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THDP Ch.4 Part 1 – Rumor (I)


Chu Tianfeng took the bamboo slip. It was only a finger length, smooth like jade, and very comfortable to hold in one palm. With one glance, he could read the whole content written on it: ‘On this day Chu Tianfeng owes Meng Qi five pieces of sixth-grade spirit stones and nine pieces of first-grade spirit stones. The deadline for payment is one month, and for every month overdue, he would have to pay 50 percent interest.’

This was the first IOU the Fentian Palace young master ever see in his life. With a loud ‘clack’, the small excitement and appreciation that just had been ignited inside his heart were completely wiped out. Clenching his teeth, he left his spiritual mark on the bamboo slip.

Chu Tianfeng returned the bamboo slips to Meng Qi, then he turned around and walked towards the residential area of Qingfeng Valley.

Meng Qi returned the bamboo slips to her storage bracelet. She did not leave immediately. After taking another spring warmth pill, she sat cross-legged by the cold lake. One day and one night of continuous treatment had consumed too much of her energy, yet she also gained a lot. This world has never been peaceful, even on the surface. Thus, she needed to become stronger, little by little.

The moon shifted, and the stars slanted, then a new day rose. Meng Qi’s long eyelashes flickered twice, slowly opening her eyes. The sunlight fell on her white cheeks. Yesterday she repeatedly used her spiritual aura until completely exhausted, then waited until it refilled before once again emptying it. And her opponent was the poison from a fifth-rank devil beast. After one day and one night, her cultivation, originally on the eighth realm of the Qi Condensation stage, has reached the peak, directly promoted into the ninth realm.

Meng Qi nodded with satisfaction and stood up. Half of Chu Tianfeng’s poison still not been solved. She needed several herbs, which can be found in the mountain area around Qingfeng Valley, next to Demon Realm’s border. Now, that area was still safe to explore.

Meng Qi had done similar treatment in her previous life. But at that time, she had no experience. Moreover, her Qingfeng spell was one level lower than in her current life, so it took her ten days and ten nights to cure Chu Tianfeng. With the progress now, it should take only five days.

But first, Meng Qi returned to the sect. It was quiet and peaceful in Qingfeng Valley. Before noon was the time for the morning class, and the disciples were cultivating individually. Meng Qi had a personal small bamboo house located halfway to the peak. She packed up her simple traveling bag and prepared to forage medicinal plants. As soon as she went out, her senior sister Lan Zhuxuan stopped her.

“Junior Sister Meng.” Lan Zhuxuan folded her arms across the chest and examining Meng Qi from head to toes. “You haven’t returned last night?” Her eyes fell on the blue robe on Meng Qi’s body. Lan Zhuxuan raised her lips and chuckled gloatingly: “I heard that last night, Fentian Palace’s Young Master has returned alone.”

“Really?” Meng Qi responded indifferently.

“Of course.” Lan Zhuxuan rolled her eyes. “As soon as he came back, he went to visit Junior Sister Lu Qingran.”

“You know, Junior Sister Lu still hasn’t wake up yet, and Young Master Chu stayed by her side overnight.” She continued with a smile: “Everyone said that Young Master Chu really likes Junior Sister Lu.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. Of course, she knew that. Otherwise, she would not directly extort Chu Tianfeng ten times a normal price.

“Where is Junior Sister going?” Meng Qi’s calm face annoyed Lan Zhuxuan, “Don’t say this Senior Sister never remind you. Now Young Master Chu was still staying at sister Lu’s room. Even if you go looking for him, I’m afraid you’ll only annoy him.”

Lan Zhuxuan raised her jaw. “It seems that Junior Sister still hasn’t cured Young Master Chu. I heard the Sect Leader and Elder Yan said that the Young Master is still poisoned.”

“Junior Sister is really smart. At that time when you came forward, whether you really could cure Young Master Chu or not, he would still be impressed by you. Just…” Lan Zhuxuan laughed: “I don’t know, is it a good or bad impression?”

“Senior Sister Lan.” Meng Qi fully understood her intention. “This Three Thousand Worlds was full of danger. If you have time, Senior Sister should concentrate on cultivating and make yourself stronger.” She sincerely added: “Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to survive in the future.”

Meng Qi nodded at Lan Zhuxuan: “I have something to do, so I need to leave the sect for one day. I’ll go then.”

“Humph!” Lan Zhuxuan looked at Meng Qi’s back figure, “What is her problem?!”

She pursed her lips and fiddled with her hair. In her heart, Lan Zhuxuan was convinced that this junior sister has failed to cure Fentian Palace’s young master. The young man’s expression was ugly, so maybe he has blamed Meng Qi. So when the other party was still in this sect, she was too ashamed to face him. Thus she went out for hiding.

Lan Zhuxuan pouted. She wouldn’t let it be like Meng Qi’s intention. She turned around, and after just a few steps, met a fellow male disciple. The two of them were fairly familiar. After simple greetings, Lan Zhuxuan immediately said: “I saw Junior Sister Meng Qi hurriedly left the sect, do you know where she is going?” Pretended to be innocent, she continued: “I need to find Junior Sister Meng for some matter, but she didn’t stop even after I called her several times.”

“I don’t know.” The male disciple shook his head.

“Isn’t it…” Lan Zhuxuan blinked. “Because the Sect Leader and Fentian Palace Young Master found out that she lied to them, so she got frightened and ran away to avoid the blame?”

“Hehe.” The disciple couldn’t help laughing. “It’s really possible. Two days ago, I saw Junior Sister Meng Qi was so confident that she stood up and said she wanted to take payment. I thought she really has the ability.”

“Hush! Don’t say that. Doesn’t Elder Yan really proud of junior sister’s talent? Maybe she really thinks a small Qi Condensation cultivator can cure the poison that even makes our Sect Leader helpless.”

“Haha, I think she is looking at Young Master Chu. Fentian Palace’s Young Master is so handsome and from a big sect. No wonder she lost herself.”

“I don’t think Junior Sister is such a person … “The two kept chatting while walking away.

Meng Qi did not know, that in just one day of absence, she became a shameless woman who tried to stick herself to the young palace master of Fentian Palace by deceiving him and the sect leader. Such a rumor instantly spread throughout Qingfeng Valley.


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  1. Do white lotus green tea bi*ches breed like rabbits or something? They’re like flies that live to get slapped.
    I look forward to how the MC will get over this hurdle of a bad reputation!

    Thank you for your hard work translating!!!!

  2. even if meng qi becomes a “shameless” woman, she still has that IOU at the end of the day. too bad for LZX that rumors can’t be eaten. looking forward to that lady eating her words in the future~ =w=

  3. Why is she still getting this negative comments and such…I thought her charging money was to stop all this bad karma or whatnot…

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