianfeng and the others, then turned and walked out of the tent.

Fentian Palace had prepared a separate tent for her. If it wasn’t for Lu Qingran’s sudden inquiries, Meng Qi would already take a brief rest. Before entering the tent, she turned her head and looked into a certain direction. Most of the Qingfeng Valley disciples were guarding outside one single tent. Inside, Lu Qingran should be treating her injured fellow disciples.

Meng Qi walked into her tent and pondered. She wondered what method Lu Qingran used to treat them. In her previous life, she heard everyone said that senior sister Lu Qingran was extremely talented in medical cultivation and was one in a kind. Meng Qi has also seen real geniuses. Whether it was in sword or spell cultivation, they learned things at an extremely fast pace, could draw inferences from other things, and used various analogies to further improve their abilities.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but feel itchy. But she knew that Qingfeng Valley’s people would not let her watch Lu Qingran’s treatment. With a slightly disappointed sigh, Meng Qi took out the beast house from her storage bracelet.

After Su Junmo joined their group, she didn’t let Xiao Qi come out from the beast house. It has been five days since he was last released. A light flashed on the beast house. The next moment, a little white tiger appeared on the small bed inside the tent. He was lying lazily as usual, but his blue eyes seemed to be a bit brighter. Meng Qi habitually stretched out her hand and petted his fluffy little head.

“After returning to Qingfeng Valley, I will gather everything I need, and then we will depart to Fentian City.” Meng Qi said to him. She had made her plan. Now that she had hundreds of high-grade spirit stones, it would be enough to raise her cultivation into the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage. This way, she would have a better self-protection ability.

As for forming her Golden Core, she would wait until she reached Fentian City.

Meng Qi made up her mind and was about to lay down and rest. Suddenly, Su Fox’s voice came from outside: “Meng Qiqi, I suddenly remembered…” As he spoke, he opened the tent door and walked in.

Meng Qi didn’t have time to hide Xiao Qi, so she stood in front of the little white tiger with a feigned calmness.

“Huh?” Su Junmo quickly noticed Xiao Qi. “This…” He stepped forward in curiosity and leaned to see Xiao Qi closer. “Is this a spirit beast white tiger from Three Thousand Worlds? It looks a bit similar to our Demon Realm’s celestial demon white tiger.” As he spoke, Su Junmo reached out his hand to tickle Xiao Qi’s jaw: “But it’s still a bit different.”

Meng Qi sighed in relief. She originally worried that Su Junmo would recognize Xiao Qi’s identity. Unexpectedly, this little guy hid so well, even Su Fox didn’t notice it.

“Spirit beasts are not easy to train. If you need help, Meng Qiqi, just come to me. Although I have never raised spirit beasts, I am definitely more experienced than you in handling them.” Su Junmo said, his fingers were about to touch Xiao Qi’s jaw.

The little white tiger who had been lying quietly suddenly turned his head to the side. Meng Qi was facing Su Junmo, so she didn’t see it. When Xiao Qi avoided Su Junmo’s touch, his half-closed azure eyes slowly opened. Inside his pupil, the shadow of the stars immediately became visible.

Although Meng Qi didn’t notice, Su Junmo saw it clearly. His eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the little white tiger in disbelief.

Is he hallucinating?! Did he really just see the Big Dipper’s shadow in this little guy’s eyes?!

Don’t tell him, this little white tiger is…


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Su Junmo and his imagination…..

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