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THDP Ch.42 Part 2 – Medical Cultivator Conference (II)

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Three Thousand Worlds, Eastern Realm, Fentian City.

Meng Qi stood outside the city gate, exasperated——after half a month, they finally arrived!

Qin Xiumo stood next to her, his face was even darker than his black attire.

On Meng Qi’s other side stood the white-robed Su Junmo. In front of other people, he was a standard noble young man. Handsome and aloof, with a distant and lofty temperament. Whenever they were, he always attracted countless women’s attention.

But when there was no outsider…

Merely trying to recall made Meng Qi almost collapse. Right! In her previous life, she indeed had experienced the lethality of this noisy fox’s endless chatter. However, she forgot to account for one horrifying fact: when she met Su Junmo in her previous life, he was severely injured and couldn’t even maintain his human form. In other words, Su Junmo at that time was much weaker than he was now.

“Meng Qiqi…”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!”

Su Junmo had just spoken one word, but Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo immediately yelled in unison. A walking chatterbox wasn’t that horrible. But a walking chatterbox whose cultivation base was much stronger than them, was truly horrible! They couldn’t do anything at all, even if he followed them all the way with his lethal noise!

Su Junmo blinked in aggrievance but closed his mouth obediently. He didn’t dare to disobey Meng Qi. Who knew when this female cultivator, whom his Lord ordered to find, would become the future Demon Queen, his female lord.

“Let’s enter the city.” Meng Qi actually preferred a smaller, quieter establishment. But this time, she directly took the two men to the largest inn in the city center——since this fox was here, they better stay where there were many people.

Fentian City was one of the top ten largest cities in the Eastern Realm. Compared with Qingfeng Town, the city itself was dozens of times bigger. Fentian City was very prosperous. From the city gate all the way to the east, people came and went every way. It was very lively.

Most of Qingfeng Town’s inhabitants were ordinary people. Except for Qingfeng Valley’s disciples, they rarely encountered any cultivators. In Fentian City, however, the proportion of cultivators compared with ordinary people wasn’t small. On the shops on both sides of the street, beside the standard establishments such as restaurants or inns, many sold refined pills, artifacts, cultivator’s weapons, and such.

It wasn’t Meng Qi’s first time in Fentian City. But in her previous life, she only came in passing and didn’t have time to leisurely look around. This time the situation was different. Only by walking along the street, she found many interesting things.

“We’re here.” Meng Qi’s group quickly arrived at Ruyi Inn, the largest inn in Fentian City. It was close to the city center and was a bustling establishment. The inn occupied a large area, with a restaurant in the front and rooms for staying guests in the back. At this time, the restaurant part was full of people coming and going. With so many strangers around, Su Junmo would definitely keep his mouth shut.

Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo finally gained a moment of tranquility. In this half month, even if they told Su Junmo to shut up, he would at most endure for an incense stick of time and soon found a reason to start blabbering again.

“Three guests, welcome.” Ruyi Inn’s waiter quickly greeted the group. “Are the three of you going to eat or to stay?”

“Stay.” Meng Qi said, “Give me a quieter room, please.”

“I understand.” The waiter smiled and led Meng Qi’s group to the back of the restaurant. “Unfortunately, the city recently received an influx of guests from the Western Realm. Now we only have one empty independent courtyard. However, the courtyard has four rooms. How about it?”

“Please take us there.” Meng Qi smiled at the waiter.

Qin Xiumo followed behind Meng Qi as usual. On their journey here, Meng Qi paid for all his food, lodging, and transportation. Even if his debt kept increasing, he didn’t care. The more he owed her, the happier he was. It was best if…he couldn’t pay back in this lifetime.

Ruyi Inn’s layout was indeed fascinating. After passing the restaurant in the front, they arrived at a beautiful garden. There were seven or eight gazebos in the garden, each was separated by a certain distance. Many decorative plants and flowers were planted around the gazebos, which give them nice natural shades. Standing outside, the plants also made it harder to see the inside. Overall, they looked elegant and pleasant.

The waiter saw Meng Qi’s gaze and explained with an enthusiastic smile: “That is our inn’s private sitting room. Each one is protected by a special array. Unless it is a powerful cultivator at least in the Spirit Severing stage or above, they won’t be able to hear the guests’ conversation inside.”

“Very interesting.” Meng Qi smiled.

Su Junmo’s eyes lit up: “Can you book one for us? We would like to eat something first…”

“Not hungry!” Meng Qi and Qin Xiumo once again said in unison.

Su Junmo: “…” This baby was wronged, but didn’t dare to disobey the future Demon Queen.

Meng Qi took a deep breath. This fox really challenged her temper. During this travel, being with him day and night made her constantly irritable. She suddenly felt a little sympathy towards Lu Qingran. Meng Qi certainly didn’t believe that Su Junmo still hid his true nature after getting close to Lu Qingran. Yet Lu Qingran was able to endure and even stayed with him like a glue every day. Truly remarkable.

Thinking about Lu Qingran, Meng Qi’s eyes flickered. After Lu Qingran disappeared from Qingfeng Valley’s great hall that day, Meng Qi never saw this senior sister again. When she and her group departed, Qingfeng Valley was very desolated. The sect leader was still there, but most of the disciples had gone, and many were leaving to Fentian City. Meng Qi didn’t know whether Lu Qingran returned to Qingfeng Valley afterward or not.

With that in mind, Meng Qi walked behind the waiter, who took them along the stone-paved path through the garden.


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