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THDP Ch.39 Part 2 – Taking Responsibility (II)

“Junior sister Meng Qi!” As if she suddenly found a hope, Lu Qingran reached to hold Meng Qi’s arm. “Please save them!”

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows and lowered her gaze at Lu Qingran’s hand on her arm. Then she looked up at the girl who was still crying pitifully.

A beauty in tears was indeed very useful to make people heartbroken.

The injured disciples were lying on the floor in pain, all because of Lu Qingran. They were clearly the ones who were suffering. Moreover, Meng Qi was also an innocent victim who got blamed unjustly. But at this moment, Qingfeng Valley’s disciples only comforted Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly. She suddenly understood why she was always so unlucky in her previous life.

“Junior sister Meng Qi, don’t delay. Hurry up and save them.” One Qingfeng Valley disciple urged.

“Yeah, you should hurry up. Where did you go before? We went looking everywhere in the sect but couldn’t find you.”.

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows and curled her lips slightly. She pulled back her arm from Lu Qingran’s grip and took a step back. “I can save them,” She threw a bamboo slip at Lu Qingran, “Five hundred eighth-grade spirit stones per person, and senior sister Lu must write me an IOU before I treat them.”

The great hall suddenly fell into silence. The disciples all stared at Meng Qi in disbelief. Even Qingfeng Valley sect leader and Elder Lu also looked at her in surprise.

Lu Qingran was especially so. Her eyes were full of shock. Five hundred eighth-grade spirit stones per person, so these people added up to…

Her gaze slowly moved towards the injured disciples on the floor. One, two, three… A total of seven people. That three ninth-grade and five hundred eight-grade spirit stones!

All Qingfeng Valley disciples present gasped in shock. Adding up all their asset, it wouldn’t even amount to the friction of that. But why was it so expensive? At the camp before, junior sister Meng Qi indeed said that she would charge payment to treat the disciples injured by the immortal devouring vine. But it shouldn’t be that much! Moreover, didn’t she only say about taking payment from the male disciples?

Ninth grade spirit stone! Not to mention Lu Qingran, a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, even their sect leader wouldn’t be able to take out so many spirit stones.

Meng Qi didn’t care about their shock and squatted down next to the injured disciples. She took out a porcelain bottle from her new storage space and quickly stuffed two pills into their mouth. The pill has an analgesic effect. As soon as they swallowed it, the disciples who were groaning in pain slowly calmed down.

The hall finally became quieter. Lu Qingran held the bamboo slip Meng Qi threw at her and turned her head at her master, totally at a loss.

“Master…” After a long time, she called pitifully. Her tone was full of grievance and her eyes once again reddened.

“Meng Qi.” Qingfeng Valley sect leader finally came to her sense and coughed awkwardly.

“Yes.” Meng Qi stood up and replied politely.

“Junior sister Meng…” The sect leader’s personal disciples saw their master’s difficulty. One of them said to Meng Qin cautiously: “You must be kidding, right? Haha…hahaha…”

“No.” Meng Qi smiled faintly. “I’m not kidding.”

“Junior sister Meng.” The disciple glanced at the sect leader, then looked back at Meng Qi. The sect leader’s expression was awful. The disciple had to bite the bullet and continued to persuade Meng Qi: “Don’t take the previous matter into your heart. They…they weren’t intentional. They were injured, and their lives were in danger, so they were stressed out and—….but they didn’t deliberately suspect or targeting you.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded.

“We are all fellow disciples from the same sect…”

“Senior sister, you are wrong.” Still with her indifferent face, Meng Qi interrupted. “Elder Lu took us to help our fellow disciples who went out to exterminate the invading devils. So I went. Afterward, I saw some senior brothers and sisters were injured, and since I can save them, of course I’m willing. Because they are…” Her eyes swept across all the Qingfeng Valley disciples in the hall. “…my fellow disciples.”

“Senior sister Lan Zhuxuan didn’t trust me, I can understand. After all, as a junior sister, I have a lower cultivation base and started learning later than her. It is reasonable for senior sister to have a doubt.” Meng Qi kept talking with her usual calm and composed look. Although her figure was so thin and slender, no disciples dared to interrupt her words.

“Senior sister Lu blamed me for the sake of her master.” Meng Qi took a strand of hair on her cheek and pinned it behind her ear. “Other senior sisters and brothers stood on senior sister Lu’s side, accusing me of being a traitor to Qingfeng Valley, but it was your freedom to do so.”

“Junior sister Meng.” One disciple couldn’t hold it anymore and said, “You misunderstood! At that time, everyone was anxious, so their words might be too aggressive. You also know junior sister Lan’s temper. She always speaks straightly and never be careful with her words. Now that she is heavily injured, you should be more tolerant and not putting her temper into your heart.”

Meng Qi smiled lightly, “Senior sister Lan can have a temper, cannot I also have one?”


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  1. hahahahahah after i commented that she should say no i thought wow i am a bad person. thankfully that Meng Qi came up with a satisfactory answer and a slap in the face for those shameless. yes if others can have temperament why couldn’t she also?

  2. Yeahh girl!! That woman can have a bad temper, but the person that can save can’t have temper? Dream on, till you die

  3. Just a bit of fun math:

    So a 100 7th stage stones are more than the net worth of the sect master, 1 8th stage stone is 1000 7th stage stones. 500 8st stones are 5000x her net worth.

    So she’s asking for 35000x the net worth of the richest person in the sect apart from herself.

    That’s like asking me for $35000 dollars.

  4. Hi there, if you need an extra editor, do let me know. I’ve recently completed my last two novels and have freed up some capacity.

  5. Lol she would have healed them free of charge but nope. They didn’t want to trust in her. So be it. Let them pay for their actions. But then when they meet something they can not face then they come begging and using her good feelings tsk tsk
    Many thanks

  6. Spicy Salmon Roll

    Yes!!! Can’t she also have a temper??!!!! So foolish!!!! Ugghhh!! Those people!!! Leave them to rot!!! Tahnsk for the hard work!!

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