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THDP Ch.40 Part 1 – Star Array (I)

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After speaking, Qin Xiumo glanced meaningfully at Lan Zhixuan, who was lying on the ground. He casually added: “Especially her. With everything that she did to you before, she doesn’t deserve your salvation.”

Qin Xiumo’s tone was totally nonchalant, as if merely speaking about today’s good weather. His voice wasn’t small either. Majority of the people inside the hall could hear him clearly. Especially those injured disciples lying on the ground nearby, when they heard Qin Xiumo’s words, they all looked up at Meng Qi in panic.

Lan Zhuxuan, who was kneeling in front of Meng Qi, was trembling all over. “Ju-junior sister Meng Qi…” She shivered. Her hand gripping the corner of Meng Qi’s robe tightened. “I was wrong before. Please forgive my stupidity. Junior sister, this senior sister begs your forgiveness!”

Lan Zhuxuan was really afraid. When the injury relapsed, her internal organs seemed to be squeezed by countless thin ropes. The pain was so much that it instantly made her scalp numb. Every time she breathed, it was as if she inhaling countless small blades, cutting every inch of her body. The torment was completely beyond Lan Zhuxuan’s tolerance. If this pain wasn’t receded, she would be driven crazy in no time!

The sect leader and Elder Lu gave them some pills that barely suppressed the terrible pain, but they were far from relief. It was like the tightening ropes were slightly loosened and no longer cutting into her internal organs. However, not long after, the pain suddenly increased again, attacking in a wave-like tide. Each time she got a moment of reprieve, Lan Zhuxuan couldn’t guess when the terrifying hellish pain would suddenly come and struck again!

It was until Meng Qi gave them two more pills that the pain was finally suppressed into a tolerable range. Now that Lan Zhuxuan was no longer tormented by that terrifying, excruciating pain, she became even more afraid to taste it once again. Trembling all over the body, Lan Zhuxuan gripped the corner of Meng Qi’s robe and begged hoarsely: “Junior sister Meng Qi, please save us. This senior sister is willing to do anything. You can beat and scold me as you like…please save us!”

“Junior sister, we beg your mercy.” One after another, the other injured disciples also turned at Meng Qi and pleaded: “Please save us.”

“Junior sister Meng, I’m willing to be your cow and horse. You can order me to do anything you want. Please save us!”

“Junior sister, I beg you!”

One after another, the pleadings became more and more desperate. Other Qingfeng Valley disciples who, until a moment ago, were still clamoring to separate from the sect quickly quieted down and looked at Meng Qi nervously. Although they weren’t the ones being injured, after hearing Qin Xiumo’s words, they all felt the same. If their luck was just a slight bit worse, they might be lying on the ground right now, on the verge of turning into a human fertilizer.

The corner of Qin Xiumo’s lips instantly curled. However, everyone’s attention was on Meng Qi, so no one saw the faint smile on his face.

“Meng Qi, they previously refused to believe you. They even insulted and treated you as a traitor.” Qin Xiumo’s lazy voice rang again. “Do you really want to repay malice with virtue, wasting your time and energy to save these ingrates?” His voice wasn’t small and clearly passed to the ears of every person inside the hall.

Qingfeng Valley disciples turned pale. Each of Qin Xiumo’s words reminded them about their previous treatment towards Meng Qi. Every time they were reminded, they realized Meng Qi’s goodness. She was still willing to save them despite everything that happened.

Qin Xiumo knew that Meng Qi didn’t care about these things. This girl was obsessed with medical cultivation, and her character was too cold. A lot of things, she never bothered to say. Qin Xiumo even thought that Meng Qi simply thought these things were bothersome and didn’t want to trouble herself. She didn’t enjoy the gratitude from others. All her joy and happiness came from satisfaction when she healed a patient and had her medical skills grow.

But it didn’t matter. He didn’t mind being the villain and did all the bothersome things in her stead.

“If I can save a person, I’ll do it.” Sure enough. After a moment of silence, Meng Qi’s calm voice rang.

“All right.” Qin Xiumo shrugged, “Well, just wasting a few more days for this bunch of good-of-nothing.”

Qin Xiumo’s tone was sharp and completely lacked politeness. But none Qingfeng Valley disciples dared to refute him. The man was a genius cultivator who reached the Golden Core stage at such a young age. It was said that if not for the Qi deviation, he would have been reaching the peak of the Golden Core stage. Just one more step into the Nascent Soul——a height that even their sect leader was still unable to reach.

Even with lowered cultivation and Qi deviation, the sect leader still wasn’t his opponent. When Qin Xiumo’s sword attacked, the sect leader’s magic weapon only barely able to slightly deviate its trajectory. No matter how poisonous his tongue was, in front of absolute power, others didn’t dare to retort even a bit.

Even Lan Zhuxuan, whose face was ghastly pale, didn’t dare to say anything and lowered her head in silence.

With Qin Xiumo as a comparison, Qingfeng Valley disciple felt that Meng Qi was really too kind and good-hearted. Not only she didn’t pursue their rudeness to herself before, but she also never been sarcastic towards them. The few words she said before, it was just a bit of temper any person naturally had. They even asked themselves: if they were in Meng Qi’s position, what would they do? They probably would come back only to enjoy seeing these people’s tragic situation, then turned around and leave. Who would be willing to save the people who insulted them before?

However, junior sister Meng Qi didn’t. She was still willing to save them and only wanted a little bit of spiritual stone in exchange. Really, what a kind and good-hearted person!


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  1. Many thanks!!!
    Im really warming up to these two reformed male leads. Did Chu Tianfeng’s memory comeback after Meng Qi healed him and QXM already had his memory back at the pond? My heart wavered got a bit but I’m still on team QiQi (Master and Meng Qi)!

    1. Uhhhh… Its been already stated on few chapters back that their memories were back. They even suspected the noisy fox to have his memory back as well, but then realized the fox didn’t.

  2. And the Lu girl is not to be found. After making a mess, shes gone away fast. And where is the noisy fox again? I kinda forgot. 🤣🤣

  3. Wow, QXM is actually a great sidekick for MQ. She’s too oblivious and kind-hearted, but he can act as a visible devil on her shoulder that constantly reminds people, “See, she’s actually being super nice right now because she’s not giving in to any of my suggestions.” I hope he never “pays back his debt” and they travel together like this for a long time, not to end up together but just because I like their dynamic.

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