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THDP Ch.40 Part 3 – Star Array (III)

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo stood by Meng Qi’s side. They watched as she re-examined Lan Zhuxuan’s body and asked quickly: “Are you sure it’s the devil aura?”

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head, “Because the spell has been weakened too much, and also mixed with the immortal devouring vine inside the body, I can’t tell for sure. But luckily, it will be easier to cure them now.”

She spoke to Chu Tianfeng, “Give me the remaining blood of the five elements blue crane.”

“Oh.” Chu Tianfeng immediately took out the huge five elements blue crane’s carcass from his storage space.

“We helped in hunting this thing, right?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“I have no objections sharing it to cure my Fentian Palace’s disciples.” Chu Tianfeng said leisurely. “But for them….”

His eyes swept across the Qingfeng Valley disciples: “I will charge payment.”

“Yes, me too.” Qin Xiumo nodded in agreement.

Meng Qi: “…”

Lan Zhuxuan: “…”

The injured Qingfeng Valley disciples: “…”

Other disciples in the hall: “…”

Even Xun Yan almost choked.

Where did their young palace master learn this kind of thing?

Then he looked at Meng Qi, who was also standing dumbfoundedly, and sighed. Of course it was from this girl.

“You…whatever.” Meng Qi herself was an expert in charging monetary payments, so she had no right to say anything.

“I think the amount of spirit stones they can pay is simply worthless.” Qin Xiumo’s eyes flashed. “Let’s just make them pay with their labor. They can gather the cold sky herbs from the cold pond for me.”

The injured disciples shrank their neck, but no one dared to object. Even though the cold pond wasn’t easy to enter, but with the help of the spring warmth pill, they could barely suppress the cold to dive in for about half an hour. Junior sister Meng was still okay, but these two people were much more frightening. The number of spirit stones they charged probably wouldn’t be trivial. It was better to be a coolie than to owe a debt so massive they couldn’t pay in this lifetime.

Meng Qi no longer bothered herself with these two strange guys. Before, she was troubled because of an unfamiliar and strong spell inside these injured people’s bodies. Now that the spell was gradually weakening and disappearing, she could cure them with her own usual method.

It took almost half a day until Meng Qi cured all the injured Qingfeng Valley disciples.

After seeing they were recovered, Qin Xiumo immediately threw them into the cold pond to pick up a large amount of cold sky herbs. Chu Tianfeng didn’t let them idle either. He went to Elder Lu and asked about the spirit herbs and other medicinal plants that grew near Qingfeng Valley, then ordered these people to gather them. After sorting out the harvest, he kept them all for himself.

Meng Qi still couldn’t leave Qingfeng Valley yet. After Elder Yan returned, he went to the cold pond to retreat. Even if she left, she had to bid farewell to Elder Yan first.

Many disciples of Qingfeng Valley had quitted. Some were going to leave with Fentian Palace’s people and were admitted to some affiliated sects under Fentian Palace. Some went down the mountain and returned home, intending to spend the rest of their lives as ordinary people. Fortunately, some disciples who have been staying in Qingfeng Valley for a long time decided to stay here.

But after this incident, Qingfeng Valley became much more desolate. In the past, the sect was lively with disciples who had finished their morning classes. But nowadays, it was rare to see any figures walked around.


Five days after returning to Qingfeng Valley, Meng Qi finally finished preparing the last material for the array she would use to promote her cultivation. She placed a protective array around the room, closed all the door and windows, then began to draw the array.

In Meng Qi’s previous life, her master spent several months combining multiple arrays into one, just for her sake. Many materials were needed to draw the whole array, consisting of many small and large arrays overlapping. It was extremely complicated.

It took Meng Qi an hour to finally finished drawing the array from her memory. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, then stood outside the array, tilting her head to admire her work.

She just wanted to break through from Qi Condensation to the Foundation Establishment stage, so the spiritual aura she needed wasn’t that much. Consequently, the materials used this time also wasn’t the best. In the future, when she had to improve her cultivation base using the same method, the quality of the materials needed would be much higher than now. Otherwise, the array couldn’t withstand the impact of the huge amount of spiritual aura.

She should begin.

Meng Qi took out a handful of eighth-grade spirit stones from the storage space and touched the array with her finger.

The originally dim room gradually became brighter. Xiao Qi, who was lying lazily on the bed, opened his eyes and looked over in surprise.


The little white tiger suddenly pricked his ears and lifted his body hastily. Even he, who has always been calm and unperturbed, widened his azure eyes in surprise.

This…isn’t this their celestial demon white tiger clan’s star array?!

Xiao Qi raised his eyes and stared sharply at Meng Qi’s back view.

Who exactly is this girl?!


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  1. Why doesn’t he recognise her? Is it the wound causing his past life memories to forget or prevent them re emerging? It seems strange that these 2 guys who were so in love with that thot have such a connection to someone they barely noticed, meanwhile the one that did so much for her can’t remember…

    1. I agree; I also wondered some chapters ago if he remembered his past life as well, since she had treated him.
      Is he the one who brought her back to life as well?

      1. He probably wasn’t one of her patients that’s why he is not getting his memories back after treatment.

  2. Xiao Qi: Who taught this girl my family’s spells and techniques?!

    “Master”: Who is stealing the wife who I’ve taught my family’s spells and techniques?!

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