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THDP Ch.39 Part 3 – Taking Responsibility (III)

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Meng Qi smiled lightly, “Senior sister Lan can have a temper, cannot I also have one?”

The disciple gawked and tried to retort, but didn’t know what to say.

“Well said!” Inside the quiet hall, loud applause suddenly sounded. Qingfeng Valley disciples immediately turned to look at the source. Chu Tianfeng didn’t care, under everyone’s gaze, he walked to Meng Qi’s side: “Everyone has the right to have a temper, Meng Qi isn’t wrong!” Chu Tianfeng’s gaze swept across Qingfeng Valley disciples. “Let me give all of you a reminder. People who treat a person as a fellow disciple when they need her, but cast her aside as a traitor once she no longer needed, are not worthy to be saved!”

“Tian-…young palace master Chu!” Lu Qingran’s face was pale. She stared dazedly at Chu Tianfeng, then at Elder Xun Yan, and then back to Chu Tianfeng.

And Qin Xiumo!

She didn’t understand why these people were willing to stand on Meng Qi’s side.

“Before, I wanted to save them, but senior sister Lu said that she could do it and that they didn’t need me.” Meng Qi continued. Her voice, just like her eyes, was clear yet cold, like a mountain stream originated from a pure spring, or like the sound of a jade bell, delightful to the ears. “Obviously, after hunting down the five elements blue crane, the next step is much simpler. However, senior sister Lu’s intervention greatly changed the situation, making their condition harder to cure. Now that things have gone to this stage, shouldn’t you bear the consequence?”

Lu Qingran turned even paler. She opened her mouth and murmured: “I am not… I just want to save them…”

Qin Xiumo, who was standing next to Meng Qi, sneered: “You think just because your intention is good, then everything could be forgiven? What you did almost killing them.”

“Write the IOU.” Qin Xiumo raised his jaw. “Or, are you going to watch these people, who trusted you as their fellow disciple, died in agony and turned into the vine’s fertilizer, all because of your irresponsibility and blind self-confidence?”

Damn, this guy is too ruthless!

Chu Tianfeng couldn’t help looking at Qin Xiumo.

Each of his words is truly provocative! Who else could say something like ‘become a fertilizer’?

Lu Qingran’s petite face turned even paler. She stared at Qin Xiumo dazedly, then at Meng Qi.

“Of course, you can just ignore their life and death. Anyway, as the sect leader most favored disciple, no one will dare to punish you. At the camp, you clearly didn’t know whether you could cure them or not, but you still insisted on questioning Meng Qi and prevent her from treating their injuries. Is it because you aren’t the one who was injured anyway, and aren’t in danger of turning into a human fertilizer?” Qin Xiumo lazily swept his gaze across the Qingfeng Valley’s other disciples.

His future ‘Little Devil Lord’ nickname wasn’t for nothing. After being betrayed by his best friend and abandoned by his sect, Qin Xiumo became cruel and indifferent, and his conducts were equally extreme. Not only his sword, but also his tongue. He never hesitated to pierce other people’s most vulnerable spot.

Chu Tianfeng almost laughed out loud.

Human fertilizer?

How ruthless!

Really is ruthless!

After Qin Xiumo finished speaking, Qingfeng Valley’s disciples who up until a moment ago were still comforting Lu Qingran suddenly changed their expression. Qin Xiumo’s words obviously also affected them.


As the sect leader’s most favored disciple, Lu Qingran has always been well protected. Even if she caused a disaster, nothing would happen to her. But they were different.

The disciples glanced distressedly at the injured disciples who were still lying on the floor. They didn’t know whether these people could survive or not. This time, they were lucky. But next time, they probably would be the one who groaned in pain.

Imagining themselves being devoured alive by the frightening vine and turned into human fertilizer, the disciples couldn’t help but shiver.

Chu Tianfeng suppressed his smile. He put on his usual cold face and stood beside Qin Xiumo. The two young men tacitly protected Meng Qi behind them.

Lu Qingran stood blankly for a moment, then turned to look at her master.


She was so shocked: why did her fellow disciples look at her with such gazes?

Lu Qingran held the bamboo slip and stood in a daze. One Qingfeng Valley disciple finally couldn’t hold it anymore and whispered: “I think he is right. At that time, junior sister Meng was going to give them treatment, but junior sister Lu stopped and questioned her. Senior sister Lan was also very hostile and insisted to not let junior sister Meng gave them treatment. Junior sister Meng didn’t have any choice but to help only Fentian Palace’s disciples.”

“Is senior sister Lan stupid? Why didn’t she let junior sister Meng to treat her? Junior sister Meng even healed young palace master Chu before!”

“Probably because junior sister Lu said something to her beforehand.” Another disciple chimed in, “I also think that it’s strange.”

“Ah? I heard that senior sister Lu likes young palace master Chu. Is it because of jealousy, so she deliberately wants to destroy junior sister Meng’s reputation?”

“If it’s true, then she is too excessive! What does she take the lives of ordinary disciples like us for?”

“So what? After all, the one who gets turned into a human fertilizer isn’t herself.”

The whispers became louder and louder. Qin Xiumo’s ‘human fertilizer’ was indeed very effective in stimulating those disciples. Even in front of the sect leader, they couldn’t stop their whispers. No one wanted to die, especially in such a horrifying way.


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8 thoughts on “THDP Ch.39 Part 3 – Taking Responsibility (III)”

  1. Would be better if meng qi said “actually, I lied. I don’t know how to treat it” while the three healed fentian disciples stood next to her. Ofc it would be out of character but funny

  2. You can’t help but question the author for making them this retarded… I mean it’s at a level that is like brain washing or charmed, no one can be this foolish or stupid…

    So are they under the influence? Much like her protectors were before their past life memories gave them clarity and saw the truth objectively?

    Does this mean she’s got the thot villain halo? It explains how her sht never stinks from those surrounding her, if she is a charm fiend, is she a deliberate plant placed there by someone?

    What amazes me is how utterly clueless she appears to these conflicting reactions lol, if anyone other than her had done the same they would be condemned, yet she can’t figure out why she is also condemned? I gotta say that’s very irritating lol

    1. I feel like this comment is spot on. Like is Lu Qingran really heavens darling? To me all she does is influence people’s emotions. People can’t help but love, protect and want to give the best things to her. Is she here for some powerful guy’s sinister plot because all her suitors and probably future suitors are all very talented young people whose talent comes only once a 100/1000 years. Is someone using her to make them infatuated brainless guys and then kill them later since they did end up dead in the previous life?

  3. I’m glad she made her pay for their treatment, if you look at it from another perspective, she is the only real culprit, if she is a charm fiend then all of the responsibility can be hers lol.

    Well played Qiqi…well played, the price she must pay sounds huge, she will have to spend a long time paying that debt lol…well… That is if she finds herself a sugar daddy to pay it all for her… She’s capable of finding one…

  4. So now the other disciples are suddenly being rational? After condemning her just as harshly just a bit earlier?? This is a medical sect, they should recognize that treatments aren’t always successful, and instead of totally alienating the person who says she had a cure, maybe saying “thanks, but we want to try this instead” would make more sense. And even consulting with her on the treatment method, since who knows how LQR even came up with her method after knowing nothing. But nope. Just burn all your bridges.

    As annoying as they are, I would point out that if she does not cure them, that means these vines are going to proliferate in the human realm. I think that would be a big problem given how the demons can’t even dal with them.

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