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THDP Ch.4 Part 2 – Rumor (II)

Meng Qi’s memory was excellent. In her previous life, she also went to pick some medicinal plants. Counting her previous life’s memory, it was several years ago. But she still remembered the approximate location. With prior experience, the time she spent on the road was greatly reduced. At noon the next day, she already returned to Qingfeng Valley.

The medicinal plants she gathered weren’t rare, only in first or second grade, just like the Qingfeng spell. In her previous life, the further Meng Qi walked throughout the medical path, the more she became enlightened that, whether it were medical techniques, arts, or pills, their real healing ability didn’t exactly depend on a higher grade. Since she could use the first-grade, fourth-realm Qingfeng spell to resolve half the poison from a fifth-rank devil beast, she could also use a second-grade pill to remove the remaining poison from Chu Tianfeng’s body.

The concept of grade classifying was, in fact, might sometimes hindering one’s progress.

Right at the midday of the second day, Meng Qi carried a large bag of herbs back into Qingfeng Valley. The disciples had just finished their morning class and were discussing cultivation’s insight in small groups.

Meng Qi first went back to her bamboo house. Chu Tianfeng should still be at Lu Qingran’s place now. According to the memory from her previous life, Lu Qingran would not wake up until she completely resolved Chu Tianfeng’s poison.

But that wouldn’t do.

Because the later stage of the detoxification process would only become more and more difficult, Meng Qi was very worried that she would be too exhausted and fainted again. If Lu Qingran woke up at the time she was unconscious and couldn’t justify herself, it would be troublesome if she once again being falsely accused. Although this time, she took spirit stones from Chu Tianfeng, Meng Qi still wasn’t sure whether she could really cut off their karmic relationship completely.

Just in case, she also picked up a few strands of heart cleansing herbs on her way back. On the flying paper crane she used as a transportation tool, she also refined some Heart Cleansing pill. This pill was actually also available in Qingfeng Valley. The sect leader already fed the pill to Lu Qingran right after she came back unconscious. But although she was just being frightened, Lu Qingran still inhaled the devil aura from the fifth-rank devil beast. The harmful aura invaded her body, and as a cultivator still in the Foundation Establishment stage, she was still unconscious even after several days.

Meng Qi walked towards Lu Qingran’s room, politely nodded to the disciples she passed along the way. But she soon discovered that the fellow disciples she met all looked at her with weird gazes. Several people even sneered at her mockingly.

Meng Qi also heard people spoke from behind: “She still has a face to come back!”

“She didn’t think that this matter will simply be over after Fentian Palace’s Young Master left, did she?”

“Her skin is very thick.”

“That day, she dared to do such a thing in public. What an amazing feat!”

“Don’t know what kind of mood would she be when she saw Young Master Chu is still so obsessed with Junior Sister Lu.”

Meng Qi blinked. She quickly turned around and looked at the fellow disciples who were happily gathering not far from her to ‘chat with a small voice.’ When the disciples saw her looking at them, they quickly left. However, those words were obviously intended for her ears.

Meng Qi frowned. Although she felt something was wrong, she quickly walked towards Lu Qingran’s room.

As the most valued disciple of the sect leader, Lu Qingran’s room was located in the area with the thickest aura, although not as good as the cold pond. Various spiritual herbs and flowers bloomed in the courtyard, very pleasant to the eyes.

Meng Qi walked into the courtyard. People in Lu Qingran’s room were shocked by her sudden entrance. Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader came out of the room. Her eyes fell on Meng Qi’s face. In these two days, she also heard some rumors.

The sect leader didn’t believe that Meng Qi was such a person. But these several days, Lu Qingran still unconscious, and the poison on Chu Tianfeng’s body was still not cured yet, attacking him every hour. He never told other people how much the pain was, so no one could tell the difference. And he also didn’t mention what happened at the cold pond that day.

In addition, as soon as Meng Qi came back, she directly went outside. The sect leader was preoccupied with her own disciple, so she had no intention to restrain the circulating rumors. But when she now saw Meng Qi’s calm face and clear eyes, she suddenly felt guilty.

“Sect Leader.” Meng Qi saluted.

Her voice just fell, and Chu Tianfeng, who heard her coming, also walked out of the room. Still wearing that black robe, the young man’s eyes were as dark as ink, and his black and long hair was tied up with a small ebony headdress. Although his face was still pale, it was already better than the day he returned with Lu Qingran.

When his eyes met Meng Qi’s, he immediately retracted his gaze.

Meng Qi stepped into the room: “Is Senior Sister Lu still unconscious?”

“What do you want to do?!” Without even thinking, Chu Tianfeng jumped in front of Meng Qi in a flash, blocking the door with his body.

Meng Qi: “…”

She stared at the young man whose bright eyes were full of alertness against herself.


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