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THDP Ch.4 Part 3 – Rumor (III)

“I brought a few Heart Cleansing pills.” Meng Qi explained: “Senior Sister still unconscious after several days, she must be affected by the devil beast’s aura.”

“Heart Cleansing pill?” Chu Tianfeng stunned, “Qingfeng Valley also has that.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. “But when I refined these pills, I added two herbs to increase the medicinal effect by 80%.”

This was the method she learned from an expert.

Cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds were roughly divided into spell cultivators and sword cultivators. Besides those two, only medical cultivation and refinery cultivation could be regarded as major cultivation paths. The rest was mostly regarded as supplemental.

In the past life, Meng Qi encountered an expert who was extremely proficient in refinery techniques. Like Meng Qi, the man was also very dedicated to his expertise, so they soon clicked together.

Under his influence, she started to use artifact refinery techniques when refining medicines.

When creating an artifact, a refiner could imbue spells into the object. Just like that, Meng Qi and the man she later called Master came up with a method to imbue spells into medicinal pills.

However, Meng Qi died too early and too suddenly. Even if she understood the theory, she could only use it on low-level, first-grade pills. Thinking back, this was probably the thing she regretted the most in her previous life. Of course, she couldn’t tell these things to Chu Tianfeng. Meng Qi herself was a medical cultivator, so she was extremely clear about how much shock this method would bring to the entire medical society.

“Let me see.” The sect leader hurriedly came and took the pills from Meng Qi’s palm. She inclined her head and sniffed the pill. No problems were found. As for the efficacy…

“Then try it.” She sighed softly.

She was just the leader of a small sect. Her ability was limited. In this Three Thousand Worlds, to put it bluntly, she was just a tiny ant. Many things would make her helpless. For example, now her disciple was still unconscious, yet she could do nothing.

The pill was quickly fed to Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi turned to Chu Tianfeng: “After Senior Sister wakes up, we’ll continue your treatment.”

“You ……” The sect leader was finally able to ask, “Meng Qi, how is Fellow Daoist Chu’s poison?”

“Still not cured yet.” Meng Qi answered bluntly.

Chu Tianfeng frowned slightly. He despised Meng Qi’s love for money, but she really did relieve half of his poison.

“Half cured.” Chu Tianfeng said coldly.

“Really?” The sect leader was amazed. She agreed to let Meng Qi try, in fact, just willing to accept anything as a last resort. After all, when the whole Qingfeng Valley was helpless, only Meng Qi dared to come forward.

After Chu Tianfeng spoke, he sat aside in silence. Meng Qi also did not explain further. The next phase of treatment was the most dangerous, so she also found a chair to sit down and began to close her eyes and recuperate.

The room instantly became quiet. After a while, they heard a small movement. Lu Qingran, who had been unconscious for several days, slowly opened her eyes.

Chu Tianfeng, who sat the farthest, was the quickest to move. He jumped and quickly strode to the bed. “Qingran!” He leaned his body to the bed.

The girl’s pear eyes were still dazed, but they instantly widened upon seeing the young man’s face, “Tianfeng?”

Lu Qingran sat up at once: “You are fine!”

She suddenly rushed into Chu Tianfeng’s arms, hugging his waist tightly: “I thought… I thought we are going to die…”

“It’s all right now.” Chu Tianfeng lowered his head and gently patted her shoulder. He was going to comfort the beautiful woman in his arms when a sharp pain suddenly attacked. “Uh …” Chu Tianfeng reached out to press his forehead, his body staggered backward.

“Tianfeng?!” Lu Qingran didn’t care about her still lethargic body and quickly reached out to support him. “What’s wrong with you?”

Meng Qi stepped forward: “He’s poisoned! Hurry! Help him sit down.”

Meng Qi quickly activated a spell with her right hand and touched Chu Tianfeng’s head. Lu Qingran’s eyes widened in surprise. She kept looking at this somewhat unfamiliar junior sister’s smooth movement and calm face.

“Qingran…” The sect leader called her.

“Master.” Lu Qingran quickly turned her head. Her eyes instantly reddened when she saw the sect leader. Throwing herself into her master’s arms, Lu Qingran wept bitterly, “This…this disciple thought she would never see you again.”

“It’s okay.” The sect leader sighed in relief and patted her shoulder.
“This… Junior Sister Meng Qi…” After hugging her master for a while, Lu Qingran tilted her head to look at Meng Qi, “She…”

“She is treating Fellow Daoist Chu’s poison.” The sect leader appeased Lu Qingran, “It’s good nothing happens to you.”

“But isn’t Junior Sister Meng still in the Qi Condensation stage?” Lu Qingran was even more surprised.

She suddenly opened her eyes widely: “Master, I remember that when we met the devil beast, this disciple seemed to see a girl wearing Qingfeng Valley’s uniform together with the beast. This disciple didn’t mean to accuse Junior Sister, but she….she…” Lu Qingran was bewildered: “That devil beast was fifth-rank, and Junior Sister is still in the Qi Condensation stage. How can she be able to detoxify… This disciple is not doubting her, but Tianfeng… if in any case…”

As expected!

Although Meng Qi was still busy treating Chu Tianfeng, she could hear it clearly. Fortunately, she already prepared and let Lu Qingran wake up earlier. Otherwise, she most probably would once again get unjustly locked up for three months. Meng Qi sighed and withdrew her hand from Chu Tianfeng’s shoulder. Before she had any chance to speak, another voice suddenly interrupted.

“Not her!”


Meng Qi froze. She subconsciously looked at Chu Tianfeng.
No one knew when the young man opened his eyes. Although he looked calmer than before, his gaze became a little more complicated, especially when looking at Meng Qi.

Facing Meng Qi’s gaze, Chu Tianfeng quickly turned his head away. He took a deep breath and firmly said: “Meng… Meng Qi is definitely not that kind of person!”


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