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THDP Ch.42 Part 1 – Medical Cultivator Conference (I)

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Beyond The Heaven, on the floating island where Profound Auction House was located, Xiang Linmo was sitting before a table, staring at a blue Qingfeng Pill on his palm. The tiny, round-shaped pill looked unremarkable, and it wasn’t a precious high-grade pill either.

“Hah…” Xiang Linmo sighed lightly before putting the pill back into a small porcelain bottle.

“Sitting in the room alone and sighing gloomily.” A woman’s delicate voice came from outside. “Are you a youth in love thinking of a beauty?”

“Don’t be kidding.” Xiang Linmo smiled bitterly and turned to look at the door. There, Xue Jinwen was leaning lazily on the door, smiling charmingly as usual in a red dress.

“What kind of beauty do I think?” He looked at the woman. “Why are you here?”

“My family sent people to inform that the decennial Medical Cultivator Conference will be held this year in the Eastern Realm’s Xingluo City. Are you going to attend?”

“Huh?” Xiang Linmo was surprised, “Xingluo City?” Even if Xiang Linmo wasn’t native of Eastern Realm, he wasn’t unfamiliar with the name. It must be the city where Xingluo Pavilion, one of Eastern Realm’s three major sects, was located.

“Why Xingluo City?” Xiang Lingmo was confused. “Xingluo Pavilion is Eastern Realm’s strongest sword cultivation sect.”

Medical Cultivator Conference was an event held once every ten years. It was first started seven hundred years ago and has lasted for hundreds of years. The conference was a chance for medical cultivators from all over Three Thousand Worlds to gather together and exchange their knowledge. Its most important agenda, however, was to select the members of the Xing Alliance that would preside over the matters of medical cultivators in all four realms of Three Thousand Worlds.

In addition, a tournament would also be held to give a chance for new medical sects or young medical cultivators to make their name. It was also an excellent opportunity for wandering cultivators1 or talented medical cultivators from weak sects like Xiang Linmo. If performed well, they might get recruited by a larger sect and could change their fate.

Xiang Linmo was aiming for this opportunity and had been preparing for the conference since three years ago. It’s just that this conference was generally hosted in turn by major medical sects of four realms. The last conference ten years ago was precisely held by the Xue clan from the Western Realm, which was Xue Jinwen’s clan.

“Xingluo Pavilion? I heard it always act fair and upright.” Xiang Linmo was confused and looked at Xue Jinwen puzzledly. “But that is the holy land for sword cultivators and has nothing to do with us medical cultivators.”

Xue Jinwen raised her eyebrows and smiled charmingly: “There has never been a set rule when choosing the venue for Medical Cultivator Conference. No one said that only the medical sect can host it. I heard that….” Xue Jinwen was born in the Xue clan, and was a disciple of a great sect that could be ranked into the top three in Western Realm. She naturally was much better informed than Xiang Linmo. “…the new Xingluo Pavilion master, a young man, fell in love with a female medical cultivator. In order to get a smile from the beauty, he worked hard to win this opportunity. Tsk tsk….” Xue Jinwen chuckled lightly. Her face didn’t hide her faint envy. “How enviable. Willing to work so hard just to make his beloved happy. What a heroic, generous, romantic man…..I like it.”

Xiang Linmo: “…”

“What are you hesitating for?” Xue Jinwen smiled, “Could it be because Xingluo City is going to host the conference, you no longer want to go?” She paused, “I heard that you are preparing to travel to the Eastern Realm, and will rarely be here. Now that the conference is going to be held in the Eastern Realm, isn’t it just right?”

“Yes.” Xiang Linmo nodded. He stood up and cupped his hands towards Xue Jinwen: “Thank you, fellow Daoist Xue. I have to leave now to prepare my travel to the Eastern Realm. You…” He hesitantly asked: “Will you also go?”

“Naturally.” Xue Jinwen nodded. She turned her head, gazing into a distance. From this place, she obviously couldn’t see the disciples of the major sects that were still squatting to catch ‘Xiao Qi’ outside the Profound Auction House.

Xue Jinwen smiled again: “Do you think Xiao Qi will also go?”

Xiang Linmo smiled wryly: “How do I know? Recently it has been very lively here. I heard that people also used all kinds of excuses to find you every day, just hoping that you might know something about Xiao Qi.”

“No, “Xue Jinwen’s smile turned even brighter. “I don’t even know whether that delicate and cute face was a disguise or her true appearance. She looked to be seventeen or eighteen. If her age is real, then I don’t know what kind of hidden sect can cultivate such a young and talented genius.”

“From your words, Xiao Qi probably won’t attend the Medical Cultivator Conference.” Xiang Linmo was a little disappointed, “I don’t know if she will visit Beyond The Heaven again.”

“She will.” Xue Jinwen said confidently: “Last time she asked me about some medicinal ingredients and how to order them. My guess is…” She squinted her eyes: “That little girl should be a talented disciple sent by her sect to the outside world to gain experience. Because of that, the elders deliberately gave her only very limited travel funds. That’s why she will come again. After all, here is Beyond The Heaven…” Xue Jinwen raised her eyes to gaze at the highest floating island in the sky. “If someone can’t find what they need even in Beyond The Heaven, it will only be more difficult elsewhere.”

“So…” She said confidently, “Xiao Qi will definitely come here again.”


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  1. Wandering cultivator (散修), also translated as ‘rogue cultivator,’ is an independent cultivator not affiliated with any sect or other organization.

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  1. I don’t think the new Xingluo Pavilion master fell in love with Lu Qingran because the conference is such a grand event that needs to be planned well in advance, meaning he would have to meet her quite a while beforehand to even fall in love and then have time to prepare for hosting the conference.

    Considering Lu Qingran was previously smitten with Chu Tianfeng as the most handsome man she had seen so far (all side MLs are handsome, lol), I’m assuming she hasn’t met the Xingluo Pavilion master because she would have at least compared Chu Tianfeng to him. In addition, considering her attitude toward all her suitors in the previous life (based on flashbacks from both Chu Tianfeng and Meng Qi), she seems to move from one suitor to the next based on their overall qualities of strength, wealth, power, and influence; meaning she would obviously choose the new Xingluo Pavilion master over Chu Tianfeng, who is still just a young master of his sect and therefore not comparable.

    Even considering the time after Lu Qingran left Qingfeng Valley due to the immortal devouring vine incident, there wasn’t enough time for her to travel across the land to meet with the Xingluo Pavilion master and make him fall in love with her while still giving him enough time to prepare for the conference. Since this is the case, then I can only wonder who he fell in love with that’s not her.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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