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THDP Ch.38 Part 3 – Protecting Her Cub?! (III)

Lan Zhuxuan shrank her neck in horror and hid behind the sect leader. Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader looked in distress at the artifact cut by Qin Xiumo’s sword. But her sect’s disciple was in danger, she had no choice but to save Lan Zhuxuan.

Chu Tianfeng sneered. The smile on his face was filled with irony and contempt.

Even Su Junmo was a little surprised. His cultivation base was above Qin Xiumo, so he could clearly see that the younger man truly attacked with killing intent just now.

Only Lu Qingran reacted differently. She lightly bit her lower lip and took a step forward fearlessly. “This fellow Daoist, I also checked your body a bit in the cold pond that day. If you don’t mind, you might as well let me try…”

“I mind.” Qin Xiumo brashly interrupted Lu Qingran’s words. “No need.”

Lu Qingran bit her lower lip harder, her eyes reddened.

Qin Xiumo didn’t even spare her a look. He simply turned his body and walked towards the tent where Meng Qi was resting. Chu Tianfeng hurriedly followed, leaving only Su Junmo remained in place. Chu Tianfeng put his arm around Qin Xiumo’s shoulders and laughed in a low voice that could only be heard by the two of them, “Look, it seems that someone is being fascinated by a certain Lu.”

“Heh— ”

“Right.” Chu Tianfeng tilted his head slightly and took a quick glance at Su Junmo, “She did get along very well with him later. Do you remember? When she moved from you to him, she didn’t change your nickname, and called both of you ‘Brother Mo’——ugh!!”1

Qin Xiumo hit Chu Tianfeng angrily.

Chu Tianfeng knew that this guy wouldn’t genuinely hurt him, so he didn’t block. “Should we remind him?” He asked in a low voice.

“He won’t believe it.” Qin Xiumo replied. Both could hear a little gloating in each other’s tone.

Although Su Junmo was quite strong, he was still far from that person.

“When he started clinging to Meng Qi, I thought he might also remember the past. But it seems that he has nothing to do with Meng Qi.” Chu Tianfeng said, “Then just leave him alone.”

“Yeah.” Qin Xiumo nodded.

After reaching an agreement, they quietly stood side by side outside Meng Qi’s tent.

With Qin Xiumo’s sword as deterrence, no one from Qingfeng Valley dared to make any trouble. They simply grouped in small numbers, scolding in a low voice. But no one dared to come and disturb Meng Qi.

Meng Qi slept until the next morning. When her eyes opened, she felt completely refreshed. The tiredness from past days was gone. It was tranquil inside the tent. Xiao Qi leaned against her arm, his fluffy head softly rested on her body, sleeping soundly.

Meng Qi was lying on the bed for a while. After taking a deep breath, she carefully turned over and sat up. She didn’t want to wake Xiao Qi, but when her body moved, the little white tiger opened his eyes and looked at her.

“You should sleep a bit longer.” Meng Qi rubbed his head. She conjured some water with a spell and quickly cleaned her body before walking out of the tent.

Outside, Fentian Palace disciples had finished packing and were ready to depart at any time. The body of the five elements blue crane and its unused blood were also properly put back into a storage space by Chu Tianfeng. After yesterday’s commotion, Qingfeng Valley disciples had stopped talking to the Fentian Palace people. After Elder Xun Yan’s burst of anger, everyone knew that Qingfeng Valley could no longer merge into Fentian Palace and enjoy the backing of a large sect.

Some disciples still felt regretful. After all, Fentian Palace was one of the top ten sects in the Eastern Realm. Having their backing was definitely far better than staying at Qingfeng Valley.

After Lan Zhuxuan was cured, she completely stood by Lu Qingran’s side. After being threatened by Qin Xiumo yesterday, she spared no effort to preach to the Qingfeng Valley disciples: With such a talented cultivator like Lu Qingran, Qingfeng Valley would reach its glory sooner or later, and there was no need for them to go under someone else’s fence and live under their mercy.

Qingfeng Valley disciples were convinced by Lan Zhuxuan’s words. Fentian Palace elder and young master admired Meng Qi that much. But the injury that Meng Qi claimed she could heal, Lu Qingran also could accomplish the same thing in just a few days. In terms of talent, Lu Qingran was definitely better than Meng Qi. With her here, why should they worry about Qingfeng Valley’s future?

