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THDP Ch.38 Part 2 – Protecting Her Cub?! (II)

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Did he see it wrong just now?

Su Junmo turned to look at Meng Qi’s tent. In fact, the star shadow formation he saw inside the little white tiger’s eyes only flashed momentarily and disappeared as fast as it appeared.

However, Su Junmo always took pride in his eyes and ears, so he shouldn’t be wrong. Su Junmo frowned. The white tiger clan, even among celestial demon nobility, was ranked royal. From every ten successive Demon Monarchs, four were selected from the white tiger clan. Even the current Monarch, his Lord, was the white tiger’s sovereign.

White tiger clan was very powerful, but their members were equally scarce. Using the Demon Realm’s method of calculating age, the Lord reached adulthood thousands of years ago and had become the sovereign of his clan for nearly five hundred years. Yet, he still lacked a spouse. Let alone spouse, countless young, beautiful, enchanting female demons did everything they can to become the Lord’s mistress. But the Lord never spared them a single glance. Naturally, he was still childless.

However, Su Junmo couldn’t even remember the last time he had seen a celestial demon’s white tiger cub. So, he might really be wrong. Su Junmo shook his head, feeling ridiculous. The Lord didn’t care; why should a subordinate like himself be anxious?

Su Junmo and the other two hadn’t talked for long when the door of the largest tent where the Qingfeng Valley disciples gathered suddenly flipped open. Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader and Lu Qingran walked out side by side, followed by Lan Zhuxuan.

Lu Zhuxuan was so energetic that others couldn’t tell that she had just been severely injured. The disciples who have been waiting outside quickly swarmed in and greeted the sect leader. In an instant, the place became lively.

Chu Tianfeng frowned. No wonder that even Elder Xun Yan, who has always been good-natured and amiable, looked down on Qingfeng Valley and scolded them so harshly. From top to bottom, this sect was really useless. They were still in the wild, far away from the sect. Chu Tianfeng knew that the red fox young master and his subordinates who committed the sneak attacks had been dealt up with. But these people didn’t know. Not only the young disciples but even the sect leader also seemed to have completely forgotten the danger. Even since the previous commotion, not a single one took vigilance….no!

Chu Tianfeng’s gaze slowly moved to the camp’s entrance. There, Elder Yan Mingfeng sat cross-legged. A dark brown small tripod was floating beside him.

“Of course I’m alright!” Lan Zhuxuan’s voice was loud with excitement, “Does she think that we can only wait to die without her? Junior sister Lu’s talent is far above her. Anything she can do, junior sister Lu obviously also able to.”

“Senior sister Lan.” Lu Qingran shook her head and spoke softly, “You shouldn’t say that. If it wasn’t for junior sister Meng who discovered that you were injured by the immortal devouring vine, I wouldn’t be able to come with a cure so quickly. So in this matter, junior sister Meng still has the greatest contribution.” She sighed slightly, “I really shouldn’t question junior sister like that. But I really can’t accept others say something bad about Master.”

“How can it be!” Lan Zhuxuan quickly rebutted. “If it wasn’t for her idea to find the five elements blue crane, which affected your way of thinking, you might have come out with our cure a long time ago, and we didn’t need to spend so much time in worry.” Her voice grew louder and louder. In the end, she was practically yelling hard.

Qin Xiumo stared coldly: “Keep your voice down.”

Lan Zhuxuan turned pale. This Qin Xiumo had taught her a lesson twice, and she was a little afraid of him.

She subconsciously leaned towards the sect leader and Lu Qingran, then glared at Qin Xiumo and said loudly, “I heard from junior sister Lu, it seems that something went wrong with your cultivation? But why are you asking for Meng Qi’s treatment? Do you think she really can heal you? She is still in the Qi Condensation stage, her cultivation base is not even as good as mine, and she just started learning medical cultivation half a year ago. She simply likes to scare people to disguise her real ability. Our junior sister Lu is obviously far better than her. Just let junior sister Lu to give you a treatment. Maybe you will get better sooner. ”

Lu Qingran blushed, she quickly glanced at Qin Xiumo before pulling Lan Zhuxuan’s sleeves: “Senior Sister Lan, don’t say that. Junior sister Meng’s ability is also very good.”

“How good can she be? I heard junior brother said that Fentian Palace’s three disciples treated by her are still soaking in the stinky blood.” Lan Zhuxuan sneered, “We are much better, and don’t have to endure that kind of pain.”

“Hey!” Lan Zhuxuan looked at Qin Xiumo again, “Are you really not going to let junior sister Lu to take a look at your injury? Be careful, you might be fooled by Meng Qi. She is very pretentious. Maybe your condition is not serious at all.”

With a soft buzzing sound, Qin Xiumo’s natal long sword appeared next to him. He didn’t even say a single word of warning, and directly sent the sword to break through the air. Qingfeng Valley’s disciples only saw a flash of silver light rushing towards them.

“Fellow Daoist, please show mercy!” The sect leader suddenly shouted. She quickly threw a defensive artifact into the air. With a loud ‘clang,’ the artifact was chopped in half and fell to the ground. Yet, Qin Xiumo’s sword was simply skewed in its direction and directly slanted across Lan Zhuxuan’s head.

“Ahhhhh——” Lan Zhuxuan almost fainted in shock. She didn’t expect that this handsome man, who looked like a demon god in his black attire, actually really dared to attack her so mercilessly in the sect leader’s presence.

Lan Zhuxuan’s hair was shaved off and slowly falling in the air. The sword returned to its master side, floating silently. However, Qin Xiumo’s eyes looking at Qingfeng Valley’s people were even colder than the tip of his sword.


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