So, after Meng Qi walked out of her tent, Qingfeng Valley disciples all looked at her with hostility, as if looking at a traitor.

However, Meng Qi didn’t care. She glanced over the injured Qingfeng Valley disciples. Their complexion looked much better, and they were full of smiles. It seemed that they already alright now.

“Today, after going back to Qingfeng Valley, we are departing to Fentian City.” Chu Tianfeng walked to Meng Qi, “You also go with us.”

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head. She indeed had long planned to leave Qingfeng Valley and even thought about paying Fentian Palace to escort her to Fentian City. It was the city closest to the Western Realm. No matter what she saw inside the flame curtain CHu Tianfeng showed her, she was willing to trust her Master. So, she still believed his words that he came from a hidden sect in the Western Realm.

“Are you not going to Fentian City?” Chu Tianfeng quickly asked.

“I’m going.” Meng Qi gazes swept over him and fell on Qin Xiumo, who was standing not far behind. She explained: “Qin Xiumo owes me spirit stones for his treatment. I will hire him to escort me to Fentian City.”


Chu Tianfeng turned around and glared fiercely at Qin Xiumo. He completely forgot their previous agreement to have a mutual alliance and united to protect Meng Qi from that person. At this moment, his head was simply filled with the intention to kill this shameless guy.

Why didn’t he think about it first?!

Chu Tianfeng was very upset.

“Young palace master Chu.” Meng Qi reminded him, “You still haven’t paid for the treatment I gave to your Fentian Palace disciples.”

“I also have no money!” Chu Tianfeng almost squeezed these words from between his teeth.

“Oh.” Meng Qi nodded, “Then I will go and ask them…”

“Wait!” Chu Tianfeng hurriedly stopped her, “They are just ordinary disciples. They are very poor.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Let’s do it this way.” Chu Tianfeng’s brains turned quickly, “You should come with us to Fentian City. The way along the journey is tough and dangerous. You can take our protection as your payment.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Is Chu Tianfeng trying to scam her?! Is she looked so ignorant?!

She had never been to Fentian City but had visited it in her previous life. There were teleportation arrays between major cities. The ten-day journey from Qingfeng Town to Fentian City was indeed dangerous for a weak Qi Condensation cultivator. But now, she had Qin Xiumo, whose cultivation has been recovered to the third or fourth realm of Golden Core stage. She had enough safety measures.

“I want spirit stone.” Meng Qi insisted. She was going to use a tremendous amount of spirit stones to improve her cultivation and needed to collect as much as possible.

“I have no money!” Chu Tianfeng didn’t give in.

Meng Qi stared at him: “Then I’m going to find Elder Xun Yan.”

“Eh? Meng Qi!” Chu Tianfeng couldn’t afford this kind of shame. He quickly grabbed Meng Qi’s arm. He knew that this girl was serious. After all, she had asked for money from Elder Xun before and was now pretty skilled in debt-collecting.


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That’s why there is a saying: the shameless is invincible….

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  1. Both Su Junmo and Qin Xiumo had the same character for the last syllable of their name: 墨, literally meant ‘ink.’

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  1. CTF is trying so hard to stay by MQ’s side…. it’s honestly pretty cute 🤣🤣 i can imagine QXM’s gloating face at his desperation…. many thanks for the update!

    1. CTF and QXM have a really cute bromance lol, really glad they got over their original animosity and became good friends. I wouldn’t even complain if they turned into a BL side couple or stayed friends.

    1. They should learn from xiao qi. Not only did he pay with his body (daily fluffy dose) but he also gave meng qi a free labor (su junmo) and even money (su junmo’s spirit stones). 😂😂

  2. For a while now, I’ve been wondering what CTF meant until I saw MQ, it’s pretty easy for me to piece together MQ so it only took me a moment to figure out what CTF meant. Chu TienFeng.

  3. A random fish in the sea

    So, are they not going to mention how Lu Qingran managed to cure it? If anything, it would’ve been more satisfying if the method she came up with turned out to be something Meng Qi already used on the fox only to delay the condition and not cure it. I mean come one, what did she do? Did she even use any medicines or did she just wave her hand and everything got better?
    On top of that, it was already established that Meng Qi is currently better at treating stuff than Lu Qingran, so how did she just casually do that like it was nothing?
    Come on author, at least try to make some sense!

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